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GM's Silverado Looks to Disappoint

Later this year General Motors (NYSE: GM  ) will be releasing its newly designed 2014 Chevy Silverado. It comes at a perfect time -- we're seeing a slight rebound in the housing market which is helping drive pickup sales this year. Not only that, but it has a year head start on major rival Ford's (NYSE: F  ) next generation F-150. GM's profits have disappointed recently and the Silverado gives it a chance to boost the bottom line because each truck can bring in up to $10,000 in profit from each sale. How the Silverado sells once it's released will be one of the biggest factors for investors looking to buy or sell GM stock. Will the new model meet expectations and sell, or will it flop? Let's take a look at some details and see if the Silverado will disappoint or dramatically increase GM's sales.

Photo courtesy of GM

F-Series winning
The F-Series has been America's best-selling truck for about 36 years now. However, when you combine Silverado and Sierra sales, it becomes a much closer battle for GM. Recently, Ford has been winning the battle for truck sales and it hopes that trend continues until it can release its 2015 F-150. In March the F-Series sold 14 thousand more trucks than the Silverado and the Sierra combined. For Ford and GM that was good for 16% and 6% increases, respectively. GM is looking to take advantage of the surging pickup segment and reverse those numbers before Ford's new F-150 hits the market next year.

Functionality or appearance?
If you take a look at the 2014 Silverado in the photo above, do you think the redesign looks improved from the 2013 model that it's going to replace? I sure don't, and the critics were pretty harsh on GM's decision not to make many design changes. GM stood by its strategy to produce a design that was inoffensive and could sell across the nation. That said, how will consumers respond? Do they care about the appearance or is functionality the most important factor? We'll have our answer – judging by sales figures – by the end of the summer.

Appearances aside, the new Silverado has changed some very important features. Seeing the success of Ford's EcoBoost engines, the GM has three "EcoTec" engines that are available for the new Silverado. Those consist of a 4.3-liter V-6, a 5.3-liter V-8, and a 6.2-liter V-8. All will have active fuel management that shuts off half of the engine's cylinders when driving under specific conditions. It's a decent step forward and GM claims its V-8 engine now gets one mile per gallon more than Ford's turbocharged V-6. GM has also been shouting to anyone who will listen that its trucks offer the lowest cost to own over the vehicle's lifetime. Both will be big selling points to convince consumers on the fence to buy a Silverado instead of waiting for the next generation F-150, which -- according to the Atlas concept -- will offer a much different design. Ford has also punched back by saying its next F-150 could increase its efficiency by one-fifth, a significant increase with the looming CAFE standards on the horizon.

Price change
Another of GM's strategies is to keep the 2014 base price identical to the 2013 model. That's an aggressive pricing decision and shows GM is going to try and take market share back as quickly as possible. That also means GM needs to have a smooth transition selling down the 2013 models. Investors need to keep an eye on the inventory levels because it would require large incentives and hurt margins to push the older models off the lot.

Bottom line
If consumers are looking for a fresh look from GM, the new Silverado will disappoint. If consumers are looking for functionality, innovation, and improved fuel efficiency, then GM might have done just enough. I expect Silverado sales to increase but not to the extent GM wants to see. I think the Atlas concept has generated enough buzz for some consumers to wait and see the next-generation F-150 before making a decision. What do you think: Which will dominate sales over the next few years -- Silverado or F-150? I want to hear some consumer opinions, so let me know what you think in the comments below. One thing is for sure, the most profitable vehicle segment is up for grabs, and it will have a direct impact on Ford and GM's profits over the next few years.

Worried about Ford?
If you're concerned that Ford's turnaround has run its course, relax -- there's good reason to think that the Blue Oval still has big growth opportunities ahead. We've outlined those opportunities in detail, in the Fool's premium Ford research service. If you're looking for some freshly updated guidance to Ford's prospects in coming years, you've come to the right place -- click here to get started now.

