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Both the current ratio and the quick ratio measure a business's ability to generate enough cash to pay its debts. Here's how they differ and how to calculate each.

Social Media

Facebook marketing reaches a highly targeted audience and generates immediate results. Here are some marketing strategies to help you launch your next campaign.

Social Media

Social media marketing is a fundamental component for nonprofits. Learn to harness the power of social media for your nonprofit with these five best practices.

Social Media

Posting social media content at the right time matters. You can get more views by scheduling your posts. Here's how to create a schedule with effective results.

Inventory Management

Inventory costing is when businesses assign costs to products they have in inventory. Here are four inventory costing methods you can use in your small business.


eversign is an easy-to-use e-signature software with a streamlined document-signing process. In this review, we highlight eversign's best features and benefits.


No matter what kind of online store you're building, you'll find the perfect WooCommerce theme here. Here are 10 of the best themes you can start using today.

Endpoint Security

Cyberattacks are growing concern among businesses, and you need to take some measures to protect yourself. Learn how to prevent cyberattacks with these methods.

Customer Service

Ramp up your customer service email strategy with email templates. Here are seven awesome email templates you can use to help your business grow.

Document Management

An operating agreement outlines how the business will be governed, financed, and managed. Learn why you need one and how to create one for your small business.
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