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DP Taylor
By: DP Taylor

Our Small Business Expert

Many or all of the products here are from our partners that compensate us. It’s how we make money. But our editorial integrity ensures our experts’ opinions aren’t influenced by compensation. Terms may apply to offers listed on this page.

Sometimes when you're shopping for construction software, you just want to go with a name you can trust, and you can get that in either Buildertrend or Procore.

These two platforms are powerhouses in the construction management software industry. Both are well-established, highly rated products that provide comprehensive solutions for construction managers. They cover every part of the construction process, from bidding to project close.

But which platform is right for you? This breakdown will identify the key differences between these two similarly focused products and how to know if either solution is right for your business.

Procore is meant for construction firms looking for a powerful, feature-heavy platform that can help manage multiple complex projects. While expensive, this software delivers.
Buildertrend offers an intuitive user interface, great customer support, and lots of helpful features. It’s on the expensive side, but you won’t be disappointed with its performance.
Best For
Best Support
Best Training
Rating image, 3.90 out of 5 stars.
Circle with letter I in it. Our ratings are based on a 5 star scale. 5 stars equals Best. 4 stars equals Excellent. 3 stars equals Good. 2 stars equals Fair. 1 star equals Poor. We want your money to work harder for you. Which is why our ratings are biased toward offers that deliver versatility while cutting out-of-pocket costs.
= Best
= Excellent
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= Fair
= Poor
Rating image, 3.90 out of 5 stars.
Circle with letter I in it. Our ratings are based on a 5 star scale. 5 stars equals Best. 4 stars equals Excellent. 3 stars equals Good. 2 stars equals Fair. 1 star equals Poor. We want your money to work harder for you. Which is why our ratings are biased toward offers that deliver versatility while cutting out-of-pocket costs.
= Best
= Excellent
= Good
= Fair
= Poor

Project management: $375

Project management + financial management: $549

Core: $99

Pro: $299

Premium: Quote

What We Like
  • Extensive features
  • Customer support included
  • Handles complex operations
  • One-on-one support
  • Well-designed dashboard
  • Strong reporting tools
Could Be Better
  • Expensive
  • Learning curve
  • Too much for some
  • Pricey for small firms
  • No free demo
  • Limited integrations
Key Features

Custom reports

Document management

Task management

Jobs menu








Contact form

Assigned coach

Ease of Use

Tutorial course

User permissions

Mobile app

Onboarding coach

Customizable interface

Report insights

Next Steps

Buildertrend vs. Procore: An overview

Unlike some construction software platforms, these two industry heavyweights are both focused on managing the entire construction process from end to end -- and they both do a good job of it.

Both can handle complex, multi-job operations, both have strong features -- and both are expensive, making them better options for larger firms rather than small firms and subcontractors.

Who is Buildertrend for?

Buildertrend is ideal for the construction manager who has to handle multiple jobs at once and needs strong project management features to handle it all.

A potential Buildertrend customer might value the developer's strong customer support (which includes a personal coach to help with onboarding) and reporting functions that will help you dive deep into the data and identify opportunities to become more efficient.

It's also geared toward those who want to handle the sales side of construction.

Buildertrend’s project dashboard

Buildertrend's main project dashboard. Image source: Author

Who is Procore for?

Procore is also meant for busy construction managers who have to handle complex operations and need powerful team management features. Procore offers strong reporting tools as well as document management and task management capabilities that go above and beyond typical software.

Its customer support is also strong, and it's included in the pricing. A sales rep will work with you to customize the software to your needs.

Procore’s custom reports dashboard

Procore's custom reporting dashboard. Image source: Author

Buildertrend vs. Procore: Features

Both platforms offer similar capabilities, but a few features demonstrate their differences.

What Buildertrend offers

Buildertrend shines in providing an overview of your projects, handling sales, and facilitating communication between you and your team.

  • Jobs menu: The jobs menu will put you in control of all your projects. A menu to the left organizes each project, and the dashboard displays the vital info of each.
  • Sales: Not every platform offers construction marketing and sales capabilities, even though that's a part of the job for some sales managers. Buildertrend does, though, allowing you to manage leads and opportunities.
  • Communication: You'll be able to send out messages with an internal email-like function and make quick comments to your team. This keeps everyone on the same page and makes it easier to stick to the project schedule.

What Procore offers

Procore's strengths lie in its custom reports and its ability to handle documents and tasks.

  • Custom reports: Buildertrend does reports, but Procore's reporting function allows you to drag and drop individual data points, and then custom generate a report based on those data points. It's a powerful feature that creates nearly unlimited analysis options.
  • Document management: Procore handles much of the clutter that comes with the construction business, offering unlimited cloud storage and the ability to track and share files and folders.
  • Task management: You can create your own to-do list or assign tasks to your team through a simple form. You'll also be able to attach files and photos and assign a priority number.