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  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 9:13 AM, qweenbee123 wrote:

    i don,t own a truck , but i always thought they was cool

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 9:13 AM, mikesn15cs wrote:

    I haven't seen the full truck but the front end looks to full or like it has a snow plow on it. Black out the lower part of the chrome bumper. I wish G.M. well here and make some great trucks. My 2003 is still running great with 150K on her. Good luck with the truck. But I think it will have to have some change over the next few yrs to get back sales you want.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 9:13 AM, dwduke wrote:

    Ford has nothing to worry about. The Silverado is ugly and needs a grill change. GM has a penchant for making ugly vehicles of late. The Chevrolet SS has no pizzazz, and is a warmed over low selling GTO. GM might be on its way back to DC with hat in hand if the economy goes south again, which it looks like it will, because the economy just can't get traction. If this does happen GM has a $60 billion dollar hourly pension fund to bail themselves out with instead of the taxpayers bailing GM out again.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 9:27 AM, Ckoum wrote:

    If you want a truck buy a Ford. If you want a comfortable truck By a Gm Silverado.

    They want more sales get the prices back down to 20 k were they should be.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 9:47 AM, A72Cut wrote:

    I've had Chevy and Ford trucks through the years and they both have pluses and minuses. This one newest Chevy however, is just flat out ugly. The F-150 isn't exactly a beauty queen, but this newest GM is ridiculous looking enough to guide me toward a blue oval later this year when I'm ready to replace my 2006 Silverado.

    And that 1mpg diff is nothing to brag about.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 9:57 AM, dennypat38 wrote:

    The front end is to BULKY and to much chrome the RAM is better looking and a better deal

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 9:57 AM, WilliamAH wrote:

    If memory serves me correctly, this is not the first shot at a 4-6-8 strategy by GM. And the last time didn't work out to well.

    Another issue is the desigh paradigm used by most car manufactures. That is that they should design for a 65 MPH speed, which I guess is OK for the small over populated states. Problem is that it doesn't work real well for wide open states that have speed limits of 70 and over.

    And finally, if you use the truck for work, a pretty chromed, expanded mettal grill just doesn't get the job done.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 10:13 AM, VictorU1 wrote:

    The Silverado has always had a little "Feminine" (as the term in autos is used) look with rounded corners and just not offensive. Ford takes more of a center of the road look with the Ram taking the "Masculine" route. There is no doubt the Ford will continue to rule the market but I don't hear any mention of the Ram which is growing in my area. It has made a major emphasis on economy and quality. Fiat has been good for them and much needed. The Silverado "has" taken the route of the Dodge on its' extended cab and made it 4 conventional doors instead of the rear "suicide" doors. I think the will help the Silverado, but in the end the Ford still has inoffensive looks and will incorporate many of the economy measures incorporated by the Ram on the new Atlas. This will give them an economy advantage over the Silverado and most likely Ram. GM is losing much of its' loyal base (me included) and that is going to kill sales of the new truck. You can only ride on the successes of the past so long!

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 10:13 AM, 52Tele wrote:

    GM should just go to Bankruptcy Court.

    Their designs are lately putrid, and we don't buy vehicles from the Govt.

    We bought a Jeep; you can have the Chevvy & Ford Trucks!

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 10:22 AM, dapeck wrote:

    my 2000 silverado ,half ton extended cab with 327 v-8 is still a great pickup for me and it only has 65,644 miles on it. bright orange with side flashes in black, black bull catcher, black tonneau cover and yosemite sam mud flaps. have had several guys try to buy it from me for top price of $9000 but at 71 it's mine till i go belly up.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 10:25 AM, gdusseau wrote:

    None of the comments above are useful in answering Fool's question. Ckoum approached the boundary, but fell short. To answer your question: Ford will probably continue to lead truck sales. Why?: I don't know. I was a mobile mechanic who worked on all makes, and I was a test driver and prototype development technician at GM's proving ground in Arizona. Fords were poorly engineered and disorganized under the hood; GM trucks were well engineered and organized under the hood--access to components was easy. GM truck parts are less expensive than Ford's. Ford had (and may still practice) a shorter durability test duration than GM. GM, at the time I was testing the vehicles, accumulated 1,000,000 miles. I heard that Ford's was less, with the goal being to get a vehicle at the dealership quicker than GM. Ford's reliability and new-vehicle-complaints were, consequently, worse than GM's. One of the only reasons that I can conjure for Ford's higher sales numbers may be that Ford transfers more vehicles as fleet units, and more to rental companies (which are still "fleet" sales) and counts them as "sold" units. My fleet comment is purely a guess, but the others are based on hands-on experience and observation and reading. I'd be interested if someone here could find fleet sales and rental sales numbers for both Ford and GM trucks. I have driven the latest iteration Ford F150 at work for the past 6 years, and I own a 2000 Tahoe...the Tahoe has larger, more comfortable seats, and ingress/egress is much easier due to larger door opening. I am 6'3" 300 lb. with 34" inseam, however, I have a Charles Barkley butt, which causes my lumbar-to-heel measurement to be 50 inches...much longer than almost all vehicles are designed for. Needless to say, I am almost always short of leg room to the accelerator and brake pedals. The only vehicle that I have fit in comfortably regarding legroom was a 1998 Pontiac GTP, with a 1998 Cadillac de Ville a close second. R/S, gdusseau...Semper Fi

