Software Comparisons

Point of Sale

Quickbooks POS and Square are two giants in the point-of-sale industry, but which is better? The Blueprint compares their features and more side-by-side.

Learning Management System

Canvas and Blackboard Learn are two learning management heavyweights, but which is better? We've compared their best features to determine which comes out on top.


Looking for a payroll solution for your business? We compare SurePayroll and Gusto Payroll's best features, benefits, and more. Find out which is a better fit.

Identity Management

Okta and OneLogin are two enterprise-level identity management solutions built to protect your company's network. We compare both head-to-head; find out who wins.


Shopify and Amazon are two e-commerce giants, but each has its own unique features. The Blueprint compares both head-to-head; you decide which you like best.

Identity Management

Okta and Azure Active Directory are two powerful identity management solutions that offer similar features, but which is a better fit? We compare both; you decide.

Social Media

SocialPilot and Hootsuite are two popular social media platforms that target different users, but which is better? Here we compare both and declare a winner.

Social Media

MeetEdgar and Hootsuite are two titans in the social media software space, but which is better? We've compared both head-to-head -- you decide your best fit.

Point of Sale

Stripe and Square are two giant POS platforms, but which one is better? Here we compare both head-to-head and you pick the best solution for your business.

Marketing Automation

Two players facing off in the marketing automation industry are SharpSpring vs. HubSpot, but which one is better? We compare both and you decide which fits you.
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