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Elizabeth Gonzalez

Elizabeth Gonzalez is a legal and regulatory writer with more than seven years of experience as a contributing editor for HR Specialist and BLR’s HR Insights. She is also a content strategist, web copywriter, and fiction writer with publications ranging from Engineering News-Record and Construction Business Owner to Best American Nonrequired Reading.

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Using the ARCS model to train employees can help them stay focused and engaged. Learn how to motivate employees using the ARCS model with these 12 tips.
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Discovery learning is an inquiry learning approach that allows students to build knowledge by exploring ideas. Here are the pros and cons of discovery learning.
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A small business grant can speed up growth, enhance the balance sheet, and fund special initiatives. Here are the five types of grants small businesses can get.
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Federal employment laws give you a framework for handling many of the issues involved in employing people. Here's a breakdown of the nine key U.S. labor laws.
How to Use Inquiry-Based Learning in Your Business
Inquiry-based learning (IBL) can enhance the learning experience in many ways. Here are a few benefits to consider when implementing IBL in your business.
A Quick Guide to Business Startup Grants
Startup grants are a funding source that doesn't dilute equity in the company and you don't have to pay back. Here are some tips for finding grant opportunities.
Pros and Cons of a Merit Pay System
Merit pay is an increase in pay given to employees based on performance. Here are the nine best practices for a merit pay system that works for your business.
A Small Business Guide to STTR Grants
A Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant is given to small businesses to develop groundbreaking technology. Learn how to apply for an STTR grant.
Canvas vs. Blackboard Learn: Which Is Better?
Canvas and Blackboard Learn are two learning management heavyweights, but which is better? We've compared their best features to determine which comes out on top.
Newell Brands Offers $110,000 in Small Business Grants
Newell Brands offers a $110,000 grant to small businesses that have used Ball canning products in the last year. Learn if you qualify and how the program works.
12 Steps to Avoid Wrongful Termination Claims
Wrongful termination is expensive and an avoidable mistake that businesses sometimes encounter. Here are 12 ways to prevent wrongful termination claims.
How to Create Course Modules for Business Training
A course module is a unit of a full course that usually covers one concept in a learning path. Here are six elements to include in your course module design.
A Small Business Guide to Furloughing Employees
If you've been furloughed, you've been temporarily asked to leave work. Here are three factors to consider whether to wait out a furlough or look for a new job.
6 Best Blackboard Alternatives
Blackboard is a streamlined corporate training LMS but lacks e-commerce functionality. We've listed the six best Blackboard competitors for you to consider.
Why Your Business Needs a Sexual Harassment Policy
Every business should have a sexual harassment policy in place in order to protect employees and the organization. Here are things to include in your policy.
7 Tips for Applying Adult Learning Theory to Employee Training
Applying adult learning theory in your employee's development will enhance your training program. Use these five core principles to upskill your employees.
SBA Grants: How to Prepare, Apply, and Win
SBA grants are designed to help Americans expand their entrepreneurial desire to start and build businesses. Learn how to apply for an SBA grant in six steps.
A Small Business Guide to SBIR Grants: Should You Apply?
The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant is intended to fund small businesses conducting research. Follow these six steps to apply for an SBIR grant.
12 Prime Grant Opportunities for Women-Owned Businesses
Aspiring women searching for funds to invest in their idea should consider grants. Here are twelve small business grants women entrepreneurs can apply for.
Confidentiality Agreements: How, Why, and When to Use Them
A business confidentiality agreement requires employees to keep sensitive company information a secret. Here's when it makes sense to use one in your business.
eFront LMS Review
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Blackboard Learn is a responsive and advanced LMS with powerful teaching and learning tools. In this review, we outline Blackboard Learn's best features.
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Absorb LMS is an easy-to-use platform built to train employees of small and medium-sized businesses. In this review, we outline what we like about Absorb LMS.
