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Nick is a seasoned writer and digital marketing specialist with lots of experience in B2B software research. He has always had a passion for technology and has worked as an Apple technical specialist, in the social media startup scene, and also in local DC real estate.

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Within organizations, you'll find product managers and project managers, but these two roles have different job responsibilities. Here we break down each role.
3 Simple Steps for Creating a Project Management Dashboard
A project management dashboard gives the team relevant information on the project's current status. Here are three useful tips to create your own dashboard.
A 5-Step Guide for Adding Wrike to Slack
Integrating Slack with Wrike gives you the power of team collaboration and project management in one application. Learn how to add Wrike to Slack in five steps.
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What It Takes to Be a Product Owner
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A Step-by-Step Guide for Using a Weighted Scoring Model
The weighted scoring model is a project management technique used for all kinds of decisions and actions. Learn how to use it to calculate priority in projects.
5 Tried-and-True Customer Retention Strategies
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5 Solid Project Execution Strategies You Need to Implement
You've carefully mapped out your project and finally reached the execution phase. Here are five strategies that will help you successfully execute your project.
The 7 Major Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses
Cloud computing is a method for remotely running programs, hosting, and storing files over the internet. Here are seven ways your business can benefit from it.
5 Steps for Setting up a Shared Inbox for Customer Service
A shared inbox is a solution where one email is set up to manage all your customer service emails. Learn how to set up a shared inbox in five easy steps.
7 Successful Customer Service Email Templates You Need to Try
Ramp up your customer service email strategy with email templates. Here are seven awesome email templates you can use to help your business grow.
5 Best Practices for Dealing With Angry Customers
Learning to deal with angry customers is an important skill to have. We'll prepare you for these unpleasant moments with five customer service best practices.
6 Crucial CRM Best Practices for Supercharging Your Sales
It's the job of your CRM platform to get the answers that will convert customers into buyers. Here are six CRM best practices to guide your small business to success.
TeamSupport Review
TeamSupport is an easy-to-use customer service platform for tech novices. In this review, The Blueprint highlights TeamSupport's best features and more.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Review
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a full-featured customer service software for enterprises. In this review, we highlight its best features and ease of use.
The Top 10 Help Desk Skills Every Support Specialist Needs
As your help desk requirements grow, you need to hire IT help desk employees with certain skills. The Blueprint outlines the top 10 help desk skills for agents.
5 Easy Ways to Include User-Generated Content in Your Social Strategy
User-generated content is created by your customers in the form of reviews, social media posts, and more. Here's how to use it to market your small business.
HappyFox Review
HappyFox is great help desk software with a web-based support ticket system. The Blueprint covers HappyFox's best features and more in this review.
5 Strategies for Fighting Distractions While Working From Home
While working from your house, you may encounter several distractions that could slow you down. The Blueprint outlines some useful strategies for WFH days.
Zendesk Support Review
Zendesk Support is one of the easiest and most user-friendly customer service tools available. The Blueprint covers Zendesk's best features in this review.
LiveAgent Review
LiveAgent is a customer service software that takes customer service seriously. The Blueprint covers LiveAgent's best features and more in this review.
Kaseya Vorex Review
Kaseya Vorex is an IT help desk software that has many issues that needs to be confronted. The Blueprint covers Kaseya Vorex's features and more in this review.
Zendesk Review
Zendesk is a comprehensive help desk platform designed for teams of all experience levels. The Blueprint looks at Zendesk's features in this review.
Jira Service Desk Review
Jira Service Desk is an IT help desk platform that is new player in the help desk sector. The Blueprint covers Jira Service Desk's best features in this review.
SysAid Review
SysAid offers an easy-to-use IT help desk application that lets users access tickets and track solutions. The Blueprint covers SysAid in this review.
ServiceDesk Plus Review
ServiceDesk Plus is high-performance help desk software for all levels of user experience. The Blueprint covers ServiceDesk Plus's best features in this review.
The 6 Steps for Creating the Perfect Implementation Plan
When undertaking a strategic decision, you need a good implementation plan. The Blueprint gives you the steps to create a well thought out implementation plan.
The 4 Steps for Completing Your Risk Register
A risk register is a tool used by project managers to identify and assess business risk. The Blueprint goes through how to use a risk register.
A Guide to Creating a Successful Social Media Marketing Plan
Brands that understand and plan their marketing see the results of social media marketing. The Blueprint discusses how to create a social media marketing plan.
4 Crucial Actions Your Business Must Take Before a Temporary Closure
Many small businesses are vulnerable to economic uncertainty. The Blueprint covers 4 steps you should take before temporarily closing your business.
How to Stay Focused at Work (Especially While Remote)
Staying focused at work can be challenging and you can easily get distracted. The Blueprint outlines 7 strategies for maintaining focus at work.
4 Tips for Boosting Your Team Communication During Covid-19
It’s easy for team communication to slip while your team is separated. The Blueprint gives you 4 tips to help with team communication during the pandemic.
Sprout Social vs. Hootsuite: Function or Pricing?
Sprout Social and Hootsuite are 2 top social media management tools. The Blueprint compares the best features, integration, and pricing of both platforms.
