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Shopify and Wordpress are two leading platforms that offer different experiences. The Blueprint compares Shopify vs. Wordpress features in this review.

Project Management

Trello and are top-rated project management software solutions. The Blueprint compares both so you can decide which one is best for your business.

Email Marketing

Constant Contact is only one of the many options small businesses have when it comes to email marketing platforms. The Blueprint covers some alternatives.


Two big e-commerce players squaring off are BigCommerce vs. Shopify. The Blueprint compares both to help you choose which is the better platform.


Freshsales is CRM software that caters to businesses of all sizes. The Blueprint breaks down Freshsales features and pricing in this review.


Two top e-commerce platforms squaring are Shopify vs. Esty. The Blueprint compares them head to head. Who will come out on top?

Social Media

Sprout Social and Hootsuite are 2 top social media management tools. The Blueprint compares the best features, integration, and pricing of both platforms.

Human Resources

Zoho People gives HR manager the tools needed to support employees. The Blueprint gives you Zoho People's latest features, benefits, pricing, support, and more.


Which e-commerce solution, Ecwid or Shopify, is your best bet? The Blueprint looks at key points to decide between the two CMS platforms.

Social Media

If you're looking for a social media tool, SocialFlow's features are comparable to some of the top software. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look in our review.
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