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Anders Hjorth is the author of four digital marketing insights reports and the founder of Innovell, a Digital Marketing consultancy researching trends in digital marketing. As a pioneer in SEO, one of the first Google Advertising Professionals, and the co-founder of several agencies, he has broad and long-running experience across SEO, paid search, social media, and content marketing. Anders was COO for GroupM Search across EMEA. Anders is also an active member of various awards juries and advisory boards including the Paid Search Association.

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Amazon FBA: One of the Secrets for Success in the Amazon Marketplace
Amazon's FBA service handles product fulfillment, allowing your business to concentrate on development, marketing, and sales. The Blueprint explains how.
Robots.txt for SEO, Handle With Care
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Do You Speak Sitemap? How to Talk With Search Engines for Better SEO
A sitemap lets the search engines know what pages to crawl on your site and how often. Here are three key benefits a sitemap brings to your SEO efforts.
15 Video Optimization Steps for YouTube SEO
If you have a Youtube channel, you should have an SEO strategy that will generate views. This guide will take you through the process of optimizing your videos.
Optimal Keyword Bidding Is Key to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Success
Keyword bidding uses an advertising auction model to get your ads on the top of page one in search engines. Learn how to bid on keywords for your PPC campaigns.
Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Can Boost Conversion Rates
Integrate your e-commerce transactions with Google Analytics's Enhanced Ecommerce. Take advantage of these four features to generate new insights.
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Visual commerce involves using video, graphics, and images in your online store. Learn how to enhance the visual commerce experience with these four strategies.
Supercharge Your Site’s SEO With Canonical URLs
A canonical URL is code inserted into a webpage that tells search engines which page is the preferred version to be displayed. Here's how to apply it on your site.
Use a Position Rank Tracker to Monitor Your SEO
If you're constantly monitoring your SEO, using a keyword position rank tracker tool can make your job easier. Here's how this SEO tool can simplify your efforts.
FBA vs. FBM: Which Model Is Best for Your Amazon Commerce?
Amazon can fulfill your orders using its FBA program, or you can fulfill your own orders with the FBM program. We cover the benefits of each to help you decide.
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Writing outstanding content is the fastest way to get backlinks from high domain authority sites. Here are six strategies that will help get the best backlinks.
Advertising on Google Maps Can Put Your Business on the Map
Google Maps has more than a billion users, making it a great place to advertise in. Learn how advertising on Google Maps can send you highly targeted customers.
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An essential part of off-page SEO is external links to your website, such as backlinks. Improve your website's ranking using our off-page SEO checklist.
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Having duplicate content on your site could lead to a penalty and hurt your ranking. Here are six common causes for having duplicate content on your site.
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Structured Data for SEO: Here Are the Only Meta Tags That Matter
Structured data makes it easier for search engines to find relevant metadata on your site. Learn how to use structured data to improve your website’s SEO.
Google Ads: 5 Minutes and a Credit Card, and You Are up and Running
Use Google Ads to reach a highly targeted and segmented audience to get your message out. Here's how to get started with Google Ads in just five minutes.
Google My Business: The Lowest-Hanging Fruit You Will Find in Digital Marketing
A Google My Business listing gives you a Google page for your business, and you appear in Google Maps. Here are five best practices for optimizing your listing.
Internal Linking: 5 Ways to Use the SEO Power You Have Within
Internal linking has become a standard practice in the SEO industry, and you should have a strategy in place. Here are three best practices for internal linking.
Reddit Ads: A Much Bigger Opportunity Than You Thought
Reddit is a popular online community where users share opinions on different trending topics. Learn how to advertise on Reddit using Reddit ads in seven steps.
A Guide to PPC (Pay-Per-Click): How to Set Up Your First Campaign
Pay-per-click (PPC) is the primary advertising model for search engines and social media sites. Learn how to develop and manage your PPC campaign in minutes.
Quora Ads -- A Great Alternative to Facebook and Google
Quora is a network that delivers compelling answers to search queries and shows highly targeted ads. Learn what type of advertising works best for Quora Ads.
Facebook Pixel Tracking That Can Empower Your Facebook Marketing
Facebook Pixel tracking can help you capture audience insights to improve your marketing efforts. Here are three ways Facebook Pixel can boost ad performance.
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Google Alerts is a tool that can provide your business with intelligence and content discovery. Learn how to set up alerts to keep track of relevant content.
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Your Complete SEO Audit Step-by-Step
An SEO audit analyzes the technical aspects of the website, content performance, and content quality. Learn how to conduct an SEO audit in five steps.
Bored With Clicks? Drive Real Footfall to Your Business With Local SEO
Optimizing for local SEO allows users to find your business when doing geographical searches. Here are five strategies that will improve your local SEO results.
