Everyone wants to think the future of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and wearables is pumping out some smart watch. In fact, several media reports on Friday reported that Apple is tentatively planning an event in October to announce a wearables product. But that's the conventional approach -- and Apple has always done well by being a bit unconventional. 

This is why Apple's Health Kit, which is recently introduced at its World Wide Developers Conference, is so brilliant: It allows companies to develop products that can be used with the iPhone to track health data, under one smartly designed application named Health. That allows users to get a full picture of their health, will help create a market for more specialized health werables, and potentially even has large implications for the broader health care industry. At WWDC, Apple put up a slide with over 20 health-care providers it's already working with so doctors could use data from Health Kit. 

While Apple won't directly make money from the introduction of Health Kit, the indirect opportunity is that a central health management app like Health strengthens iOS, giving users more incentive to switch to or continue using iPhones and iPads. 

In the following video, The Motley Fool's Alison Southwick talks to Fool tech analyst Eric Bleeker about Apple's suave move into the wearables market and what it might mean for a future iWatch.

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