The 10 Best Endpoint Security Software Solutions

Every business requires endpoint security software to protect computers and other IT assets from cyberattacks. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable as cybercriminals assume SMBs are easy targets. The best endpoint security software stops cybercriminals from stealing your data and wreaking havoc on IT systems. Find peace of mind with these endpoint security solutions.

Top Rated

Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Kaspersky Endpoint Security delivers simple yet effective endpoint protection for small businesses. Check out this review for details.

Best for SMBs

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Check out this comprehensive review for Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security to see if it’s the right endpoint protection solution for your company.

Best Features

Sophos Intercept X

Discover the pros and cons of Sophos Intercept X in this comprehensive review. Learn if it’s the right endpoint security software for your business.

Best Value

Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Microsoft Defender Antivirus is free on computers running Windows. Check out this review to learn if it’s enough for your business.

Best for New Users

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

The Webroot Business Endpoint Protection platform is built for small businesses. Check out this review to learn if it’s the right software for your company.

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Securing your business against cyber threats is a must, but it’s easier said than done. According to Small Business Administration research, a whopping 88% of small business owners feel their company is vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Two factors compound the challenge: (1) the explosion in device use as mobile phones and tablets increase in importance as business tools, and (2) the rapid growth in remote workers. These two factors combine to make it more difficult than ever to manage IT security.

So how can a business address this need? The answer is endpoint security software. This software protects your computers, servers, and mobile devices — collectively referred to as endpoints — from cyberattacks.

The endpoint security products on this list offer different capabilities to meet diverse business requirements. Some companies may seek software to manage thousands of endpoints. Others may wish to add threat hunting tools.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a company with its own security operations center (SOC), the best endpoint security software can meet your needs and safeguard your IT systems. Check out the list below to find a solution that best meets your business security needs.

Our top picks for the best Endpoint Security Software:

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Top Rated

1. Kaspersky Endpoint Security


2. Avast Business Antivirus Pro

Best Value

3. Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Best for SMBs

4. Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Best for Enterprises

5. McAfee Endpoint Protection

Best Features

6. Sophos Intercept X


7. ESET Endpoint Antivirus


8. VMware Carbon Black

Best Training

9. CrowdStrike Falcon

Best for New Users

10. Webroot Business Endpoint Protection


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What The Blueprint looks for in great endpoint security software

Business antivirus protection is a core component of every endpoint security product. It’s the key capability required to deliver malware defense.

Beyond that, it’s important to consider features such as server antivirus and other factors impacting a company’s security. While every business will prioritize some elements over others, the following are common needs for every organization.

Threat protection

Protection is the most important characteristic of endpoint security software. You buy this product to defend your organization against cyberthreats. If it can’t do that well, other features don’t matter.

But threat protection isn’t simply a matter of offering enterprise antivirus. It must go beyond traditional antivirus solutions. Today’s sophisticated types of malware can easily circumvent traditional antivirus products.

These top endpoint security software products all use several technologies to proactively combat cybercriminals and their constantly evolving tactics. Machine learning and behavioral analysis are among the methods proven to work well against today’s cyberthreats. The availability of more advanced security solutions, such as endpoint detection and response (EDR), add to the value of many security vendors on this list.

Remediation capabilities are also important. It’s impossible to stop all attacks all the time. Some will eventually slip through. When that happens, your endpoint security solution must effectively address these incidents, such as automatically reverting back files encrypted by ransomware.

Ease of use

Great endpoint security software should be easy to use. IT teams have a lot on their plate, and they don’t have time to figure out complex software or suffer through many manual steps to complete a task that should take a couple of mouse clicks.

Easy-to-use security software is particularly important. A wrong setting or configuration can leave your systems exposed to cyberattacks.

Modern endpoint solutions, such as the ones on this list, are about streamlining the security experience. Initial setup usually entails installation of the software’s security agent onto endpoints, and you’re done. Many platforms come with preconfigured policy settings, allowing IT teams to get their security in place within minutes.

