Motley Fool Explorer
Motley Fool Explorer

Silicon Valley's "Next Big Thing"

Explorer was designed to show investors like you where The Motley Fool believes the world is going and how you can position your portfolio to be on the right side of history. Discover why David just sent a team to Silicon Valley to invest $100,000 of the Fool's own money in ONE groundbreaking stock.

What is Explorer?

Explorer lead Simon Erickson explains how we've built Explorer to identify the innovative trends set to take off and last.

Silicon Valley Dispatch 1

The Explorer team stops by a biotech company that saw revenues soar 5X last year, a recent IPO with red-hot sales growth, the "Google of the Internet of Things," and more!

Silicon Valley Dispatch 2

David Gardner selects three companies he believes are poised to dominate the next generation of cloud computing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to all your questions on what Explorer is and how it works.

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