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Canvas is a reliable cloud-based LMS powerhouse designed for enterprise-level training. In this review, we highlight Canvas's best features, benefits, and more.
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How Can You Get Ready for Small Business Saturday This Year?
Small Business Saturday is a special event with activities to attract shoppers to local businesses. Learn how you can promote your business and rack up sales.
TalentLMS Review
TalentLMS is an affordable LMS that delivers online courses with advanced features like white-labled interfaces. We've reviewed TalentLMS's top tools and more.
SkyPrep LMS Review
Skyprep is an easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) that can deliver online learning on any device. In this review, we highlight Skyprep's best features.
8 Great Alternatives to PayPal Here
Paypal Here is a popular point-of-sale solution, but it may not be the right fit for you. Check out our top Paypal Here alternatives that can meet your needs.
10 Top Alternatives to Square Point of Sale
Square is a leader in point-of-sale systems, but it might not be the right fit for you. Here we take a look at the best Square alternatives for your business.
Stripe vs. PayPal: Which Is Better for Your Business?
Two heavyweights in the point-of-sale (POS) industry are Stripe and Paypal. Here we compare both head to head, and you decide which is better for your business.
6 Ways Ruth Bader Ginsburg Changed Business for Women
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death is a great loss for women in America. Here are six ways Ginsburg leveled the playing field for working women.
Why Your Small Business Needs a Code of Ethics
Businesses publish codes of ethics to communicate an acceptable form of behavior among employees. Here's what to include and how to implement one at your business.
Pros and Cons of S Corps vs. C Corps
S corps and C corps are popular business structures today, but which one is a better fit for your small business? Here we look at the pros and cons of each.
What Is a DBA, and Should You Get One?
A business uses doing business as (DBA) when it uses a different name to operate instead of its legal name. Learn how to register your DBA in just seven steps.
How to Form a Qualified Joint Venture
Married couples who run a business together may reduce their tax liability by filing as a qualified joint venture (QJV). Learn if your business qualifies as a QJV.
Sales After COVID: 11 Tips From Top Tech Leaders
The coronavirus has taken sales challenges to a whole new level. Here we detail what top business leaders are doing to adapt and thrive in this new environment.
How Can You Tell a Common Law Employee From an Independent Contractor?
A common law employee is a person who performs services for you, and you control how it will be done. Learn how to classify and work with this type of employee.
Advantages and Disadvantages of S Corporations
An S corporation allows you to file your business taxes as a pass-through entity. Here we explain the benefits and requirements for forming an S corporation.
How Project Human Resource Management Drives Successful Teams
A project human resource management plan can help your small business get organized and lead a project team. Learn how to develop a plan in five simple steps.
Diversity Management for Small Businesses
Most small business owners believe hiring minorities should be a priority, but the numbers don't add up. Here's how to start implementing diversity management.
Is Unlimited PTO Right for Your Small Business?
Should your business have unlimited PTO? There are a few things to consider. Here we outline the benefits and drawbacks of this popular time-off policy.
What Progressive Discipline Can Offer Small Businesses
Progressive discipline gives employees a chance to change their behavior and improve performance. Learn how to set up a progressive discipline system in six steps.
A Guide to Price-Gouging Laws During COVID-19 and Beyond
Price gouging occurs when sellers increase prices during a crisis. Don't overcharge your customers. Learn the best practices to avoid claims of price gouging.
How to Write the Ultimate Social Media Policy
It's important to have a social media policy to protect your brand and reduce legal liability. Learn how to write the perfect policy for your small business.
How (and Why) to Create an Operating Agreement for Your LLC
An operating agreement outlines how the business will be governed, financed, and managed. Learn why you need one and how to create one for your small business.
How Long Should You Keep Employee Files?
Employee files contain sensitive information, so it's important to keep them -- but for how long? Here are the standard retention periods for common HR records.
