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Zogo Review: Get Paid to Learn More About Personal Finance

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Bottom line: Zogo is a fun financial literacy app that pays you to learn. This educational resource can help users better manage their money and make smarter financial choices.

Best financial literacy app for bite-sized lessonsZogo

Full Zogo review


  • Get paid to learn
  • Features 300 modules and a wide range of financial topics
  • Learning modules include real-world examples
  • Lots of gift card choices
  • Get rewarded for referring friends
  • Zogo partners with financial institutions in 50 states


  • Some financial topics may not interest all age groups
  • Custom rewards aren't available to everyone

At a glance

Rewards 0.001%; 5,000 points = $5 gift card
iOS app rating 4.8/5 stars
Android app rating 4.3/5 stars
Cost Free

What is Zogo and how does it work?

Zogo is a fun financial literacy app that pays people to learn. Created with Gen Z users in mind, the app was developed to teach teens and young adults more about finances, as financial education is often missing in schools.

Users work through a series of modules, each with a different financial topic like taxes, insurance, savings, and investments. The modules are short and quick, allowing you to absorb bite-size chunks of information.

As you begin a learning module, the app will present you with flashcards to learn. Then, you'll answer trivia questions based on the material you just read. When you answer questions correctly, you earn pineapples. These pineapples can later be redeemed for gift cards from popular retailers like Target, Nike, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Starbucks.

In addition to the quiz-style learning method, the app also has a daily Pineapple Party. These parties provide a chance for you to answer more questions and earn more pineapples. Referring friends and family members to the app is another way you can earn pineapples.

Apps like Zogo can help you learn more about personal finance. Our detailed Zogo review will help you decide if this is the right financial literacy app for you.

Top perks

Get paid to learn

There are many apps out there that offer educational content, but most of those apps don't pay you to learn. Zogo pays you to learn about financial matters. It's a win-win because you can enjoy the rewards and use the knowledge that you gain to make smarter money decisions.

There are 300 modules and a wide range of topics

Zogo is full of fun learning opportunities. With 300 modules full of educational content, people will take in plenty of new financial knowledge. The app features a wide range of financial topics, including insurance, retirement, taxes, savings, debt repayment, credit cards, and home buying.

Learning modules include real-world examples

The app's modules feature real-world examples, allowing people to connect with the financial topics that they're learning. Some examples include showing the costs of a visit to the hospital with health insurance vs. without insurance, explaining the total cost of a loan with two different interest rate options, and showing how different car insurance deductible amounts will financially impact a driver who gets into an accident.

Many gift card options

As you work your way through the app's content, you'll be able to redeem pineapples for gift cards. Options include popular retailers like Best Buy, Target, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, and GameStop. There's something for everyone.

Get rewarded for referring friends

Zogo will also reward you for referring your friends and family. For each user that signs up with your unique code, you'll earn 500 pineapples after they complete at least three modules.

Zogo partners with banks and credit unions in 50 states

If your financial institution is a partner, you can download their co-branded app version of Zogo. Banks and credit unions offer customized learning modules to teach users about their banking products and services. Using your financial institution's version of the app also allows you to cash out your pineapples for custom rewards, like cash deposits to your bank account.

What could be improved

Some financial topics may not interest all age groups

While this app is targeted toward Gen Z, not all content may interest users. For example, content focused on saving money, getting a job, and opening a bank account may be of more interest to high schoolers. On the other hand, topics like getting a credit card, filing taxes, and starting investing may be more exciting and relatable to college students and young adults.

Custom rewards aren't available to all users

While Zogo's custom rewards can be fun and exciting, this feature isn't available to all users. The custom rewards are only available in co-branded apps and not the standalone Zogo app.

An example includes cash rewards direct deposit into a partnering bank's bank account. That means if your bank isn't a partner, you'll be limited to only earning gift cards -- or you'll need to open a new bank account with a partnering financial institution and use their version of the app to access these custom rewards.

Alternatives to consider

If you prefer an app that teaches through video content: World of Money is an alternative financial literacy app for all ages. This app teaches primarily through video lessons. The content is organized by age level and the person speaking in the video is a similar age as the intended audience, so it's like you're watching a peer talk about finances. This helps to keep the content age-appropriate and the lessons more interesting. But you may want to stick with Zogo if you want to earn rewards, as there are no financial incentives for using World of Money.

If you want an app that focuses on learning about investing: Investmate is an alternative that focuses specifically on investing topics. The app provides educational content for beginners and for those who want to advance their trading knowledge. But you may want to stick with Zogo if you prefer to learn more about a wide range of financial topics.

What are the costs?

The Zogo app is free to use.

This app is right for:

Zogo is an excellent financial literacy app for people who want to improve their financial knowledge and get rewarded for learning. Teens and young adults can use this app to fill any gaps in their financial knowledge while making learning more fun and exciting.

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