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When he's not at his day job writing stories for The Motley Fool, Brian Lawler likes to moonlight as a beach bum on the mean streets of Santa Cruz, Calif. He first came to the Fool as a subscriber after reading some of our excellent investment books.

Before arriving at TMF, he helped propel USC to two national college football championships with his devotion to hard work and pre-game tailgating as the team's No. 1 fan. He previously had a short career playing the harmonica in a band, but after being ridiculed by his family for his musical skills, he promptly gave up that pursuit.

You'll mostly find Brian writing about economic and pharmaceutical topics for the Fool. Most economists' macroeconomic forecasting abilities make them look like they're on drugs, but that's not the only thing the two fields have in common -- they've got similar statistical methodologies, too.

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