7 Steps to a Competitive Employer Benefits Package
Having the right employer benefits package will help you attract and retain top talent. Learn how to create an ideal benefits package in seven steps.
A Guide to Full-Time vs. Part-Time Employment
Should you hire a full-time or part-time employee? There are legal and business implications you should consider. Learn what's right for your small business.
Manage Employee Retention to Reach Your Goals
Employee retention is a critical driver of company performance. Learn how to measure and improve your retention rate to meet your small business goals.
Workplace Retaliation: What Small Businesses Need to Know
Retaliation in the workplace occurs when the employer acts out against the employee in an unfair manner. Here are nine ways to help prevent retaliation at work.
A Small Business Guide to Severance Agreements
If an employee is terminated from the workplace, your business should have a severance policy in place. Learn how to write a severance agreement in seven steps.
New Employee Forms: A Checklist for Small Businesses
When you hire a new employee, certain forms need to be filled out. Get off to a great start with our onboarding instructions and forms for new employees.
5 Benefits of Offering Tuition Reimbursement
A great way to develop a workforce that wants to learn is through a tuition reimbursement program. Here's how your business can benefit from such a program.
A Small Business Guide to Electronic Document Management Systems
If your goal is to go paperless, then consider using an electronic document management system (EDMS). Here are nine ways your business can benefit from an EDMS.
11 Best Practices for Employee Terminations
How does your small business handle employee terminations? Here we highlight some of the ground rules and best practices for terminating employees.
How to Avoid Sex Discrimination in Your Small Business
The law protects employees of any business against discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Here's what constitutes discrimination.
14 Steps to Start a Corporation
Forming a corporation gives your company stability, legal status, and access to investment capital. This guide covers how to start a corporation step by step.
Document Control: A Guide for Small Businesses
Document management is the process of creating, reviewing, and modifying documents within an organization. Here's how to start a document control system.
S Corp vs. LLC: Which Should You Choose?
Looking to cut your tax bill? If you have an S Corp or an LLC, there are a few things to know first. Here's how taxes are treated for each business type.
A Small Business Guide to Records Management
Businesses are creating more data than ever before, and you need a solution to stay organized. The Blueprint outlines the benefits of a records management system.
Is Owning an LLC Considered Self Employment?
As an owner of an LLC, how should your income be taxed? The Blueprint discusses what an LLC is and if owning an LLC is a form of self-employment.
11 Essential Steps to Start a Nonprofit
Are you interested in starting a nonprofit, but not sure what to do? The Blueprint outlines 11 essential steps for how to start a nonprofit.
6 Steps for Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis
Keep employees safe and protect them from unnecessary risks with this job hazard analysis guide. The Blueprint covers how to perform a job hazard analysis.
6 Steps to Start a Sole Proprietorship
If you're in business for yourself, then by default, you're a sole proprietor. The Blueprint details how to start a sole proprietorship as well as its benefits.
4 Types of Business Partnerships: Which Is Best for You?
Planning to form a partnership? Learn more about the types of business partnerships as well as their risks with this guide from The Blueprint.
The 7 Documents You Need to Form an LLC
By forming a limited liability company, you can protect your personal assets from business debts. The Blueprint covers the documents you'll need to form an LLC.
Create an HR Document Management Plan in 6 Steps
HR document management can save you administrative time and protect your small business from risk. This guide covers how to create a document management system.
Rest and Meal Breaks: What Employers Need to Know
Federal and state laws differ when it comes to providing employee breaks. This Blueprint guide covers federal and state laws governing rest and meal breaks.
A Guide to Business Documents Your Small Business Needs
As your business grows, you need to keep track of all your business documents. The Blueprint goes through what kinds of business documents you should hold onto.
The Ultimate Guide to Employee Benefits for Small Businesses
Find out what benefits employers have to offer and when the laws apply. The Blueprint goes through the mandatory employee benefits small businesses must offer.
How Many Pay Periods Are in a Year?
