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Office Suites

Zoho Office Suite is a user-friendly online office suite solution for small businesses. We've reviewed Zoho Office Suite's best tools, pricing, and more.


Joomla vs. WordPress are two CMS titans in the content management space, but which is better? Here we compare their best features, pricing, and support.


Drupal and Joomla are two robust content management platforms, but which is better? The Blueprint compares their features, ease of use, pricing, and integration.

Office Suites

Google Workspace is an easy-to-use online productivity suite built for SMBs and large enterprises. We've reviewed Google Workspace's best tools and more.

Virtual Conferencing

WorkCast is a robust virtual events platform that can handle almost any virtual event. We've reviewed WorkCast's best tools and more to see if it's a good fit.

Point of Sale

Stripe is a popular POS system that processes online and offline payments. Here we outline Stripe's pricing and fees structure to see if it makes sense for you.

Construction Management

Wix is a popular website builder packed with a bevy of tools. Here we breakdown Wix's pricing tiers with available features and you decide which is right for you.

Identity Management

Okta and OneLogin are two enterprise-level identity management solutions built to protect your company's network. We compare both head-to-head; find out who wins.


Wix is a very popular website builder and has a decent market share, but is it right for your business? We breakdown the pros and cons of using Wix as your CMS.


Wix is an SEO-friendly content management system with an intuitive SEO tool built-in. Here are six SEO tips that will greatly improve your website's ranking.
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