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RedTeam Review

RedTeam is a comprehensive end-to-end construction management software solution that handles all aspects of a construction project, from the bidding to running the job site. While many construction solutions focus on specializing in one area, like document management or daily reporting, RedTeam aims to be the all-encompassing solution for construction managers.

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  • High up-front cost
  • No direct phone support
  • Onboarding challenges possible

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A lot of construction software options out there handle specific aspects of a project amazingly well. Some do a great job of overhauling your document storage process and streamlining everything so you can focus on, you know, building.

Others might keep you on top of what's going on at the job site better than anything else out there.

But sometimes that leaves construction managers with a problem: They have a whole bunch of different software solutions handling different parts of the project, and they're paying for all of them.

That's where RedTeam comes in. This software solution seeks to be an end-to-end solution that will handle all aspects of the construction business, particularly if you work in commercial construction. The goal is to simplify construction management and bring all the tools you need under one roof.

But is it successful, and is this solution right for you? This review will break down the software's features, what it gets right, and whether it will make sense for your business.

Who is RedTeam for?

RedTeam's stated goal is to help construction managers — particularly those in the commercial sector — handle all aspects of the construction process, whether they're working in the field or the office.

As a result, the software has a wide range of features ranging from financials to design to actually managing the project. Its steep price tag may price out some of the small contractors, so this software seems generally suited for construction managers at mid-sized to large firms.

However, if you can afford it, the software is comprehensive enough to suit anyone responsible for construction project management from start to finish.

RedTeam’s features

RedTeam software is an end-to-end solution aimed at commercial construction managers, so it has a lot of features. However, a few of the RedTeam tools stand out as particularly important.

Sales tools

Not all construction management platforms offer sales and marketing tools, but RedTeam does. You'll be able to access the "Opportunities" section via the menu on the left-hand side, which will show a list of all opportunities, along with details such as the customer, estimated value, status, and rating.

RedTeam’s Manage Opportunities

RedTeam’s opportunities management page. (Source: RedTeam)


RedTeam has an estimating feature that centralizes your bidding and quote preparation process. You can send a request for a quote through the software, and vendors can respond directly and upload documentation.

And the software keeps a database of estimates and cost codes that you can choose from so you aren't constantly entering the same data over and over.

RedTeam’s Compare quotes

RedTeam’s quote comparison page. (Source: RedTeam)


RedTeam project management uses Gantt scheduling in a way that it says is similar to Microsoft Project — and, in fact, you can import and export files with Microsoft Project.

The software shows a helpful visual display of tasks and their planned completion compared to their current progress. You can toggle between various phrases of the project, from draft all the way to project closing.

Field reporting

With the help of RedTeam's app FieldShare, you'll be able to do real-time reporting and tracking of a project. You can share photos and make observations through the app, and employees can record their time through the app. Additionally, FieldShare provides access to all plans and specs.


RedTeam handles the financial side of the house, handling work-in-progress (WIP) reports, invoices, and cost-plus billing, to name a few things. Financials are updated in real time through WIP reports, and you can validate vendor invoices against factors such as credentials and job cost.

And the AIA-style billing feature lets you dive into the kind of deep detail your clients will want.

RedTeam’s Customer Billing

RedTeam’s customer billing page. (Source: RedTeam)

RedTeam’s ease of use

RedTeam's interface is clean and intuitive. There's a menu at the left-hand side that makes navigation simple, allowing you to jump between the dashboard and equipment, contacts, opportunities, projects, transactions, apps, and more.

The main window in the dashboard shows any activities related to your project, such as a progress report that includes photos. It shows who made the update and the time, so you have a clear view of whatever is happening in your construction project.

Updating it yourself is as simple as typing in the box at the top of the screen, uploading any attachments, and then clicking "Share." And you can reply to each update, essentially treating them like posts on a message board.

RedTeam’s News Feed

RedTeam’s collaborative console. (Source: RedTeam)

By clicking on an icon in the far right ,you can drop down a column showing key performance indicators, such as potential changes, milestones, and submittals. It will also show key financial metrics, like your total sales pipeline.

The employee section lets you not only keep a list of your employees but track time logged. And your equipment list includes everything in your inventory along with extra information like status and who it is assigned to.

The companies section is split between vendors, customers, and third parties, so you don't get a confusing mess of organizations that all have different relationships with your company.

It would take a while to get through all the features in the software, but it seems to cover the gamut of what a construction manager would need — and more importantly, every piece is easy to find with no confusing navigation or clutter.

RedTeam’s My Time app

RedTeam’s FieldShare app. (Source: RedTeam)

RedTeam’s pricing

Make no mistake about it, RedTeam comes with a bit of sticker shock. It's $4,200 per year for companies who handle $3 million or less in actual cash value (ACV). The good news is that is an all-inclusive fee so you don't have to worry about having too many users or needing to pay for "premium" features.

RedTeam offers a return on investment (ROI) calculator where you punch in your organization's details to help you determine what kind of value the software can deliver to you. You must fill out a form to access it.

RedTeam’s support

RedTeam doesn't allow you to contact the tech support team directly via phone. A call to the phone number listed on their site features a recording asking users to submit a ticket through the software requesting an email or a call.

You can also live chat with tech support through the software itself. Or, you can directly email support staff.

Users have access to the Help Center, where they can access self-help options such as a Wiki and video tutorials.

Some users may be put off by the fact that you can't simply dial up customer support at a moment's notice, but the ticket system and live chat function ensures that users will be able to get help if necessary.

Benefits of RedTeam

The great thing about RedTeam is it includes everything a construction manager needs all in one place.

While many construction platforms focus on specific tasks like document management, budgeting and estimates, or design, RedTeam ensures you won't have to search around for other software to supplement its abilities.

That said, you may find a more specialized tool will work better than RedTeam for handling paperwork and markups if you really want to get deeply involved in that, but if you just want an end-to-end solution with a lot of features so you aren't juggling different platforms, RedTeam is a solid choice.

RedTeam’s Bid Request

RedTeam’s bid request page. (Source: RedTeam)

RedTeam offers a soup-to-nuts construction management solution

RedTeam is a straightforward, comprehensive construction management solution that will help you get your entire construction operation organized from bid to project completion. It’s geared toward commercial construction, but any firm that needs an end-to-end platform will benefit from RedTeam.

It may not be without its hiccups — customers on various sites online raised concerns about onboarding challenges and occasional freezing — but it's worth requesting a demo if you need something that handles more aspects of construction than other specialty software do.

Frequently Asked Questions for RedTeam

Does RedTeam offer good customer support?

RedTeam does appear to offer solid customer support through a ticket system; however it's not as easy as simply dialing them up on the phone if you have an issue. Still, they appear to be responsive.

Is RedTeam a comprehensive construction management solution?

RedTeam covers all aspects of construction management from beginning to end, so you won’t have to supplement it with other tools if you don't want to.

Is the software affordable?

RedTeam is on the expensive side, starting at $4,200 per year. This fee appears to be all-inclusive with no per-user charges, so you may end up saving money compared to other options.

RedTeam is a comprehensive, end-to-end construction management software option. If you're looking for a tool that can do it all, give it a try today.

RedTeam is a comprehensive, end-to-end construction management software option. If you're looking for a tool that can do it all, give it a try today.

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