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DP Taylor

DP Taylor has a passion for good business software and wants to help software users find the solution that best fits them. He likes to understand people's personal and business needs and figure out how software can solve problems. When he's not studying the world of business, he can be found hiking.

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If you're just starting sales, it's always good to review the basics. These sales tips will help jumpstart your process and put you on the road to sales success.

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Sales and marketing both focus on increasing customers for a product and service with distinct strategies. The two methods have key differences that could impact your business.

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The Top 9 Salesforce CRM Competitors

Salesforce is an amazing CRM software, but it might not be right for your business. Here are the top Salesforce CRM competitors for your company.

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Sales Analytics to Track for Business Success

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How Business Intelligence (BI) Can Help Your Business

Business intelligence (BI) is critical to companies wanting to understand their industry. The Blueprint looks at the impact BI analysis can have on your business.

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15 Impactful Sales Techniques and How to Use Them

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How to Master the 7 Steps of the Sales Cycle

Move your customers through the steps of the sales cycle to improve your conversion rate. The Blueprint takes a look at how you can master the sales cycle.

How to Create Your Own Sales Process

A salesperson hoping to improve their performance must implement the sales process effectively. The Blueprint guides you through creating your own sales process.

What is Inside Sales and How Can it Help Your Company?

Inside sales offers opportunities for companies to slash overhead costs without paying the price in lost sales. The Blueprint breaks down what you need to know about inside sales.

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