Welcome to your 2017 Income Playbook, brought to you by Motley Fool Total Income

Welcome to your 2017 Income Playbook!

This valuable guide is designed to show you what steps you can take TODAY…to start solving one of the most common problems we hear from investors like you:

“How do I get more income from my investments?”

So if you’re one of the many investors looking to entirely replace your paycheck with investment income…or if you’re just looking for an income boost to supplement your regular salary…then you are going to want to follow along with us this week.

Because two of the Fool’s most respected analysts are opening up our 2017 Income Playbook and sharing it with you.

We just put the finishing touches on our brand-new, all-in-one income solution called Motley Fool Total Income…and we are celebrating by making our 2017 Income Playbook available FREE to you.

Total Income is run by former hedge fund manager Ron Gross and noted financial planner Robert Brokamp (we call him Bro).

Motley Fool Total Income combines all the best income strategies we’ve developed over the past 23 years and brings them all to you in one place.

And this week, Ron and Bro are breaking out our 2017 Income Playbook and showing you the concrete steps you can take TODAY to supercharge your portfolio income for 2017 and beyond.

When it comes to your portfolio…you are the boss…and that means you can pay yourself on your own schedule, month after month and year after year.

And the Total Income team can show you how.

So go ahead and bookmark this page, and make sure to check back soon to discover how you can start paying yourself using some of our favorite income strategies.