The 3 Steps for Performing a Cost-Benefit Analysis
A cost-benefit analysis is an easy way to justify your decision-making process. The Blueprint outlines some steps to help you make good decisions.
The Beginner’s Guide to Performing a Brand Audit
A brand audit will give you the insights you need to stay on top of your market demands and correct any weaknesses. The Blueprint gives you 5 steps to follow.
The 4 Scrum Ceremonies for Completing a Successful Sprint
These four scrum ceremonies provide a seamless cycle of successful sprints. Each ceremony will facilitate the communication needed to manage a scrum project.
The 8 Best Task Management Software Options for Your Projects
Task management is the core responsibility of any project manager. The Blueprint shares the best software options that’ll keep your projects in order.
The Ultimate Guide for Conducting a Social Media Audit
Conducting a social media audit will help you refine your social media strategy. The Blueprint goes through the process of auditing your socials step-by-step.
Smartsheet Review
If spreadsheets and data are the driving force behind your projects, The Blueprint looks at whether Smartsheet is the right project management tool for you.
The 8 Best Agile Tools for Crushing Your Iterative Projects
Project managers need agile tools to manage projects and teams. The Blueprint looks at the 8 best options along with the highlights of each tool.
Managing Staff in Time of Crisis: Best Practices for SMBs
Managing a crisis is all about companies dealing with problems the right way. In this guide, The Blueprint covers the best practices to navigate a crisis during uncertain times.
Basecamp vs. Trello: The Perfect Matchup
Basecamp and Trello are two of the easiest project management tools for small businesses. The Blueprint does an in-depth comparison of both tools.
Airtable vs. Trello: Apples and Oranges?
If you’re stuck on Airtable vs. Trello for managing your projects, The Blueprint provides an in-depth comparison between these two popular software options.
The 5 Step Guide to Writing a Standard Operating Procedure
If your projects and teams are lacking structure, you need a standard operating procedure. The Blueprint shows you step-by-step how to create an effective one.
8 Free Project Management Software Tools to Keep Your Team on Track
If you’re in need of a free project management software because you don't have the budget for an expensive platform, The Blueprint provides eight options to consider.
How to Define the Scope of Work for Your Projects
You shouldn't agree to something without first understanding what it is. This is why it's imperative your project proposals properly define the scope of work.
How to Use a PERT Chart for Project Planning
Visual frameworks help during the preliminary phases of project planning. PERT charts are the perfect solution for reviewing the project roadmap ahead.
6 Crucial Project Management Metrics You Need to Succeed
Project success is measured by using specific project management metrics. The Blueprint provides the top project management KPIs to keep your team on track.
How to Utilize Lean Project Management Within Your Small Business
If you’re looking to improve efficiency and remove procedural waste, take a page from Toyota’s book and introduce some lean project management methodology.
Everything You Need to Know About Gantt Charts
There are many ways to visualize project progress, but few are as effective as a Gantt chart. This guide covers everything you need to know to use Gantt charts.
The 8 Best Marketing Project Management Software Tools You Should Try
If you're looking for structure for your creative projects, check out the top marketing project management software options you should consider for your marketing team.
Understanding the 5 Project Management Process Groups
What does a project look like laid out from start to finish? Learn more with this beginner's guide to the five project management process groups.
Agile vs Waterfall: The Great Project Methodology Debate
Agile and waterfall are two common project management terms, but what do they really mean? Learn how to choose between these agile vs waterfall methodologies.
The Agile Beginner’s Guide to Burndown Charts
Want to find out if your team is on track to finishing your project on time? Track the progress of your project using a burndown chart.
A Beginner's Guide to Construction Project Management
Construction project management is a highly skilled career path. It requires great attention to detail, technical knowledge, and must coordinate lots of different moving parts.
The 8 Best Project Scheduling Software Platforms You Need to Try
There’s no sense in making project planning any more difficult than it has to be. Track your progress with one of these eight project scheduling software tools.
The 8 Best Jira Alternatives for All Types of Projects
Jira is a popular project management software tool, but it might not be best for your organization. If you're looking for a Jira alternative, here are eight options to consider.
The 10 Most Important Project Manager Responsibilities
Not sure what project managers actually do? Find out the top ten core project manager responsibilities, duties, and tasks here on The Blueprint.
The Top 8 Wrike Alternatives to Meet Your Needs
Wrike's project management platform covers the basics, but what if you want a little more? Here are eight top Wrike alternatives to meet your needs -- and then some.
8 Project Management Best Practices to Try Today
If you’re looking to go from good to great as a project manager, here are eight golden project management best practices to help execute your deliverables.
What Is Jira: An Overview of a Unique Project Management Tool
Looking for project management software, but find yourself wondering "what is jira?" The Blueprint looks at what Jira is used for, its best features, and whether it's for you.
Everything You Need to Know About Kanban Project Management
Create, manage, and track your projects using kanban project management, one of the most popular workflow management methodologies in the world.
How to Use Trello for Project Management
Using Trello for project management allows you to organize your business' projects in a kanban format. The Blueprint breaks down how to best use Trello for PM.
