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Human Resources

Making sure you have the best staff with the right skills is crucial to running your business. Built for Teams helps you manage your workforce seamlessly.


Customer engagement software helps small businesses perform critical tasks and increase profits. The Blueprint looks at the top tools for customer engagement.


You must have a well-developed sales prospecting plan to grow and increase your customer base. The Blueprint goes over the steps for effective prospecting.


Complaints are important opportunities for your business. These 5 complaint management software options will help you effectively respond to complaints.


The customer life cycle increases your ability to find new customers and retain them. The Blueprint explains the stages in the customer life cycle.


When it comes down to what matters, is Drupal or WordPress your better CMS choice? The Blueprint takes an in-depth look.


Looking for the best client management software for your small business? Manage your clients and build relationships with these top 6 CRM software solutions.

Email Marketing

Are your email marketing initiatives not getting the results you’re hoping for? The Blueprint explores several email marketing tips you can implement today.


Preparing an adjusted trial balance is an important part of the accounting cycle. The Blueprint walks you through the steps to create an adjusted trial balance.


Businesses use data insights to evaluate and make decisions. The Blueprint breaks down the most important business metrics to track for your small business.
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