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Point of Sale

What elements should your business consider when selecting a cloud POS system? Here we detail the features and functionality of the best cloud POS systems.

Human Resources

CakeHR is an affordable HR solution with easy-to-use functionality. This review highlights CakeHR's best features so you can decide if it fits your needs.

Document Management

If your goal is to go paperless, then consider using an electronic document management system (EDMS). Here are nine ways your business can benefit from an EDMS.

Point of Sale

Business owners are always looking for suppliers to buy products at wholesale prices. Here we outline how to find wholesale suppliers for your small business.
So, your business has been closed due to COVID. Should you reopen now? Here are some of the consequences your business could face if you reopen too soon.
With new COVID cases on the rise again, states are issuing new orders to restrict some business operations. Here are five tips to prepare your business for another closure.


Collaborative CRM works to facilitate the customer experience to maximize profitability. Here's how a collaborative CRM works within a small business.

Marketing Automation

Using efficient marketing channels is the best way to leverage your marketing. Here's a look at four effective SMB marketing strategies for your small business.

Time Clock

Are you still manually managing schedules, tracking time, and organizing time off? Here are the five best employee time clock solutions for small businesses.


Your business can incentivize employees to work late, but how should you compensate them? It's called night differential pay, and here's how to implement it.