Top 8 Trello Alternatives to Manage Your Projects
If you need a project management software that covers the basics, check out these 8 affordable Trello alternatives to see what fits your needs.
The 8 Best Asana Alternatives on the Market
Asana is a fantastic project management tool, but it can’t do it all. These are the 8 best Asana alternatives on the market for your project management needs.
Trello vs. Asana: The Battle of 2 User-Friendly Tools
Take an in-depth look into Trello vs. Asana, both exemplary project management software options, and decide which one is right for you and your projects.
Zoho Projects Review
Zoho Projects has little to offer outside the standard functions for a project management tool. The Blueprint provides an in-depth review of this software.
A Step-By-Step Guide to the Critical Path Method
The critical path method is a popular project management technique to determine a project's duration. Discover your project’s critical path in 4 simple steps.
How a Feasibility Study Can Benefit Your Projects
A feasibility study is a crucial step in forecasting the success of a project. The Blueprint breaks down how you can conduct your own feasibility study.
Trello Review
Trello is the perfect collaboration tool for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Check out the Blueprint's Trello review for features and usability.
A Step-By-Step Guide to Project Risk Management
Project risk management helps you identify potential issues that derail your progress. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look at how to execute your deliverables successfully.
A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Project Management Methodology
Agile project management is popular for executing fast-paced projects with frequent direction changes. The Blueprint breaks down this project management method.
ActiveCollab Review
ActiveCollab is an all-encompassing project management software. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look at its features, ease of use, pricing and more.
Microsoft To Do Review
Microsoft To Do excels in its ability to track and monitor tasks from lists you create. The Blueprint takes a look at best uses for this project management software.
Scoro Review
Scoro is known for its user-friendly, yet advanced features. The Blueprint takes a look at whether this is the right project management software for you.
The 8 Best Basecamp Alternatives for Your Projects
Basecamp is a fantastic project management tool that prioritizes collaboration. But sometimes, projects require an in-depth framework. Check out The Blueprint's top Basecamp alternatives.
Freedcamp Review
Freedcamp is a solid but quite basic free project management software. Learn whether it's the right tool for your team's needs.
The 9 Best Project Management Tools Your Team Should Use
Whether you're a freelancer or a start-up with a growing staff, utilizing a project management tool can help you keep your team and clients organized.
Asana vs. Jira: A Distinction Without a Difference?
Asana and Jira are both project management tools designed to help teams accomplish tasks on time. The Blueprint compares these collaboration tools.
Wrike vs. Asana: A Close Call
Trying to decide between Wrike vs. Asana? The software experts at The Blueprint take a deep dive into these two project management tools.
Wrike vs. Jira: A Comparison of Form and Function
Jira and Wrike have a lot in common when it comes to their features, setups, and target markets. Read our in-depth comparison to find the right tool for you. vs. Asana: Balancing Ease of Use and Functionality
Find out which project management software is right for your team in this comprehensive Monday vs. Asana comparison.
Asana vs. Basecamp: The Ultimate Collaborative Tool Comparison
Considering Asana vs. Basecamp when trying to pick the best project management software? The Blueprint takes a look at what Asana and Basecamp have to offer.
The 5 Project Management Steps to Follow for Success
Ensure your project will succeed from the start by following these core five project management steps.
The 5 Project Management Principles of Planning
Guide your project planning process using these five core project management principles.
The 5 Core Steps of the Project Management Process
No matter the assignment, be sure to follow the steps of the project management process. The Blueprint breaks down what you need to know.
5 Steps to Create an Airtight Project Management Plan
Using some hard work, the right software, and these 5 steps, you can create the best project management plan for your needs.
Project Management Basics: Everything You Need to Know
If you’re looking to jumpstart your career as a project manager, take a look at our in-depth guide of the project management basics to know.
TeamGantt Review
TeamGantt is more than timeline charts. Learn about the task management functions of this comprehensive project management software with our TeamGantt review. Review is visual and intuitive. The tool is easy to learn and loaded with functionality. Learn whether it's right for you with our review.
Wrike Review
Wrike is a flexible and scalable project management tool that provides you with many different forms of task management and process oversight.
Microsoft Project Review
Microsoft Project has a well-known, billion-dollar company backing it with endless resources. Yet, they've created a complex management tool that requires training to master.
Asana Review
Asana incentivizes team members to use the software for their own benefit through worker-centric features. Read to learn if it's right for your team.
Airtable Review
Airtable mixes standard project management with the flair of design programs like Canva. Find out if this tool is right for you with our Airtable review.
Podio Review
Podio is a comprehensive project management tool to keep your teams up to date and on time. Read to finf out whether it's right for you.
Jira Review
While Jira is well-known by software development teams, there’s no reason you can’t use this tool for all kinds of collaborative projects.
Basecamp Review
Basecamp offers the core necessities of project collaboration for a simple flat price, no matter which features you use, number of users you have, or support you need.
Mavenlink Review
Mavenlink is a robust project management tool suited for large teams in a corporate setting. Learn more about Mavenlink's features, pricing and ease of use.