Investors who can find tomorrow's big winners today can grow even modest investment portfolios into life-changing wealth.

And fortunately, there's a tool designed to help people do just that.

The Motley Fool's Stock Advisor service has delivered winning investment ideas to its subscribers since 2002, and its track record of more than tripling the return of the S&P 500 has given subscribers a huge advantage over their peers.

Now, you can get access to this incredible service at a discounted price of as little as just $99 a year. Below, we'll give you a special discount to get in on Motley Fool Stock Advisor, but first, let's take a look at what makes Stock Advisor such an effective winner.

Discovering the market's most lucrative stock picks

Let's face facts: To achieve different results from everyone else, you have to do something different from everyone else.

Put differently, beating the stock market requires getting an edge over other investors.

And while many claim to be able to provide you that edge...

Few (if any!) can back it up with a record anywhere near as impressive as Motley Fool Stock Advisor's.

More than tripling the market over a 17-year period is an incredibly rare and difficult feat.

How does Stock Advisor do it?

Simple. These two:

Tom Gardner and David Gardner

Tom and David Gardner, co-founders of The Motley Fool. Image source: The Motley Fool.

David and Tom Gardner, The Motley Fool's co-founders, are co-advisors of Motley Fool Stock Advisor. They both have well-deserved reputations as legendary growth investors...

All stemming from their long-running history of identifying companies before they get big...and recommending them to members for simply incredible returns.

Companies like:

  • Booking Holdings (up more than 7,500% since its May 2004 first recommendation)...
  • Amazon (up more than 10,000% since its September 2002 first recommendation)...
  • Netflix (up more than 12,000% since its October 2004 first recommendation)...

And plenty more huge winners!

But who needs to cherry-pick? Motley Fool Stock Advisor's average pick is up more than 300% (vs. S&P returns of 84% -- all returns as of August 24th, 2019).

It all comes down to a simple philosophy of identifying quality businesses...then buying and holding them for the long term (think three-to-five years).

We believe that understanding and duplicating that mindset is critical to any investor seeking to maximize their benefit from Stock Advisor.

What your Stock Advisor discount will give you

When you sign up for Motley Fool Stock Advisor with this special offer, you'll get:

  • Two new stock recommendations every month (one each from Tom and David's dedicated analyst teams)...
  • A specially curated list of the 10 stocks each month that have achieved the coveted "Best Buys Now" designation...
  • AND a special list of Starter Stocks designed to position your portfolio for incredible growth.

In addition to the monthly report, you'll get exclusive members-only content designed to help you take advantage of these growth opportunities.

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