How to Market Your Business on Social Media (Painlessly)
Your social media campaigns should make your business offerings more personal and relevant. Here are eight tips on how to market your business on social media.
How to Do Keyword Research That Supports Your Search Strategy
A good keyword research strategy will define how your business will be found by search engines. Follow these nine steps to perform effective keyword research.
9 Best Free Keyword Tools for Small Businesses
If you're looking for free keyword tools to help you do SEO keyword research, check out these nine tools that will take your research to a whole new level.
Search Engines: The Magical Gate to the Internet
Google is considered the world's search engine leader, but it's not the only option. Here are seven Google alternatives for internet users to find your content.
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Ahrefs is a powerful and easy-to-use SEO platform with advanced resources to grow search traffic. In this review, we highlight Ahrefs' best features and more.
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If you've made any changes to your website, you may want to get the site indexed right away versus later. Learn how to submit your website to search engines.
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How to Use Twitter Lists for Intelligence, Following, and Engagement
A Twitter list is a subcomponent of a Twitter account that allows you to create lists that can be followed. Learn how to create one to help your business grow.
Using Swipe up on Instagram to Engage Your Audience
Instagram's swipe up feature can help you promote events, discounts, or drive visitors to your site. Learn how to use the swipe up feature in your stories.
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20 Price Comparison Sites to Help Widen Your E-Commerce Distribution
Price comparison sites expand the distribution of your e-commerce products by widening your audience. Here's a list of our top sites to promote your products.
What Is Dropshipping and Is It for You?
Dropshipping pushes the logistics to after the sale and outsources components of the fulfillment process. Here are the pros and cons of dropshipping.
9 and 3/4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Branding and Efficiency
Social media marketing can build your brand, find your target audience, and increase your customer base. These tips will help you boost engagement and conversions.
Organic, Hybrid, or Paid Facebook Marketing Strategies: What's Right for You?
Facebook marketing reaches a highly targeted audience and generates immediate results. Here are some marketing strategies to help you launch your next campaign.
How to Use LinkedIn in Your Business: Networking, Content Marketing, and Commenting
LinkedIn is a professional network for people who want to connect with others in similar industries. Learn how to use LinkedIn to promote your small business.
Set Up a Loyalty Program to Increase the Value of Your Customers
Building a customer loyalty program can expand the lifetime value of your customers. Here we detail how to build a program that works in five easy steps.
How Cross-Selling Can Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Clients
Cross-selling is a sales technique that can help your online store sell more. Learn how to get more items in your customers' shopping carts with these six tips.
Marketing Attribution, or Which of the Daltons Sold More Ice Cream?
Marketing attribution maps the customer journey to the final sale. Here you'll learn the different types of models and how you can apply them to boost sales.
How to Advertise on Social Media With Targeting Superpowers
Social media platforms are powerful tools because they can advertise to your target audience. Here are six social media advertising tips to boost your business.
4 Effective SMB Marketing Strategies for Your Business
Using efficient marketing channels is the best way to leverage your marketing. Here's a look at four effective SMB marketing strategies for your small business.
Useful Traditional Marketing Techniques for Your Small Business
Traditional marketing is a valuable tool that can help boost your sales leads. Here we outline five traditional marketing techniques for your business.
Marketing Strategies That Make a Real Impact
Finding a successful marketing strategy that works for your small business can be tough. We explore several marketing strategies that can boost your business.
The 5 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools for Your Business
Automating your social media posts allows you to schedule posts at the most opportune times. Here are the best social media scheduling tools for your business.
The Lookalike Audience Is the Marketer’s Dream Come True
Targeting the right audience is important, so selecting lookalike characteristics are essential. Here's how to use lookalike audiences for your advertising.
Community Management for Small Social Media Operations
A community manager embodies your brand values and carries the message to your customers. The Blueprint explains how to create a community management strategy.
Top 5 Pardot Competitors for Marketing Automation
Pardot by Salesforce is a great marketing automation solution, but it might not fit your needs. Here are the top Pardot by Salesforce competitors to consider.
These Are the 7 Best Social Media KPIs for Steering Your Activity
Use the right social media KPIs to guide your business to success. The Blueprint details the seven best social media KPIs to track and grow your business.
Getting the Most Out of Digital Marketing for Your Small Business
Digital marketing empowers small businesses to communicate directly with customers. The Blueprint covers seven digital marketing strategies for your business.
Social Media Management for Small Businesses: A Guide
For a small business to succeed, you need to successfully manage your social media strategy. The Blueprint covers how to manage your social media accounts.
Creating a Marketing Strategy to Tame Twitter
Include Twitter in your social media marketing strategy to further engage your followers. A smart Twitter marketing strategy can help grow your small business.
The Right Social Media Content Mix for Your Business
Understanding which content strategy will deliver the business results you need can be a challenge. These six types of social media posts will drive engagement.