Winner: Procore

Buildertrend does well here, but Procore is unmatched in terms of overall features.

Buildertrend vs. Procore: Support

Customer support is a strong point for both platforms, but there are some significant differences in their approaches.

What Buildertrend offers

The great thing about Buildertrend support is the coach assigned you when you purchase the software. This person will guide you through onboarding and help if any technical issues arise.

Few developers offer that, so it's a big perk. You can also contact the team via a form on the website if you're having problems, or you can call the phone number on the website if you want more immediate assistance.

What Procore offers

Procore offers customer service when you sign up for a subscription, so you won't pay extra. A customer support team member answers the phone quickly, and offers webinars, training videos, articles, and a community of users who can assist with any problems that come up.


Winner: Buildertrend

Both options offer great support, but having your own coach to guide you through onboarding is an impressive part of Buildertrend's offering, putting it over the top.

Buildertrend vs. Procore: Ease of use

Neither software was perfect, which in my experience is to be expected with platforms that try to be an all-encompassing construction project management solution with lots of features.

What Buildertrend offers

Buildertrend has a busy dashboard, but the menu at the top makes it easy to know where you are at all times. You'll be able to jump to the important parts of the software, such as sales, project management, financial reports, and more.

And you can see current jobs in a menu at the left so you can jump between projects. Overall, it's an easy platform to get the hang of, even if there's a lot going on.

The Buildertrend mobile app (available for both iOS and Android devices) is very functional as well. And with your own onboarding coach, you should be able to learn it easily.

What Procore offers

Procore has so many features, its ease of use takes a hit. There's just so much to digest when you first sign up for Procore, but once you get over the learning curve, you'll find that the platform's functions make a lot of sense.

It gets a little confusing navigating between the "company" level and the "project" level, but you'll get the hang of some of the features right away -- for example, Procore bidding allows you to manage all bids from a central location and download bid packages.

The best idea is to take Procore's course of tutorials before you jump into live action.


Winner: Buildertrend

I found Buildertrend's dashboard to be more intuitive and easier to get the hang of than Procore's. Procore has a steeper learning curve to go along with its more extensive features.

Buildertrend vs. Procore: Pricing

The pricing schemes for both of these software options are virtually the same, so it was tough to pick a winner in this category.

What Buildertrend offers

Buildertrend has special pricing at $99/month for the first three months for the most basic option, which increases to its normal $299/month price tag after that. If you want more features, that numbers expands to $499/month ($299/month for three months). Its premium version requires custom pricing.

The good news is this is for unlimited users and jobs. Unfortunately, you can't try the software for free -- instead, you must absorb the full Buildertrend cost up front, and then take advantage of th 30-day refund policy if you change your mind.

What Procore offers

Procore pricing starts at $375/month with an annual contract, and this only applies if you just want the construction project management version of the software and are a small company.

Prices expand to $549/month with an annual contract, if you add financial management features. You'll need custom pricing for features beyond that. However, you get unlimited users, documents, and customer support for that. You can get a free trial after a consultation with Procore.


Winner: Buildertrend

By the narrowest of margins, Buildertrend wins this one. Although Procore offers a free trial rather than just a money-back guarantee, Buildertrend has a slightly lower up-front price and a discount introductory price for a few months.

Buildertrend vs. Procore: Integration with other software

Integrations are a big deal because many of us get used to operating with software like Google Drive or Salesforce, so it's a big plus when you can get software that doesn't disrupt your current routine.

What Buildertrend offers

Buildertrend integrations are decent, but limited. The developer advertises 23 possible integrations on their website, including Google Calendar, Outlook, and Quickbooks. Most integrations seem primarily focused on social media and calendars.

What Procore offers

Procore boasts dozens of integrations too numerous to list here. Google products and Dropbox are notable absences, but you can connect with QuickBooks and other construction platforms, like Sage 300, Raken, and STACK.

Also, a Procore portal for third-party apps known as Procore Marketplace provides access to other third-party apps.


Winner: Procore

Procore has more integrations as well as the Procore Marketplace, so it deserves the win in this category.

How They Compare: Buildertrend vs. Procore

Buildertrend Procore
Comprehensive CM capabilities Yes Yes
Sales tools Yes
Detailed custom reports Yes
Onboarding coach Yes
Flat rate pricing Yes Yes

Buildertrend edges Procore in tight match-up

This is practically a tie, but Buildertrend is the winner by a nose in this matchup. While Procore excels in features and integrations, Buildertrend is superior in customer support and ease of use. With Buildertrend earning a slight edge in terms of pricing, I have to give the win to them.

That doesn't mean that Buildertrend is necessarily right for your business. You might find that Procore's powerful features are more important than something that's easier to use right out of the gate. The best way to find out is by trying both products first.

Or, look through The Ascent's construction management software reviews page and check out some other software options that may better fit your needs.

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