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 10:41 AM, Skipper1958 wrote:

    So 52Tele, you said, "and we don't buy vehicles from the Govt.

    We bought a Jeep; you can have the Chevvy & Ford Trucks."

    Do you not know that Jeep took a Government Bailout while Ford did not.

    Ford will continue to to the number 1 selling truck. The article states that Ford has "recently" been outselling GM, That is a true statement in the fact that Ford has been the number 1 selling truck for 36 straight years, and working towards number 37.

    If you want a truck buy a Ford,

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 10:49 AM, jrp761 wrote:

    GM might try unloading some of the crap they install on their vehicles. Sensors that are properly 'timed' to make the buyer either trade it in or pay thru the nose for unnecessary repairs just to turn an idiot light off.

    Guess what folks--chrome plated crap is still crap!

    To say that Ford's engine compartment is cluttered shows me a fat clown that hasnt even looked under a hood on a GM!

    I would feel sorry for workers losing their jobs but GM sold crap for many years and for the government to bail them out is nothing short of criminal.

    I rate them Ford-Dodge-government motors in that order.

    Fords only screw up of late was in dropping the Ranger trucks.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 10:49 AM, guysisson wrote:

    This new truck from GM is the ugliest truck they have ever make. It looks like the old truck with an even uglier grille. I work on all makes of vehicles for a living and GM is currently building the poorest quality vehicles on the road today.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 10:52 AM, jrp761 wrote:


    A 2000 Silverado with a 327??????????????

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 11:08 AM, gdusseau wrote:

    Dear jrp761,

    You said, "To say that Ford's engine compartment is cluttered shows me a fat clown that hasnt even looked under a hood on a GM!" Did you refer your comment to me? I may be overweight a bit, but I am not fat, nor am I a clown. I played pro ball, and I must admit, I have maintained my calorie intake but reduced my workout regimen. People call me "big guy," and say, "Wow, did you play ball?" I have a Master's Degree in secondary education/leadership, as well as 4 different majors, one of them being mathematics (I taught high school calculus). I forgive you your naivete'. R/S, gdusseau--Semper Fi

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 11:13 AM, Seth96 wrote:

    While looks are pretty important, well not really. I can't tell you how many big bad f-2 and 350s I've pulled out of snow and mud with my silverado. If you're going or looks, I don't think a truck is really for you. Trucks are workhorses, compacts are for l

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 11:14 AM, Seth96 wrote:


  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 11:20 AM, jrkansas66 wrote:

    After an issue with GM in 1974, I didn't purchase another vehicle from them until 1999 ( a siverado). It has 42000 miles on it and looks like new except for the rust that appeared on the front and rear fenders, kicker panels and cab corners. The 2003 to 2007 have the same problem. After 100 years of making vehicles, you would think that a auto maker could figure out how to make a vehicle that wouldn't rust after a few years. I probably won't be looking at GM again until around 2024. Looking at Toyota or Ford. Toyota is overpriced and Ford is ugly as hell, What to do?

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 11:30 AM, Moparman821 wrote:

    Ford and GM are garbage trucks. I have a good friend who was a Dodge / Ram Salesman for 13 years. He is now a service manager at a local ford dealership. He told me he wouldnt drive a Ford truck to save his life, except the fact that his current job depends on it. His personal vehicles are all MOPAR. Dodge started the whole redesign of the truck industry with the 1994 body change. The truck of the year in 2009 and 2013, RAM! The old Dodges had there share of problems, but i HAVE NEVER put a Dodge or Chrysler or Jeep vehicle in the shop for any reason. And the resale value issue....crap. If you know how to buy a car, the value is there in Dodge. We traded a 2010 GMC loaded to the gills in on a 2011 Ram Hemi SLT. They offered us 17000 dollars on the GMC with 14k miles on it. When it was said and done we got 22500 trade in. A year later we traded the HEMI in on a small care for my wife. Out the gate was a 26000 trade offer on the RAM with 20k miles on it. In my area the RAM is the best selling truck as on any given day you can count 10 times the RAMs on the road then Ford or GM. And most of those owners are previous Ford and GM owners who have gotten smart over the years!!

