Les Shaver

Les Shaver is a long-time business journalist with more than 15 years of experience covering news in trends in the SMB space.

Recent Articles

Lenders Weigh the Best Small Business Options
Since the pandemic hit, small businesses have been scouring for different options to raise much needed funds. Here are loan options your business can apply for.
Cashing in on the COVID Puppy Boom
When COVID hit, there was a huge demand for dogs, which led this small business owner to go virtual with her dog breeding and training business to boost sales.
How Tech Helped One Coworking Company Stay in Business
This small coworking business was able to stay afloat leveraging technology while offering production services and virtual memberships to sustain revenue.
How the Pandemic Boosted a Tiny Puzzle Startup
When the pandemic hit, Michael Sturba and Rachel Duguay used the time to take their business online. With some ingenuity, they built up their puzzle business.
From Kitchen to Consumer: How a DC Accelerator Supports Small Food Businesses
Cullen Gilchrist, a DC entrepreneur, created Union Kitchen to support consumer packaged goods startups. With hard work and passion, he outlines how he did it.
How One Preschool Used Tech and PPE to Reopen Its Doors
This preschool made a transition to technology to circumvent shutting down and found a new way of handling business processes while increasing efficiency.
How Two Wedding Photographers Made It Through COVID
This photography business started to feel the effects of COVID and came up with an effective game plan to get them through the pandemic. Here's how they did it.
Old-Fashioned Vacation Rental Company Adopts Tech to Get It Through the Pandemic
After the COVID restriction was lifted, the phones began to ring again for this vacation rental company. A surge in business forced them to invest in technology.
How One Recording Studio Added New Services During the Pandemic
Once COVID hit, this entrepreneur encountered challenges that he never would have imagined. Learn how he was able to pivot online with his recording studio.
Lessons for Growth: An Interview with Libby Isenstein of Morning Consult
Morning Consult is a D.C. based market research firm that is known for its granular insights into consumer sentiment. Learn how they filled a void in the market.
Austin HVAC Company Doubles Revenue During COVID
This Austin HVAC company took COVID seriously and set a path to protect technicians while addressing public fears. Learn how it's winning during the pandemic.
Startup Moves From Gift Wraps to Masks
This founder looked at her inventory in the wake of COVID-19 and found an alternative use for her materials. She began making face masks to fill an urgent need.
How One Vegas Restaurateur Created a Panel of COVID Experts to Advise His Peers
After COVID hit, this restauranteur had to adapt. He decided to create ghost kitchens and hire doctors to advise restaurants on COVID safety procedures.
Minneapolis Bakery Owner Adds New Products to Survive COVID
No one has been able to escape the negative impacts of COVID on small businesses. Here's the story of how one bakery pivoted to survive -- and then prosper.
How a Baby Food Startup Is Surviving the Pandemic
This baby food startup had an idea to help struggling parents without childcare. In the midst of COVID, they launched their business. Here's how they did it.
How One Real Estate Agent Adjusted for COVID-19
The arrival of COVID-19 started a scramble to rush homes to the market, purchase protective equipment, and adopt video technology. Here's Marty Signore's story.
How Clinical Massage Therapists Are Taking Business Online During COVID-19
Body Dynamics, a massage therapy business, reinvents itself by taking massages online. Learn how this company is using virtual sessions to keep business alive amid COVID-19.
How One Small Beer Shop Tapped Into Online Sales in Response to COVID-19
This small beer shop adjusted to COVID-19 with online sales and delivery. Julie Drews and Beth Helle's transition into e-commerce seems to be paying off.