Although small businesses have had many struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’d think hiring new employees wouldn’t be one. The Blueprint breaks it down.
New business applications rose significantly in pandemic-ridden 2020. The Blueprint explains what that means and why it might not be so surprising.
Already struggling with the impact of the pandemic, small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to get loans. The Blueprint takes a closer look.
The COVID-19 pandemic has hit eateries hard. Although the U.S. economy added jobs in January, restaurants continue to shed them. Learn more from The Blueprint.
The road to recovery is long for struggling restaurants impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, but help may be on the way. The Blueprint breaks it down.
COVID-19 has heavily impacted small businesses, with a quarter saying they’ll permanently close without more aid. The Blueprint breaks down the situation.
Credit card fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic is on the rise. The Blueprint explains how that impacts small businesses and what they can do to help prevent it.
The Small Business Administration (SBA) is erroneously rejecting some eligible applicants for a second-round PPP loan. The Blueprint explains why.
Struggling small businesses are hurting for cash during the pandemic. The Blueprint explains how bartering may be helping keep them afloat.
More than 60,000 small businesses have been helped so far by the second round of PPP loans. The Blueprint breaks down how you can qualify and apply.
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