Daily maintenance is simple as well. The security platform sends alerts for discovered threats while remediating issues in real time. Your IT team only needs to log into the platform’s dashboard to scan your security posture, address any concerns, such as patching out-of-date software on endpoints, and move on with their day.

Robust support

When you run into trouble with your endpoint security software, the longer it takes to resolve, the more your business is exposed to cyberattack. You need fast resolution. That’s why robust support options are an important factor when evaluating endpoint security products.

Many on this list provide 24-hour phone support, a reassuring recourse when emergencies arise. All offer an online self-service portal to find product manuals, how-to documents, training videos, and other self-help material.

Some offer community forums to gain insights from fellow users, and share news about the latest security threats. If you’re stuck with a non-emergency issue, chat help is another option.

How your business can benefit from using endpoint security software

The right endpoint protection software increases your IT team’s efficiency and productivity when overseeing company security, without sacrificing safety. Beyond that, endpoint security solutions deliver several important benefits affecting your company’s ability to grow and expand. Let’s look at a few key ways it helps.

Protect sensitive data

Endpoint security software’s primary benefit is to protect your company’s most important data. Whether that’s customer records, financial information, proprietary technology, or even digital photos of the kids on your work laptop, endpoint security stops criminals from achieving their objectives.

Usually these criminals try to encrypt your files, then demand a ransom if you want those files restored. They may also stay hidden in your IT systems, silently collecting your company data to sell to other criminals, perform identity theft, or other illegal activity. Today’s cybercriminals are sophisticated, making the task of stopping them a challenge.

The best endpoint security software meets this challenge by leveraging technologies that identify threats, even those lurking in your systems posing as legitimate processes. If you don’t have reliable endpoint security software, or worse, none at all, you’re allowing criminals free rein to do what they please with your IT systems and business data.

Preserve customer trust

Protecting your customers’ data is essential to business success. If your company suffers a security breach, customers lose confidence that their data is safe with you.

At that point, you’ll lose customers, and will need to provide an incentive or perform goodwill outreach to rebuild that trust. This not only costs you money, it may still not help retain all your clients.

With endpoint security software, you avoid this scenario altogether. The software blocks attacks before getting to your customer data, and even if an attack slips through, the endpoint security protection minimizes or even reverses the damage done.

Prevent financial losses

Cyberattacks lead to tangible financial losses. The average cost to organizations affected by a cyberattack is $200,000 in damages. For some small businesses, that would mean their demise.

The most common malware attack is ransomware. The cybercriminal encrypts your data and extorts you for significant sums of money. On top of that, you’ll incur costs to rebuild trust with customers.

Endpoint security software addresses these issues. Not only are common attacks blocked if ransomware manages to slip in and encrypt important files, some endpoint security solutions can reverse the encryption, restoring your files without paying a penny to the criminal.

Another benefit is regulatory compliance. If your IT systems don’t comply with legal or industry regulations, you could be fined or blocked from doing business. The endpoint security vendors on this list can help you meet any regulatory requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions for Endpoint Security Software

What’s the difference between antivirus and endpoint security?

Antivirus is a subset of the protections and features included in endpoint security software. Cyberattacks come in many forms, such as a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack designed to bring down your website. Antivirus alone cannot stop this.

Endpoint security offers more holistic protection than antivirus. It includes security features to address an array of cyberthreats, including a firewall and data encryption. It also offers tools and analytics for your IT team to efficiently oversee your organization’s security.

Does endpoint security protect mobile devices?

Yes, endpoint security platforms provide protection for mobile devices. Some vendors include them as part of their standard offering while others require you to purchase an add-on component designed specifically for mobile device defense.

Can I try the endpoint security software before I buy?

Many software vendors on this list provide a free trial. You can get hands-on experience with the software’s capabilities and accurately match them to your business needs.

A few vendors only sell their solution through third-party partners. In these cases, you’ll have to talk to the partner about the possibility of a free trial period.

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