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The benefits of a Roth IRA make some stocks better choices than others.

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3 Things to Look For When Newmont Mining Reports Q3 Earnings

When digging through this gold miner's earnings report, seek out these nuggets of information.

With the Galaxy Note 7 Off Shelves, Who Stands to Win Market Share?

The Galaxy Note 7 line has officially been axed. What does it mean for Samsung and who could benefit from the fallout?

3 Bargain Dividend Stocks You Can Buy Right Now

None are above 2% right now, but their growth in payouts would surprise you.

Think You've Seen Crazy Valuations? You Haven't Seen These 3 Stocks

It's hard to fathom the insane valuations of these medical-device maker, online food-delivery service, and pipeline stocks.

2 Beaten-up Virtual Reality Stocks: Are They Bargains?

Are Intel and InvenSense good contrarian plays on the fledgling VR market?

The 1 Stock You've Been Overlooking for Your Roth IRA

Find out which stock you should have put in your Roth IRA already -- and still can.

2 Bank Stocks I'd Buy Right Now

Both of these financial stalwarts offer plenty of bang for your investment buck.

What Investors Need to Know After the Vera Bradley Security Breach

The handbag company is the latest victim of hackers. Investors should brace for fallout.

3 Best REIT Stocks with High Dividend Yields to Buy

REIT stocks are popular because they pay high dividends. Investors need to focus on the best-in-class stocks in this space after their price run-ups and because interest rate hikes are likely on the horizon.

Tom Steyer's Investment Style: How This Hedge Fund Investor Became a Billionaire

Hedge fund guru Tom Steyer's Farallon Capital employs a number of advanced strategies to produce its market-beating returns.

Better Buy: Fitbit Inc vs. GoPro

They'll likely sell millions of devices this holiday season, but which one makes the smarter buy for investors?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Job Cuts Are Inevitable: Here's Why That's a Good Thing

Rumor has it that the cloud infrastructure and data storage king may increase its workforce reduction initiative.

How Do Tax-Managed Mutual Funds Work?

Listener Barry wants to know why his broker wants to put him into this type of fund.

2 Signs You Should Sell GameStop Corp. Stock

How to know when it's time to cut your losses on this struggling video game stock.

How Much Will I Pay on a PLUS Loan?

Here's how to calculate how much you'll pay on a PLUS loan before you sign the dotted line.

Warren Buffett's Best Stocks of 2016 So Far -- 1 Best Buy, 2 to Avoid

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has outperformed the market so far in 2016. These eight of its largest 20 holdings are beating the market.

How Should a Novice Investor Begin?

Listener Nick B. has gotten his finances to the point where he’s ready to start investing his first $1,000. Now what?

Will Samsung's Note 7 Fiasco Hurt Facebook's VR Efforts?

Will the discontinuation of Samsung’s phablet hurt Facebook’s ability to expand its mobile VR ecosystem?

Compass Minerals Struggles As Customers Hope for a Warm Winter

Tough conditions face the provider of road salt and plant nutritional products despite long-term optimism.

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