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 11:40 AM, LadyTruck wrote:

    I've driven a 2001 Chev truck for going on 13 yrs now. It runs great, have had practically no maintenance issues. Get the oil changed, have it checked for problems and it just keeps right on going. Chev makes the best trucks, Ford and Dodge concentrate on looks, if you wants something to last and that you can rely on, go for a Chevy. I wouldn't have a Ford or Dodge.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 11:52 AM, starfysh44 wrote:

    i have a 2001 silverado, 5.3 , still runs perfect and looks perfect. my husband bought a new f=150, it looked great, within 1st month the engine needed replacing, then the ac went out, then the electric seats no longer worked, and the list goes on, ford did give him the best extended warr. for free but now its back to ford because seats don't move when you put the key in. never ending problems. my next truck and his i'm sure will be a silverado or gm product.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 11:54 AM, denis216 wrote:

    I am a recovering Chevie-aholic. I do still have my Camaro cause we have'nt reached that step yet in the program.

    This new Chevy truck is just plain ugly, unappealing.

    Oh, did I mentin that I just bought( Last July) a 2012 Fi50 FX4?

    When my 2005 Silverado came off of lease in 2008 I purchased a used 2006 F150 XLT and I was hooked.

    The 2012 is an awesome truck, love it, it is a 360 HP racer that drives and handles like a car and does everything you want a truck to do.

    Chevy is really going to have to ramp up a redesign if they want me to walk away from the 2015 F150.

    To all you die hard chevy truck lovers, do your self a faver and drive a Ford, you will be hooked.

    Re: the Dodge Trucks, uh, they are just plain UGLY too.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 12:04 PM, KDTravis wrote:

    As pointed out earlier, many of these comments are irrelevant, subjective, or incorrect.

    On subjectivity - there is a lot of focus on the grille and front end of the particular photograph, SELECTED by the author to make his point. There are various appearance options for the front end. Moreover, the original Ram was successful precisely because many found it offensive. All a matter of taste.

    Getting down to business, Chevy beat Ford in the thirties by building a more modern reliable and economical vehicle. They may do it again. Looks are subjective, and this is a truck, after all. The suburban cowboys are gone, the farm, ranch and contractor buyer is back, and total cost of ownership is king.

    If it were not for customer loyalty, Ford would not be the top seller. Do the math. Chevys last longer. Ford sells more almost entirely because they have to be replaced sooner.

    You can guess where I am and who I work for. Go Tigers!

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 12:57 PM, Jeffkory wrote:

    I worked for ford { mechanic } 16 years- I bought 2 new f-150's during that time- Never again-I like to turn the key and go- The 150's were a big dissapointment- even under warrenty I bought a new ram- almost the same story- Then i bought a older 1994 chevy 1500- This truck has 270k on it { bought it with 88k on it} It never needed any major repairs-and still runs and looks great- I'm on my 3rd set of tires 1 brake job 2 batteries and thats it..Funny thing about working for ford- Us mechanics would recieve tsb's { technical service bullitins } from ford before the new product was available to the public-Anotherwords they would produce the vehicles with known problems in the plant and if the customer complained about it it would be fixed under warrenty- No complaint- we didn't fix it..That was hard to understand and wasting money.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 1:04 PM, RECONDOG wrote:

    GM just has to come to grips that they lost a large segment of the buyers pool with the buyout, and I don't think it will ever come back. Facts are facts, and GM dominates several agencies "top lists" for least satisfied buyers, the initial lists should always be ignored, everyone loves their choice in vehicle shortly after they buy it, its once you start getting into use that GM's begin to fail. On a full size GM truck your repairs will be more than double that of a Ford's, and 4 times that of a Toyota if you keep the truck for over 140K miles, and today most people are doing that more than every, Their vehicles are attractive but their quality leaves alot to be dsired.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 1:17 PM, micosay wrote:

