Motley Fool Rule Breakers is The Motley Fool's hyper growth-focused stock ideas newsletter. Helmed by Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner, Rule Breakers aims to beat the market by providing investors with great stocks that have long growth runways ahead of them.

David Gardner picks great stocks because he's a long-term, business-focused investor. Hundred-bagger stocks like Amazon take foresight and calculation, yes, but most importantly they require patience – or the willingness to hold an investment for decades to see it truly pay off.

We'll turn to whether a Rule Breakers subscription is worth it in a minute, but first let's discuss David's process in greater depth.

David Gardner smiling at the upper right corner of the picture.

Rule Breakers advisor David Gardner. Image source: The Motley Fool.

The six signs of a Rule Breaker

David has laid out his philosophy on investing in Rule Breakers...but we'll give you a sneak peek here. The list itself is quoted from David's write-up in Rule Breakers, although we've added a little commentary to help explain.

  1. Top Dog and First Mover in an Important, Emerging Industry. It doesn't matter if you're the big player in floppy drives -- the industry is falling apart. Likewise, if you're the smallest software-as-a-service provider, you'll miss out on the scale advantages of the bigger dogs even if you're working in a powerful, growing industry. David seeks innovative companies that are way ahead of the bell curve in a rapidly changing world.
  2. Sustainable Advantage Gained Through Business Momentum, Patent Protection, Visionary Leadership, or Inept Competitors. This one is almost self-explanatory. David seeks companies that can maintain a long-term advantage over their competitors, because those will be the companies that keep stacking gains in the stock market.
  3. Strong Past Price Appreciation. The best growth stocks tend to keep growing. We aren't momentum investors, but we do believe that a company that has unlocked a recipe for success can keep outperforming for a long time.
  4. Good Management and Smart Backing. If management is incompetent – or even just insufficiently visionary – things will get ugly when something goes wrong. You want the best of the best helming the companies you're investing in.
  5. Strong Consumer Appeal. If the customers love the product or service, they'll pay up extra for the brand. That's a moat.
  6. Grossly Overvalued According to the Financial Media. If an amazing growth company is "too expensive" per the financial media, that may – may – be a sign that Wall Street is just underestimating its transformative value.

And to be clear – this system isn't perfect. No system is. But it's how David Gardner has substantially beaten the market at the helm of Rule Breakers.

How much should you pay for investment guidance?

Here at The Motley Fool, we know that fees kill investment returns. That's why we generally recommend that people spend no more than around 1% of their portfolio value on investing fees. So, for example, if you have a $10,000 portfolio, that would imply no more than $100 or so each year. Now, there is one caveat to that rule: If you're paying for investing education – classes and information that will have value to you over a longer period of time, which can help you become a better investor – it may be worth paying up a little extra. That's a personal decision, and one we can't make for you.

Fortunately, we have a special offer to make Rule Breakers – already an incredibly affordable newsletter – just a little bit cheaper. But before that, let's discuss the benefits of David Gardner's newsletter

Here's what you get with a Rule Breakers subscription

Rule Breakers is a stock ideas newsletter. So, naturally, David provides stock picks to members – two new stocks every month, to be precise. And once a month, David and his team of analysts scour through a list of every stock pick they've made to find five "best buys now" – stocks that are particularly timely opportunities for investors if they have cash to invest today.

Stock picks are great on their own. But David is devoted to providing his members with a world-class investing education. That's why Rule Breakers also provides a list of ten "Starter Stocks", or stocks for new, uninitiated investors to buy so they can anchor their portfolio in a well-diversified group of growth stocks as they start off. That's also why every stock pick in Rule Breakers comes with a research write-up laying out the investing thesis and the risks...and why the team provides regular updates around quarterly earnings and any news that substantially moves the stock. It's also why David fosters a huge investing community, with thousands of members posting on the message boards to talk stocks and personal finance.

Our Rule Breakers price

Rule Breakers normally costs $299 per year. But we're willing to offer it for a heavy discount of $159 for a three-year subscription. That's a mere $53 per year. And, with our 30-day membership-fee-back-guarantee, you can decide for yourself whether Rule Breakers is worth the price...and then cancel if you decide that it isn't.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the elite group getting David Gardner's monthly stock picks today.