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Great growth stocks can be tough to find, but our Motley Fool contributors have found five companies across different sectors of the market that they believe are second to none.

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Samsung Needs to Salvage Its Brand Value

Having made the decision to cut the Galaxy Note 7 line Samsung needs to focus on recovering its reputation.

This Is the Most Burdensome Type of Debt, New Study Shows

America may run on credit, but this type of loan can be financially crippling if you aren't careful.

Here's How Much Medicare Part D Premiums Are Rising in 2017

Seniors are going to be paying a lot more for their prescription drug plans in 2017.

NVIDIA Corporation Scores Massive Automotive Win With Tesla Motors Inc

Tesla Motors is apparently going to be incorporating expensive NVIDIA graphics processors into all of its cars.

Chipotle Stock Has a Lot to Prove on Tuesday

The struggling burrito roller steps up for an important quarterly report. Wall Street sees pain. Investors are looking for relief.

ExxonMobil’s CEO Thinks Saudi Arabia’s Oil Market Outlook Is Dead Wrong

ExxonMobil thinks shale can quickly offset any future supply shortage before it gets out of hand.

Intel Corp. Quietly Delays 3DXPoint Memory Modules

Intel's next server processors won't support 3DXPoint memory modules.

The Internet of Things Is Really All About Software

Investor awareness of the IoT has increased with the increasing popularity of wearables and other connected devices. The companies behind those items are interesting, but don't ignore the companies that provide the software and services that make it all possible.

The Most Important Social Security Table You'll Ever See

Understanding the trade-off between claiming benefits early and waiting to file has never been easier.

4 Key Things from Mattel’s Q3 Earnings Call That Investors Should Know

Disney's "Cars 3" movie, a new Barbie movie, and a new reality TV show featuring competition among amateur toy inventors were key topics discussed by the toy maker's management.

Two Metrics That Show Twilio is on the Right Track

Twilio's dollar-based net expansion rate and active customer accounts keep climbing, and that's great news for investors.

Is Donald Trump an Ally to Long-Term Investors?

Even though he doesn't want to lower the capital gains rates, investors could still benefit under a Trump presidency.

The Biggest Lesson of the BRIC Hype

By the time you hear the cute acronym, it may already be too late.

Snapchat Is More Like Old Cable Companies Than You Think

The messaging app company is changing its advertising revenue model, and it looks a lot like cable companies in the way it does business.

NVIDIA's New Budget Graphics Cards Are Bad News for AMD

NVIDIA's new budget graphics cards should help the company compete even better with its longtime graphics card rival.

Why PayPal Holdings Inc. Stock Popped Today

The online payments company is up after an encouraging quarterly report.

Why I Own Chuy's Holdings Inc Stock

Reassessing the Tex-Mex chain's strengths after a tough couple of months.

Samsung Now Expects a Massive Earnings Hit From the Note 7 Crisis

The Galaxy Note 7 line has officially been axed. What does it mean for Samsung, and who could benefit from the fallout?

Alphabet Should Aggressively Repurchase Stock

Alphabet has more cash than it needs, and the stock is positioned for attractive returns going forward.

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