    Just curious, Probably a totally different technology then and now, but didn't GM already try the using only some cylinders here and there on a cadilac i believe. I hope this works better i remember that that failed miserably

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 1:31 PM, truckgalsd wrote:

    I have owned a Ford F150 and 1995 Chevy pickup. My sister owns a Dodge truck. Of all these trucks, I would rate the Chevy the best. I hardly have had to do anything to it and it is 13 years old. I call it my Cowboy cadillac. It is so comfortable to sit in and very stylish. I would't buy a Dodge truck. It rides like a out of control roller coaster ride (her ex put on flowmasters to boot and made it is too noisy). I don't like the way it handles. Women buy more trucks than you think. I have been wanting to buy a new truck (4WD this time though) but I don't like how the back end on the Silverado looks, too jacked. If it looks too "manly", I may just buy a car to drive when the time comes and keep the truck for when I need to haul stuff. I hope that they would have more colors that were gold or bronzish and not so dark.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 1:51 PM, rdmcdonald48 wrote:

    In the "boomer" nation, we need the size that these trucks, Chevy and Ford (along with the RAM, Toyota, Nissan and Mistubishi) trucks bring simply due to the ease of getting old bones in and out and having a comfortable ride in a large vehicle as opposed to getting crammed into an over sized beer can.

    What each manufacturer needs to focus on is improved MPG for their vehicles. It's hard to justify a $ 40K and up truck at 17 to 20 MPG as a daily driver.

    Work Trucks are in a different class, most of the "trimmed out" trucks are used as 2nd or even primary cars. IF each manufacturer were to only sell 450 to 500K units per year at 26 MPG with a decent profit margin and customer satisfaction at 90% or above, they really won't care what any of the "younger" buyers have to say.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 2:07 PM, GETRICHSLOW2 wrote:

    I have been looking at new trucks. I will always be a full-size truck driver due to my 6'4" frame. It is between GM and Ford. I have never cared for any of the other brands.

    Currently driving a 2000 Silverado that has been the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. At nearly 190000 miles it still runs and drives like a new one. I hate to get rid of it.

    I love the rugged looks of the Ford 3/4 ton trucks but since I don't do any heavy hauling/towing it is hard to justify the additional cost.

    I like what I have seen so far about the Ford Atlas. Might wait to see how that turns out before deciding.

    One thing I will say about the GM trucks. As I shopped a little last summer, I found the options and packages a nightmare to navigate. Seems I could not get the things I wanted together because they were not part of a certain package or they could not be added if you had another type of package. Very, Very confusing. Was much simpler in 2000.

    And the screen/mesh type grills need to go away on both brands. I have never cared for that look and it is difficult to clean in bug country.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 2:13 PM, Timothy81 wrote:

    $10,000 in profit on a Silverado? The author has no idea about the real world. I work for a Chevrolet dealership. If you are lucky enough to get a customer to buy the truck for MSRP, the profit margin is about $3,000-$4,000. Most customers have quotes from 3 or 4 other dealers and will buy the car for the invoice price. Believe me, everyone would be in the car business if there was $10,000 in profit on a new truck. In reality, a sales guy will make a minimum commission of $200 for each new vehicle sold. $200 commission on a $40,000 vehicle and several hours of work is a joke.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 2:23 PM, TMFTwoCoins wrote:

    Thanks all for the comments, some had some good points and value. Gonna have to go through them when I have more time.

    @ Timothy81 -- I have many many research facts that prove Ford and GM are taking huge profits from trucks. Adam Jonas a analyst from Morgan Stanley pointed out profits from trucks alone could represent between 60-70% of Ford net income. When you have a premium package truck, that could cost between 35-45k, it's not unreasonable to think 8-10k profit is achieved. These statements and claims have been made by columnists in automotive news and the Wall Street Journal. I'd tend to believe them, regardless of your work through a dealership, sorry.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 2:38 PM, fightingduck78 wrote:

    This article is somewhat misleading, as the "eco power" function of shutting down half of the running cylinders while cruising has been a feature on Chevy trucks for 7 years. The 2007 Silverado was equipped with the same feature, and came with Stabilitrac. This article, however, makes it seem like a new revolution in Chevy truck production. I might also add that Chevy began this revolution in engine functionality in the pre-Obama days...