Trying to settle on the best payroll schedule for your small business? The Blueprint breaks down how many pay periods in a year and common payment practices.
How to Get a Business License in 6 Steps
Starting a business requires getting the appropriate type of business license. The Blueprint goes through how to get a business license that's right for you.
A Small Business Guide to E-Commerce Sales Tax
If you're selling goods online, you need to figure out when you're supposed to collect sales tax. The Blueprint breaks down state requirements for sales tax.
Your Guide to Contingent Workers: Rules, Regulations, and Benefits
Using a contingent worker is a valid alternative to hiring a full time employee. The Blueprint covers the benefits of recruiting contingent workers.
A Small Business Guide to Equal Employment Opportunity
EEO compliance broadens your talent pool and enhances the employee experience. The Blueprint breaks down equal employment opportunity laws.
A Small Business Guide to Independent Contractors
Independent contractors have to be held to federal law requirements when being hired. The Blueprint breaks down what small businesses need to know when hiring.
How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell
Content is key to your product descriptions and getting online shoppers interested in your products. The Blueprint outlines how to write product descriptions.
A Guide to Voluntary Benefits for Your Small Business
Voluntary benefits are an important option in attracting and retaining top performers. The Blueprint discusses voluntary benefits and how to use them.
A Small Business Guide to SAP HR
SAP HR is used for all aspects of human capital management and it can transform the way you manage business resources. The Blueprint explains how to use SAP HR.
A Guide to HR Compliance for Small Businesses
As your business grows, you may need to change your policies to stay compliant. The Blueprint goes through steps on how to execute an HR compliance strategy.
How to Register Your Business
Forming an LLC or corporation provides many advantages, but it requires some legal work. The Blueprint explains how to register a business in your home state.
5 Steps to Successful Benefits Administration
Find out how to provide a benefits package that helps you attract and retain top talent. The Blueprint goes through the steps to benefit adminstration.
A Beginner's Guide to PCI Compliance
Providing vital protection to your customers' data is extremely important. The Blueprint goes through the steps to follow to meet PCI compliance guidelines.
How to Perform a Qualitative Risk Analysis
Analyzing and preparing for risks is a critical aspect of project management. The Blueprint goes through the steps to perform qualitative risk analysis.
A Beginner’s Guide to Absence Management
Absence management helps you promote a healthy, engaged, and productive workforce. The Blueprint goes through the absence management process.
Your 7-Step Guide to Full Cycle Recruiting
Hiring is a source of frustration for businesses of all sizes. The Blueprint explains what's involved in full cycle recruiting and the steps to get it done.
How to Write a Termination Letter
The Blueprint breaks down what to include in a termination letter and shares a template to make the termination process easier for you and the employee.
10 Types of Business Ownership and Classifications
Many businesses start out as sole proprietorships and then adopt a more formal ownership structure as they grow. The Blueprint highlights the benefits and limitations of the most common types of business structures.
Should You Have a Business License to Sell Online?
Do you need a business license to sell online? In this article, The Blueprint breaks down state licensing requirements and how they apply to your online shop.
Sole Proprietorship vs LLC: What’s the Difference?
Which is best a sole proprietorship or an LLC? The Blueprint looks at the pros and cons of each structure so you can make the best choice for your business.
How to Manage a Multigenerational Workforce
Multigenerational teams are better at problem-solving and more effective than homogeneous ones. The Blueprint explains how to cultivate a successful multigenerational workforce.
What Are Fringe Benefits and Are They Taxable?
Fringe benefits can help small businesses attract top talent and maintain a happy workforce. The Blueprint explains how to administer them to your employees.
A Guide to the Functions of Human Resource Management
Figuring out how to build and sustain a high-performing workforce is the role of human resource management. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look at this.
Understanding the SBA's Definition of Small Business and Why it Matters
Does your company adhere to the SBA definition for small businesses? Learn what defines a small business, and how you should classify your business.