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Mike Price

Mike Price has worked with small businesses in banking and accounting capacities for the past six years. He specializes in bookkeeping, projected financials and debt restructuring.

Recent Articles

How to Get Your EIN With an IRS Form SS-4
IRS Form SS-4 is used to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Here are five steps to help you complete the form and easily obtain your EIN.
How to Complete IRS Form 941
Businesses need to file Form 941 if they have employees and withhold income taxes. Learn when the filing deadline is and how to complete it in five easy steps.
How to Use Draws Against Commission to Incentivize Your Sales Staff
Draws against commission provide salespeople with a paycheck while incentivizing them to sell more. Here's how the system can give you peace of mind.
What Is the Specific Identification Method for Inventory Costs?
The specific identification method tracks individual inventory items and determines inventory costs. Here we outline the pros and cons of the method (and give some examples).
A Beginner's Guide to Payroll Analytics
Payroll analytics can help you gain new insights and track fraud, errors, and compensation costs. Here's why you should integrate it into your small business today.
How to Use Per Diem for Travel Expenses
Per diem allows employees to be reimbursed for travel and work-related expenses. Here's how per diem reimbursement works so you know what to expect when traveling.
The Complete Guide to Small Business Compensation
It's important to budget for employee compensation in your small business. Here's how to create a compensation plan that works for you and your employees.
How to Calculate Night Shift Differential Pay
Your business can incentivize employees to work late, but how should you compensate them? It's called night differential pay, and here's how to implement it.
How to Calculate Blended Overtime Pay
Employees who work shifts at different pay rates during the same pay period are working blended overtime. Learn to calculate blended overtime with this guide.
How to Use Capital Budgeting for Your Next Big Purchase
Capital budgeting is important when you're planning for a big investment. We cover the different types of capital budgeting so you can plan your next purchase.
How to Set Up an Efficient and Accurate Payroll System
A payroll system sets up repeatable tasks that need to be completed for each pay period. The Blueprint explores the benefits of an efficient payroll system.
How to Prepare and File W-2s
The W-2 form shows the income your employees made over the last tax year. In this guide, we explain what it is and how employers should prepare W-2 forms.
How to Complete and File Your 1099-MISC Forms
If you use independent contractors, you'll need to fill out the year-end 1099-MISC form. The Blueprint goes through how to fill out and send the 1099-MISC form.
Tax Forms for Sole Proprietors
As a sole proprietor, you're responsible for filling out certain forms when you file taxes. The Blueprint covers what tax forms you'll need to file your taxes.
The Blueprint Guide to Tax Shields for Small Businesses
Learn to increase your cash flow by using tax shields to reduce net income. The Blueprint explains how your small business can shield income from taxes.
How to Find Your Business’s EIN
If you've recently launched a new company and seem to have misplaced your business EIN, here's how to find it. The Blueprint offers a primer on the EIN.
The Blueprint Guide to the Weighted Average Cost Method
Should your business use the weighted average cost method? The Blueprint outlines the benefits and disadvantages of using the weighted average cost method.
A Small Business Guide to Cost Recovery
The cost recovery method allows businesses to recognize profit and defer taxes under certain conditions. The Blueprint explains how to calculate cost recovery.
How to Make Payroll Journal Entries: A Small Business Guide
In payroll accounting, there are several different ways to make journal entries. The Blueprint demonstrates how to make a payroll journal entry.
Perpetual vs. Periodic Inventory: What's the Difference?
Learn the difference between the periodic and perpetual inventory methods, and use this guide to help you select the right system for your small business.
How to Complete and File Your Business Tax Return
Intimidated by the prospect of paying taxes for your small business? Don't be: The Blueprint walks you through how to prepare and file your business tax return.
The FIFO Method of Inventory Accounting
The FIFO method of inventory accounting is the most realistic method to match actual pricing. The Blueprint discusses the benefits of using the FIFO Method.
A Beginner's Guide to Payroll Processing and Reporting
Payroll processing creates a process to pay employees and track all required information. The Blueprint goes through how to set up a payroll processing system.
How to Calculate and Report Medicare Tax
Medicare works by collecting pay during your working years for use when your older. The Blueprint goes through how small businesses report Medicare tax.