A Complete Overview of Social Media Advertising for Small Business
Social media advertising allows businesses to reach users in engaging ways. The Blueprint covers the best social media platforms to advertise your business.
How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Small Business
Creating and sharing original video content on Youtube empowers small business owners. The Blueprint goes through six steps to creating a YouTube channel.
A Complete Guide to Using Social Media for Your Small Business
Social media has transformed the way we communicate with people and the way we market to them. The Blueprint discusses social media tips for small businesses.
Volusion vs. Shopify: Which Is the Best E-commerce Solution?
Volusion and Shopify are two top e-commerce platforms with a lot to offer. The Blueprint compares Volusion and Shopify's features and more in this review.
How to Decide Between Shopify and WordPress for Your Online Store
Shopify and Wordpress are two leading platforms that offer different experiences. The Blueprint compares Shopify vs. Wordpress features in this review.
A Guide to Using Instagram for Business
More businesses are using Instagram to interact and share information with customers. The Blueprint goes through how to use Instagram for business.
How to Unleash the Power of Facebook Analytics for your Business
Grow and improve your Facebook business communications with Facebook Analytics. The Blueprint covers how to best use Facebook analytics for your business.
What is Hootsuite and Why Is It So Popular?
Hootsuite is a leading social media management tool that makes social media easy for small businesses. The Blueprint covers Hootsuite's top features.
MeetEdgar Review
MeetEdgar is a social media management tool that maximizes your content strategy. The Blueprint covers MeetEdgar's best features in this review.
How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy to Make Your Business Stand Out
Content tells the story and the emotions it generates in its audience. The Blueprint covers how to create a social media content strategy.
The Many Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses
Social media empowers your marketing, gives you customer insights and advertising opportunities. The Blueprint goes through the benefits of social media.
Everything There Is To Know About Instagram Analytics
Evolve your business with Instagram analytics and uncover important metrics about your posts. The Blueprint goes through how to use Instagram analytics.
Defining Your Target Market Using Social Media Data
Finding the right audience to sell your product is essential to the success of your business. The Blueprint gives you six steps to defining your target market.
Take Your Business Live With Facebook Live Producer
Stream real-time video presentations and interact with your audience with Facebook Live Producer. The Blueprint shows you how in this guide.
How to Use Instagram Live to Make Your Small Business Come Alive
Inject some personality into your social media marketing plan with Instagram Live. The Blueprint gives you some tips on how to go live on Instagram.
A Guide to Starting Your Own E-Commerce Business
Starting your own e-commerce business is a challenging process. The Blueprint takes you through some simple steps so you can start your e-commerce business.
How to Set Up Your Facebook Business Page in 1 Hour
Setting up a Facebook business page allows you to showcase your brand, advertise, and measure impact. The Blueprint shows you how in 6 simple steps.
How to Advertise on Facebook Through a Business Page
Learn how to advertise on Facebook with a business page. The Blueprint goes through some simple steps to setting up your business page.
How to Use Shopify to Launch Your E-Commerce Site in 7 Easy Steps
Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform that is simple to use. The Blueprint helps you set up your store in just 7 simple steps.
How to Develop a Solid Social Media Strategy for Your Business
Line up your social channels, content, and publication to create the perfect social media strategy. The Blueprint gives you a step-by-step approach.
How to Start a T-Shirt Business in Only 2 Weeks
Starting an online business can be done in 5 steps, from concept to product launch and marketing. The Blueprint breaks these steps down.
How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Your Small Business
Scheduling posts on Instagram is a way to efficiently publish content every day. The Blueprint shares best practices and useful tools.
How the Product Development Process Works in 7 Steps
Developing a product requires a number of actions from, initial idea to final product launch and marketing. The Blueprint breaks this process down.
Reach vs Impressions: Which is the Better Social Media Metric?
Reach and Impressions are different metrics for social media content. The Blueprint explains how reach and impressions play a role with regards to engagement.
Social Commerce Strategies to Expand Your Business
For a business owner, social commerce can be a huge opportunity to increase brand awareness and boost sales. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look.
7 Personal Branding Strategies to Help You Stand Out in the Era of Me
Personal branding helps with landing clients and being known in your field. The Blueprint explores the best strategies for building an effective personal brand.
The 4 Essential Social Media Metrics to Steer Your Business
If you're running social media campaigns, you need to be tracking these top four social media metrics. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look at this.
How to Write a Successful Social Media Proposal
A social media proposal helps your clients understand what they need to do to paint an accurate brand picture. The Blueprint breaks down how to write this proposal.
How to Use a Social Media Content Calendar for Your Brand Strategy
A social media content calendar is an overview of your social channels and their planned publications. The Blueprint evaluates best practices for planning your own social calendar.