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 2:38 PM, fightingduck78 wrote:

    This article is somewhat misleading, as the "eco power" function of shutting down half of the running cylinders while cruising has been a feature on Chevy trucks for 7 years. The 2007 Silverado was equipped with the same feature, and came with Stabilitrac. This article, however, makes it seem like a new revolution in Chevy truck production. I might also add that Chevy began this revolution in engine functionality in the pre-Obama days...

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 2:50 PM, Timothy81 wrote:


    I think that we are talking about two different things. You may be right about the manufacturer's profit margins on the truck. The dealer buys the truck for the invoice price. There is not much markup on the invoice price as I mentioned earlier. About 8-10 percent. Who knows how much it actually costs to make the truck? Assuming a loaded truck has an invoice price of $40,000, I guess it is not out of the realm of possibility that the manufacturer only spent $30,000 to produce the vehicle. If that is in fact the case, then the manufacturers are making about triple the profit of dealers.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 3:03 PM, HarpPlayer75 wrote:

    Hello everyone, it's pretty simple. Take a 5 year old Ford and a comparable 5 year old Chevrolet and guess who has a better resale value by over $4000!! A Chevrolet of course!! If that doesn't say enough than you than you probably voted for Obama and your head is still in the sand. Chevy will remain the best truck built and will only get better. Also, they don't mislead people on fuel economy either. Look up the current law actions being brought against Ford and their BS eco-boost engine that they tried to fool the idiots with. Also, check out the book written by Henry Ford "The International Jew" and see if you would support a company that invested in the Nazi party and the irradication of Jew's.

    Chevrolet will always build a better truck, they always have and they always will. Yet, if you would rather have the ground beef instead of the Filet Mignon, buy the Ford. Sure the Ford is a cheaper truck, so is the ground beef. You get what you pay for!!

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 3:07 PM, charding707 wrote:

    I agree with the person above! Enough Said!

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 3:48 PM, Jason87467 wrote:

    It's obvious this writer mind is polluted with bias. When ever GM comes out with something better, the GM haters will voice there negative opinions. I think the GM trucks,(Chevy and GMC) will outdo the Fords handily in every aspect. Wait and see. They have a V8 that will get better gas mileage then the Ecoboost V6 that Ford brags so much about

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 3:58 PM, Asmodeus1971 wrote:

    Not sure why people hate the grill so much. I have owned Dodge, GM/Chevy and Ford trucks. Honestly I have had less problems with the GMs. The last Ford I had with normal maintenance done on time by the dealer only lasted for 175k miles before it had major repair issues. (losing compression in one cylinder) The last GM I had had over 280k with just normal maintenance. A friend has the newest body style from Ford with the turbo engine and it caught on fire a few months after he bought it because of some defect that I believe got recalled after the fact for him. The Dodge I had was pre-Daimler AG and besides an electrical problem that was fixed under warranty I had no problems with it. It lasted over 200k before I got rid of it. The Dodge was the better two vehicle, the GM had the better ride, the Ford was in between but the GM did cost less to drive than both of the others. The Ford seemed to have the biggest drop in performance and efficiency under load of the three. Towing my boat the Ford dropped almost 10 MPG where the GM dropped about 5 and the Dodge maybe slightly less than the GM but about the same. The Ford struggled compared to the others on start off, the Dodge had the least drop in acceleration under load, GM was closer to the Dodge than to the Ford. Overall for my GM was the better of American trucks. Not worried about looks but ride, reliability and performance. Personally think the new "Atlas" design from Ford looks like they smashed a GM, Nissan and Dodge together but is kind of an ugly look.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 5:27 PM, Lukit wrote:

    Fools and Fords go togather like bees and honey,the only thing is Bees are smarter.

    I've got more miles out of 2 of my GM trucks than

    all of the last 10 Fords combined. And Mister my trucks WORK for a living both on and off road.

