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Kashoo is a cloud-based accounting application designed for small businesses. With an easily affordable price tag covering an unlimited number of users, it is easy to use and includes double-entry accounting capability.

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  • One plan with one price
  • Intuitive system navigation
  • Live support options included

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  • No app for Android devices
  • No dashboard for desktop application
  • Limited reporting options

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Updated November 26, 2019

Who is Kashoo for?

Kashoo is designed for small businesses, consultants, sole proprietors, and freelancers who want an easy way to manage their business. It offers a one-size-fits-all plan for one low price, and you can add as many users as you'd like.

If you're a small business owner, or work for yourself, you know how important cash flow is. Kashoo lets you set up credit card payments on each invoice, which makes it easy for your customers to pay you directly.

You can easily keep track of all of your clients and suppliers with this accounting software, and keep track of items or services you sell. Kashoo integrates with Sure Payroll, but keep in mind that if you’re paying multiple employees, you should be using a more robust accounting application such as QuickBooks Online or Sage 50.

Like similar applications, Kashoo will allow you to connect your bank accounts and automatically import banking transactions. If you choose to bypass this process, you can still choose to upload a bank statement into Kashoo for an easier bank reconciliation process. You can also connect credit card accounts, investment accounts, or any other kind of financial account actively being used.


Features of Kashoo

I am a big fan of the way the Kashoo user interface is arranged, with four distinct areas that define the activity:

  • Actions: In this area you can create invoices, track your income and expenses and keep track of your bills, among other things.
  • Lists: This section is for information about your clients, suppliers and other details.
  • Reports: You can access all available reports here.
  • Add-ons: You can access any add-on applications from this area.

Perhaps one of Kashoo’s biggest drawbacks is its lack of integration with other applications. Currently, Kashoo only integrates with Sure Payroll, Stripe, Square, BluePay, and FreshBooks Classic. The other drawback is a lack of budgeting capability.


There are several features available in the Actions area:

Income and Expenses

The Income and Expense screen below is where you can enter income or expenses that do not have a corresponding invoice or bill. It will be especially useful if you choose not to connect your banking information to Kashoo. If you do, I’m not sure how much you’ll need this function.

While there is a dashboard available in the iOS mobile app, there’s not one available if you are using a desktop computer, which means this also serves as your home screen.

Kashoo empty income and expense report


Invoicing in Kashoo takes under a minute, and all information from the client to the item can be entered on the fly if necessary. To get paid faster, you can enable the credit card payment option on the invoice screen, finish entering the necessary information and add the invoice. You can also create a recurring invoice for clients that are billed a flat fee each month.

Of course, emailing your invoice will likely result in quicker payment turnaround, but if your client prefers a paper invoice, one can be easily printed. Kashoo invoices are fairly standard, though you can add a personalized message on the invoice if you wish.

Kashoo empty invoice template

Once an invoice has been entered, accounts receivable information such as unpaid invoice amounts and income by account will be displayed to the right of the data entry screen. This screen will update each time an invoice is created or paid. Conveniently, you can also enter customer payments from the invoice screen.

Bills to Pay

The Bills to Pay screen is where you can enter billing information for your vendors or suppliers, and can enter bill payment information as well. Like the Invoices screen, a total of unpaid bills will be displayed to the right of the data entry screen, and will update as bills are added or paid.

Of course, you can pay your vendors and suppliers via credit card, but Kashoo does also include the option to run checks. You can choose to pay all bills currently entered in Kashoo, or print a check for a single bill.

Journal Entries

This is one of my favorite features in Kashoo. Products such as Xero and QuickBooks Online take pains to hide anything that sounds like an accounting process in their applications, but Kashoo displays it front and center. Again, if your financial institutions are connected to Kashoo, you likely won't be entering any journal entries, but I love that the option is there.

Sales Tax

You will need to add your sales tax information during the setup process if you'll be charging sales tax on sales.

Kashoo empty sales tax form for qualifying purchases

There is a basic setting option where you can add a description and rate, but if you're paying the sales tax collected, you'll also want to add the various accounts for better tracking and a more accurate sales report.


