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A pipeline company, a pharmaceutical giant, and a real estate investment trust are top picks for income seekers this month.

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How Risky Is Square Inc?

The small business payment specialist is growing rapidly, but its business model remains risky.

Cisco Systems' 3 Biggest Growth Opportunities

As the company transitions its business model, there are a few growth opportunities investors need to know about.

AeroVironment Loses Altitude on Weak UAV Performance

Drones aren't selling as quickly as investors would like to see.

Facebook Stock Is Up $100: Can It Power Higher?

The company fell below $19 quickly after its IPO before rallying nearly 600%. Is the run over?

Here's How Apple, Inc. Pays Taxes Overseas (or Avoids Them)

Cupertino's overseas tax strategies are both complex and effective, and the company has a Plan B on hand. Here's what you need to know.

What Happened in the Stock Market Today

Why Hershey and Abercrombie & Fitch made big moves as indexes fell on Tuesday.

How Much Will Apple, Inc. Spend Repurchasing Its Stock This Quarter?

If you think Apple's $1 billion investment in Didi Chuxing is significant, wait until you see how much of its own stock the tech company will probably buy this quarter.

Why the U.S. Army Is Interested in General Motors' Electric Pickup Truck

GM sai it will show off an electric Chevy Colorado pickup powered by a hydrogen fuel cell in October, and the Army is planning to put it through its paces.

How Hillary Clinton Plans to Change the Energy Industry

A look at the huge key differences between the Democratic and Republican energy platforms.

How Intel Corporation Can Win in the Mobile Market

This Fool shows how microprocessor giant Intel could participate in and profit from the market for mobile processors.

HP Inc Earnings: A Cheap Tech Stock Worth a Good Look

Though investors have pushed the PC and printer king back up to pre-earnings levels, it remains one of the best values in tech.

Here's What Investors Need to Know About Unilever's Dividend

There's lots of confusion about Unilever's above-average dividend payout and currency effects. Here's what you need to know.

3 Stocks to Buy with Dividends Yielding More than 3%

IBM, Qualcomm, and Garmin offer decent dividend yields at reasonable valuations.

Is Procter & Gamble Due For a Stock Split?

Despite a long history of dividend and splits, P&G's stock shows mixed signals in its split outlook at its current trading prices.

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