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3 Big Losers This Week in the Stock Market

Investors of Seres Therapeutics, Ford Motor Company, and Infinera could probably use a stiff drink after this week.

5-Point Checklist for Setting Up a Brokerage Account

You'll need a brokerage account before you can invest -- here's how to open one.

How I Got a Safe 9% Dividend Yield -- and You Can, Too!

If you buy and hold stocks with these three traits, you can catch these fat yields, too!

Will BofI Holding, Inc. Deposit Another Quarter of Growth?

BofI Holding has been one of the fastest-growing banks for years, but short sellers and a market that's turned negative on banking have held the company's stock down, despite its stellar results. Here's a closer look at what to expect when BofI reports on Aug. 2.

3 Back-to-School Tax Tips for Parents

Some of your back-to-school expenses might be deductible -- here's what you need to know.

What You Don't Know About Medicare Could Cost You

These aspects of Medicare involve added costs that many people don't realize are there. Find ways to avoid them.

What to Expect When Trex Company, Inc. Reports Earnings

When the wood-alternative-decking leader last reported earnings in May, management said it was focusing on taking more market share from wood through its advertising and marketing efforts. We may get our first glimpse at whether that effort is paying off when the company reports on August 1.

This Surefire Way to Fix Social Security Isn't Too Popular

A super simple fix could shore up Social Security benefits through 2090, but a majority of Americans don't like the idea.

What Is an Equity REIT?

Here's your chance to invest in real estate -- without actually having to buy property.

How Wells Fargo Is Dealing With Lower-for-Longer Interest Rates

The top two executives at Wells Fargo explained how the $1.9 trillion bank is trying to combat the dismal interest rate environment.

Snapchat's Threat to Facebook May Be Over-Hyped

Despite mounting claims to the contrary, one recent study shows Facebook's "sharing crisis" may be a bunch of hot air.

3 Cheap Stocks You Can Buy Right Now

A low PE ratio doesn't guarantee that a stock is genuinely cheap. But it's a good place to start.

Wynn Resorts Plans for Fewer Table Games Than It Wanted

Wynn Palace won't be getting a full slate of table games, which could reduce the profit potential of Steve Wynn's crown jewel.

What Happened in the Stock Market Today

Why Alphabet and Western Digital posted large price swings on a mixed day for stock market indexes.

Tesla Motors, Inc. Earnings: What Investors Should Know

Ahead of Tesla's second-quarter financial report, here's some useful context.

1 Investing Lesson to Take Away From InvenSense's Fall

InvenSense depended far too much on Apple and Samsung for the majority of its revenue -- and it let the tech giants drive down its component prices at the same time.

You Shouldn't Sweat Activision's Debt

Most of the company's $6 billion in debt is for one choice that hasn't slowed company growth.

Aeropostale Seeking a Buyer: What Investors Need to Know

Traditional retail continues to struggle, as illustrated by Aeropostale's situation. How should investors interested in retail clothing proceed?

Chipotle's Marketing Message Is All Mixed Up

The burrito roller has suffered as it has struggled to make it clear that its food is safe to eat.

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