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Depending on your business needs, you may use different accounting methods for your finances. The Blueprint looks at each method and how it works.


The customer life cycle increases your ability to find new customers and retain them. The Blueprint explains the stages in the customer life cycle.

Human Resources

Absence management helps you promote a healthy, engaged, and productive workforce. The Blueprint goes through the absence management process.

Human Resources

Hiring is a source of frustration for businesses of all sizes. The Blueprint explains what's involved in full cycle recruiting and the steps to get it done.


When it comes down to what matters, is Drupal or WordPress your better CMS choice? The Blueprint takes an in-depth look.


Starting an online business can be done in 5 steps, from concept to product launch and marketing. The Blueprint breaks these steps down.


To launch a successful business, you need to build a strong foundation. The Blueprint covers the steps you need to successfully start an online business.


Looking for the best client management software for your small business? Manage your clients and build relationships with these top 6 CRM software solutions.

Project Management

If spreadsheets and data are the driving force behind your projects, The Blueprint looks at whether Smartsheet is the right project management tool for you.

Social Media

Hootsuite and Buffer are both heavyweights in the social media marketing world. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look to determine which tool is best for you.