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Imagine starting 2017 fresh by knowing exactly which stocks should be in your portfolio — which ones to buy, which to sell, and what percentage of your portfolio you should commit to each trade.

If you're like most investors, you want a carefully constructed portfolio rather than a patchwork of random stocks. And you demand explicit asset allocation recommendations that simply remove all the guesswork.

That's why I'm so pleased to share this special news with you...

In honor of the new year, legendary growth investor David Gardner and his Motley Fool Supernova team are set to launch a unique step-by-step solution to help you start building your potentially market-beating portfolio in as little as 30 days!

We're calling it your 2017 Supernova Flight Plan.

If you're an investor who regularly adds investments to their portfolio with the goal of maximizing their earnings for a long time horizon... or if you're an investor who prefers to make the majority of their investments up front and eventually sell those investments to generate income... the 2017 Supernova Flight Plan can work for you!

But first, here's a quick breakdown on everything you can expect from your free preview of the 2017 Supernova Flight Plan...

  • On January 2, you'll discover the full details behind TWO companies the Supernova team believes can form the bedrock of your dynamic portfolio. We're calling these companies "Cornerstone Stocks" – companies we believe will be the anchor of a potentially market-beating portfolio.
  • From January 4 to January 7, our team will be heading to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to uncover the hottest trends, interview CEOs, and show you TWO MORE innovative companies that we believe could belong in your portfolio in the new year.
  • Then on January 9, David Gardner is hosting a FREE conference call with his top research analysts to discuss 2017's biggest investing trends. Best of all, your 2017 Supernova Flight Plan preview gives you the chance to ask questions... LIVE!
  • Finally, on January 11, David and team will give the full scoop behind two more companies they believe have the chance to produce 10x, perhaps even 50x, returns in the coming years.

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