How do I turn off automatic renewal on my Motley Fool membership?

When you signed up for your Motley Fool premium service, your membership was set to automatically renew for your convenience and to ensure uninterrupted access to your service’s investing guidance . But if you’d like to turn off that feature, no problem. To help you with your request, please call our Member Services team at 877 629-2589 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or you can email us at To locate your account, we will need the email address on file associated with your paid subscription.

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  1. Robert

    First you force me to call a number during YOUR business hours (as opposed to having an online cancellation option and/or a 24/7 call center). Then, when I do so, I get a recording that says you’re in a meeting and that I’ll need to call back…and then it hangs up on me. It’s the 21st century fools and canceling an account online should be an option…and voice mail has been around since the 1980’s at least. I had some respect for your organization. Now you seem to me like some shady scam making it as difficult as possible to cancel your service. Fortunately my credit card company answers 24/7 and they’ll slap you with a nice little chargeback fee.

  2. Linda

    As others have posted, I, too, have tried calling you 4 times to cancel auto renewal. 3 disconnects and music continues to play as I write this message; 4th try has just disconnected. Please cancel auto renewal; I will also notify my credit card company not to allow another renewal charge from Motley Fool.

  3. Dana

    I will be sending a request for cancellation through your website. I have tried to get through on your phone number as requested, but like others commenting here, I get disconnected. I have documented the two days and four times total that this has happened. If my subscription isn’t cancelled, I will be taking this up with the credit card company.

    This isn’t how you build customer loyalty.

  4. What doesn’t make sense to me!!! we can apply for the subscription and pay for it through the web, motley, We can’t go through the home page or fool. com to cancel a subscription. ( why keep people around to answer the phones?) when you get disconnected anyway!!!!!! WOW get it together!!!!

  5. Steve

    Why can’t I turn off my automatic membership renewal on-line? I don’t want to talk to anybody, just control my finances (ironically).

  6. Alastair Garrett

    France found out I joined Motley Fool and she was furious. I have to cancel immediately. Thankfully, I’m still in my trial membership. Please cancel my subscription. Thank you.

    Alastair Garrett

  7. RWayne Walvoord

    Second cut and paste to keep a WorkDoc screen scrap of what I did to notify my request to CANCEL trial subscription

  8. RWayne Walvoord

    Your 844 611 9905 DOES NOT ANSWER. I made two calls; first, selecting option #1 and a few minutes later, option #2. No music, no announcements, no NOTHING. My calls at approximately 2:30 pm MDT simply went to a fast busy tone. CANCEL MY TRIAL SUBSCRIPTON

    CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION ! As noted in my recent REPLY message as follows:
    Hi –

    Great information !

    However, I am unable to apply any of the information due to my budgetary constraints given my income level.

    Thank you for the trail. PLEASE CANCEL MY TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION.

    When I win the Lottery, I will definitely come back and join.