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Rose Wheeler
By: Rose Wheeler

Our Small Business Expert

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For companies that want to upload and store files online, M-Files is a very user-friendly option for document management. It is full of features to help make your business's life easier.

Rating image, 4.00 out of 5 stars.
4.00 stars
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Bottom Line: With a number of features, the ability to scale, and a user-friendly interface, M-Files is a smart choice for document management.
  • Ease Of use
    Rating image, 4.50 out of 5 stars.
    4.50 stars
    Rating image, 4.00 out of 5 stars.
    4.00 stars
    Rating image, 3.00 out of 5 stars.
    3.00 stars
    Rating image, 4.00 out of 5 stars.
    4.00 stars
    • User friendly
    • Able to scale with your business
    • Intuitive saving and updates
    • No standard pricing and reported high quotes
    • Doesn’t support .zip files
    • Slow load times

For any office looking for the best in document management systems, M-Files is a standout choice. Its simple-yet-effective guiding principle of classifying information by "what" it is rather than "where" something is stored has changed the entire game.

You can find documents more quickly, and data is stored more intuitively so your document management process runs smoothly.

M-Files can be used offline, with items syncing up when service is restored. It integrates with most office software, and stores everything in one place. Also, M-Files utilizes search and tagging to help you stay organized.

From running simple searches to find what you are looking for to no longer worrying about unsaved data getting erased (thanks to autosave and updates done during saving), M-Files ensures accuracy and efficiency for thousands of files.

Who is M-Files for?

Thanks to its innate ability to scale, M-Files is an excellent choice for a variety of industries and businesses. It also expands on its offerings from just document storage to include things such as automated workflows and metadata management.

M-Files positions itself as an all-inclusive product for organizations that need just a little bit more out of their software. It shines when data and document management, integrations, and workflows are part of day-to-day operations.

It may not be best suited for heavily transactional requirements, or reporting that calls for extensive calculations, but most other technical, sales, HR, marketing, etc. needs are met and then some.

M-Files' features

A lot of the excitement in the M-Files community comes from their robust and well-thought-out features. Beyond essential data storage, the application has many handy capabilities.

Dynamic viewing

M-Files doesn't make use of the old-school folder filing system and instead uses dynamic organization to keep things simple, effective, and intuitive.

It creates virtual folders that automatically organize your content, allowing you to search for precisely what you need rather than comb through levels of best guesses.

The M-Files search bar and browse feature.

Find just what you're looking for with a top-down view. Image source: Author

The search bar shows a top-down view of information, as you can see the pathways connecting your data and how topics relate to one another.

Rather than go to a folder for invoices, and a separate folder for all proposals, you can see related folders while searching. Documents themselves can be viewed in the same totality digitally, meaning users can view all data from one place.

Easy integration

M-Files integrates with your existing software easily. You can sync files and data from Microsoft Office, Salesforce CRM, and much more. There's no need to uproot your document management process, as M-Files works around your existing infrastructure.

Checking in and out

While in-app access and editing for multiple authors is undeniably a good thing, the larger your organization is, the more threat there is of two people accidentally editing something at once and relevant information getting lost or modified.

The M-Files library where files checked out by you are shown.

Keep track of documents you currently have checked out to edit. Image source: Author

This problem is solved by the ability to "check out" a document from the system, effectively taking it offline and preventing other users from editing it while you are working on it.

When you finish working on the document, you can easily check it back into the system. M-Files document management can track your changes and save your old version, if needed.

Workflow automation

You can turn on automatic notifications along with process checkpoints for a document, so you are alerted to important progress such as approvals, sign dates, etc. This feature includes an auditable history of edits and document access.

Secure sharing

You can simplify the shared editing process by allowing co-authors to access a document internally in the system rather than keep sending it back and forth as an attachment.

If you need to share with someone outside the organization, you can opt for specific permissions that restrict access and allow for only certain editing access as a way to preserve security.

You don't need to send full attachments outside the business. By creating custom links, you can streamline the process as well as track edits and authors.

You can also opt to download information in a variety of file types to share or save locally. So while you don't need to send out email attachments, you still can if you prefer.

Screenshot of sending files as Outlook messages, attachments, or text only.

You can send files out as links, attachments or separate text. Image source: Author

Information stored centrally

The searchability of M-Files is centralized, making it easier to find any information. When you save a document, all you need to do is save it and indicate the type of content it is, and the system centralizes it for you.

Mobile app

Access the M-Files app through the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone Store. Through any mobile device, users can take pictures of documents and upload them to the system. You sign documents electronically for compliance needs and review documents on the go.

M-Files' ease of use

One of the best parts of M-Files is how simple it is to use. There are very few steps to handling every aspect of it. The dashboard itself is straightforward, while every action is intuitive. Accessing it is simple through your browser, while uploading documents could not be easier, thanks to its drag-and-drop ability.

Top-level view options including Home, Recent, Favorites, and more.

The top navigation bar is simple to understand. Image source: Author

Altogether, M-Files is highly intuitive, adapting itself to how each user works. Because of this, you can learn as you go, and it will conform along with your habits. From the dashboard to editing, sharing, and workflows, every step is as efficient as possible.

The main navigation window with optional learning resources.

The central navigation pane walks you through steps for creating new files as needed. Image source: Author

M-Files' pricing

Where there remains a bit too much of a mystery is with M-Files' pricing. It works from the mindset of custom offering, which, while a good thing when it comes to getting what you need in a solution, it is an issue if you need to make fast decisions based on budgeting.

Upon contacting M-Files, you can sign up for a free trial to test drive the system before committing to a quote.

Though finding exact ranges of prices quoted is also not readily available, users have reported a higher cost than many other options. However, most say the benefits make it worth the price tag.

M-Files' support

M-Files support offers several options to contact. For tech support, you can opt to submit a ticket, including your product's serial number for priority attention.

You can call the North American or European phone lines or even choose remote support to access your system directly.

For other questions, you can speak directly to a very helpful representative for assistance with uploading content, setting up workflows, accessing further training, etc. M-Files' library of resources is set up to be just as searchable as its document interface.

The M-Files' content library with options to search for specific keywords.

You can search for just the answers you need. Image source: Author

Benefits of M-Files

M-Files offers seamless Microsoft integrations to upload your existing files. You also have the benefit of quickly setting up workflows via its graphical interface. Saving files is as intuitive as can be; all you need to know how to do is save a file, and it takes care of the rest.

You are also assured that your sensitive information is secure. You don't have to email out attachments separately. Instead, you can create unique, restricted links that are as protected as you need them to be.

M-Files has many fans for a reason

Despite the lack of transparent pricing, M-Files has seamlessly integrated itself into the everyday framework of many organizations for a good reason: It works well, and it is easy to use.

Its features are well defined and purposeful, and the learning curve to get started is minimal. For any office looking to leap to document management, this is an excellent starting point.

How M-Files Compares

Multiple authors Multiple software integrations Offline sync Mobile capabilities
M-Files Yes Yes Yes Yes
DocSend Yes Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft SharePoint Yes Yes Yes Yes
eFileCabinet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ademero Content Central Yes Yes Yes


  • There is no direct answer for that, as it determines pricing via individual business quotes. You will need to contact a customer representative for more information. However, you can do a free trial before you decide to commit.

  • It is designed to seamlessly and easily integrate with the most common applications. For example, it intuitively syncs with Microsoft products and can just as easily be integrated into Salesforce.

  • Yes. M-Files has a mobile app that you can use to edit, upload, and browse your organization's files.

Our Small Business Expert