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News for Friday, December 26, 1997

Have you given? The Fool Charity Fund

  • Fool Port on "earnings lessons." Also, Microsoft and the Department of Justice, and Amazon might be swamped.

  • Should you synchronize your portfolio with our Foolish Four? Definitely not! Read the Daily Dow report for more information.

  • A tour of the Best & Worst Stocks of 1997 teaches lessons in valuation. Randy Befumo explains in the Evening News.

  • In today's Drip report, Jeff Fischer reviews the short week with thoughts on Intel and Johnson & Johnson for the coming year.

  • After being slammed, Suburban Lodges may now be value priced.

  • American Locker Group delivers investors a Double.

  • Should you sell a winner to reduce risk? Find out in today's Fribble.

News for Wednesday, December 24, 1997

  • In tonight's Fool recap, Jeff Fischer wishes every Fool holiday greetings and manages to mix in over-paid fund managers, too.
  • No Santa Claus Rally as stocks moved lower today. Maybe next year. Greg Markus discusses the day in the Boring recap.
  • In the Evening News, Louis Corrigan drops the usual stock analysis on this Christmas Eve and discusses what's really important and Foolish.
  • Robert Sheard lists some 1997 returns in the Foolish Workshop.
  • Find out how the Dow stocks fared this year in the Daily Dow report.
  • A Guide to charitable giving. Tips on finding a worthy and Foolish cause. In the Family Fool.
  • While other Fools are off for the holidays, Tom Christiansen takes on the Drip Portfolio.
  • Fine Host not so fine thanks to accounting irregularities.
  • Buybacks and ceiling fans have helped Craftmade make blowout earnings.
  • Quality pays, in today's Fribble.

News for Tuesday, December 23, 1997

  • Best & Worse of 1997, find out which stocks won big and which ones did not.
  • A Bore Slashing -- Asia influencing Tidewater.
  • Jeff Fischer explains how the Drip Portfolio will be gearing up for the new year.
  • Relaxed and rested (and supposedly on vacation), David Gardner writes the Fool Port recap from Florida.
  • Presstek, SEC reach settlement. The company pays fine but neither admits nor denies any wrong doing. Jim Surowiecki explains in the Evening News.
  • Avoiding another Titanic, in today's Foolish Four.
  • Korea's woes continue. As some Korean companies lose their competitiveness in the market place, U.S. companies hope to fill the void. Randy Befumo explains in the Lunchtime News.
  • Shareholders have lost heart in Cardiothoracic Systems.
  • Putting mind over matter, Mitcham delivers seismic gains.
  • Looks aren't everything, especially when it comes to investing. One Fool explains in today's Fribble.

News for Monday, December 22, 1997

  • Cisco goes shopping. Greg Markus explains what the company bought in tonight's Boring report.
  • MDC Communications announced it will acquire the check business of Artistic Greetings, but it's MDC shareholders who are getting the short end of the stick. Randy Befumo explains in the Evening News.
  • Jeff Fischer looks at mistakes made and lessons learned in tonight's Fool Port recap.
  • Rah, Rah, Ralcorp! The Drip Portfolio consumes another food company in today's report.
  • Xionics jammed. The office equipment manufacturer is the latest victim  to fall in a slowing industry. Get the details in the Lunchtime News.
  • A cheapskate makes good in today's Fribble.
  • Silver flatware maker, Oneida is returning polished profits.
  • Investors are trying to put a finger on what went wrong with MicroTouch.