    And damn a Ram....if you think a Ram is good treat yourself to a Ford and then trade it for something that will work and last...a GM either/or and find out what a TRUCK is.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 5:54 PM, Meguide wrote:

    I am a 40 year + GMC/Silverado/Ford user and have stopped looking at Fords recently because their body and bed have gotten too high. They are hard to get in and out of, you can no longer reach over the body side comfortably and with a rack on, forget about getting into a 7' garage door. All this increase in body size and vehicle frontal area with little increase in functionality. GM seems a little more reluctant to compromise functionality for the sake of style and image.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 7:16 PM, topchevy wrote:

    1.People need to understand that GM products, trucks,cars etc, are designed to move the air off the front of the vehicle differently then other car companys.2. Look around you sometime and see how many older Chevys are still on the road today compared to others. Lots more! 3. I have owned Chevys for40 yrs and still have 2 right now. A 1972 half ton 4x4 and a 1981 half ton shorty van. I have only replaced the altenator, heater core and brakes. My regular oil change and service. They both carry 350,s and kick butt. Chevrolet rules! Good luck to the evil blue oval. Not really. Thanks.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 8:30 PM, puppybone69 wrote:

    The new Sierra is far better looking than the new Silverado is. At least the Sierra shows noticeable changes, like the LED daytime running lights, similar to those on the Ford Atlas concept. The Silverado shows no noticeable differences like that at all, it just looks like they put slightly different bumpers on it and tried to pass it off as an actual redesign. However, the most significant improvement will go largely unnoticed. Finally, there's more adequate leg room for getting in and out of the back seats. That was a real problem with their previous models for those of us with real man sized feet on us.

  • Report this Comment On April 06, 2013, at 11:52 PM, pra123b wrote:

    I'd rather push a Ford than drive a Chev.

  • Report this Comment On April 07, 2013, at 4:10 AM, AMalone wrote:

    After reading all the comments from mechanics and from my own experience, Chevy does make the better truck by far. I've owned Chevies, but have driven countless of Fords through my job. If you get the Fords when brand new, it will last you just about to 100K before the problems start coming along. The Chevy keeps rolling along without missing a beat. I have a Trailblazer right now, the only thing that I had to replace was the water pump at 70K. I'm at 120K right now with the original brakes on with less than 50% life left on the pads! As for being ugly, you can't tell me that hideous grill on the past Ford F-series looks good. But apparently, people buy ugly.

  • Report this Comment On April 07, 2013, at 8:37 AM, litacrazy wrote:

    I don't understand why so many people get hung up over one company being better then another. The claim that one is better is just a joke. To say a Chevy will never have issues or not as many issues as a Ford is a flat out lie. I know people get brand loyalty issues but to claim break downs are less over one brand to another is impractical. A truck or car is made on a assembly line. Now mind you two people can have the same identical vehicles. One person will claim I never had a issue while the guy next to him had his made at the plant next to the other one on the same line. This guy has had nothing but problems. This is true. I am a very loyal Ford owner. I have worked as a tech at a ford dealership for years. I work on whatever comes thru the door. I see every make and model. I just don't understand why some people just can't admit it to themselves all vehicles are junk!!! I don't care what you drive, where you drive you will have issues at some point in the vehicle's life. Regular maintenance aids in the vehicles life. There comes a time when the manufacture has to just ante up and admit there mistakes and help the consumer. I see Ford do this on a regular basis. I am not claiming GM does or doesn't I don't there, or any other brand. I just wish more people understand that all vehicles are a bad investment except your collectible or rare cars. You will never make money you will always loose regardless of what you drive, there all lemons eventually.

  • Report this Comment On April 07, 2013, at 9:07 AM, dharris3430 wrote:

    For all those who favor FORD products on the belief that FORD didn't receive any bailout....just take a trip to Afghanistan and see the tens of thousands of FORD RANGER pickups. Not the Ranger pickup trucks that most are familiar with, but very specially built FORD RANGERS carrying close to six figure price tags each, and by the way all paid for with US TAX DOLLARS!!!! But FORD received no bailout!!!

  • Report this Comment On April 07, 2013, at 9:15 AM, fordguy1 wrote:

    GM bragging about getting a wopping 1mpg better fuel economy with a V8 that will get walked all over by the more powerful v6 ecoboost. I've seen the ecoboost F150 even walk all over the Hemis. Good look trying to beat ford with that pathetic 5.3 liter V8.

  • Report this Comment On April 07, 2013, at 1:24 PM, cityperson wrote:

    I bet the repair bill on most of these new so called trucks will put one back a few thousand dollars for front and back bumper repairs. Most of these newer trucks look cute, but stay on the freeway or what ever they call them in your area.

  • Report this Comment On April 10, 2013, at 1:50 PM, 50yardline wrote:

    I own GM vehicles, but I own Ford stock. I don't like GM's stock, and I don't care for Ford's vehicles. I am up 22% with Ford stock in a year!

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