The Lists section is where you can enter and maintain client, supplier, and item details. You can import both client and vendor lists into Kashoo from other applications. Details such as referral information and payment terms can also be added. While supplier and item details can also be tracked, detail is limited to tracking an SKU number and whether the item or service is bought or sold.

Another point in Kashoo's favor is that it uses a formal chart of accounts that can be easily accessed at any time.

Kashoo list section with sample client account information

You can add an account to the chart of accounts (above), or change the default names of the accounts to better fit your business. Account balances from another application can also be imported into your new Kashoo chart of accounts, or exported to Excel or a CSV file, or saved as a PDF.


Kashoo comes up a little short in the reports area, with only eight reports available.

  1. Income statement
  2. Unpaid invoices
  3. Unpaid bills
  4. Trial balance
  5. Balance sheet
  6. General ledger
  7. All transactions
  8. History

While Kashoo does include the necessary financial statements, the addition of sales reports would be helpful. Reports offer little in the way of customization, though they can be exported to Excel if customization is a necessity.


I love that Kashoo offers live telephone support; a feature that’s been seriously underestimated by other applications. While many questions can be answered by doing a little bit of research, there is something reassuring about knowing that if you really get stuck, you can pick up the phone and actually talk to someone.

Users can also access help from within the application, with both email and chat support available as well. It is also worth checking out the variety of Small Business Guides available which may be useful if you're new to the business world.


Benefits of using Kashoo

I know a lot of applications go to great lengths to look like anything but an accounting application so that they don't scare away potential customers. But what I like about Kashoo is that it has managed to make the application easy while being very upfront about the fact that it is an accounting program, and when you use it, you’re performing accounting functions.

For me, one of the biggest benefits of using Kashoo is that you can still easily track your income and expenses — even if you choose not to connect any of your bank accounts. Other benefits include offering your customers easy online bill payment, which helps your cash flow remain positive.


Kashoo pricing

Kashoo offers one plan for all subscribers, and even displays a price comparison (see above) with other popular applications. Kashoo is currently available for $19.95 per month, or $199.00 per year and includes an unlimited number of users.

The 4 pricing tiers of Kashoo

It also offers accountant access, multi-currency capability, recurring invoices, and export capability to QuickBooks and other applications.


Kashoo's ease of use

Navigating through Kashoo is really very simple, and all of the entry screens are similar in appearance. Designed to be easy, you can perform multiple functions, such as entering a client, entering a product, and emailing an invoice all from the same entry screen.

Kashoo performs best from Chrome or Firefox. A mobile app for iOS devices is available, but if you're an Android user, you're out of luck. As I mentioned earlier, the Income and Expenses page serves as the default home page for Kashoo, though a dashboard is available from the iOS mobile app. Short of creating an app with a dashboard for Android devices, a useful solution would be to add dashboard functionality to the desktop app.

The Settings option, at the top right side of the screen, lets you add various features to your business, including tracking project expenses and enabling multiple currency support. You can also choose to lock a period to prevent another user from making changes. Since Kashoo supports multiple users, you can assign users their own access level, so if your co-worker is always bugging you for a report, you can provide them view-only access to reports. This can also help prevent unauthorized access to confidential data such as banking transactions or payroll/employee information.

Best yet, because Kashoo allows you to add information as you go, you can be up and running in a very short amount of time.


Kashoo Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kashoo offer a mobile app?

Yes, but only for iOS devices.

Is payroll available in Kashoo?

While there is not a payroll feature in Kashoo, it does offer complete integration with Sure Payroll.

Does Kashoo integrate with a variety of apps?

Kashoo currently only integrates with a few apps but hopes to add more in the future.

How Kashoo Compares

Invoicing & Payments Budgeting Capability Customer & Vendor Management Good Reporting Options
Kashoo Yes Yes
Xero Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accounting by Wave Yes Yes
FreshBooks Yes Yes Yes
QuickBooks Yes Yes Yes Yes

Great for consultants, sole proprietors and freelancers, Kashoo's easily navigated application will have you up and running in no time.

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