Foolish Feedback

We received a ton of reaction from our little prank, and these notes were some of the most positive...

"I almost choked to death, laughing while eating a cheese sandwich. "

"I just got done reading your take on the 13 new steps. I had to write and just tell you that your attempt on humor was, well..... Absolutely hysterical!!!! My dad sells mutual funds so I sent him the link to your page. He called me about a half hour later totally rolling!"

"Folks, I haven't laughed that hard in ages. I laughed until I cried. My office-mates, who already believe me to be somewhat unbalanced, were convinced that my trolley had finally been derailed."

"Please don't write that kind of April Fool joke again. I almost hurt myself laughing..."

"I think that you have really pulled of the ultimate joke and it is just what this market needs, more fun."

"This is one of the most outstanding April Fool's stunts I have ever seen. You guys are great and I have increased my earnings with the tried and true techniques that you use."

"Your apology was so funny I nearly died laughing. I haven't read anything so funny for years. Oh well, what's a few million dollars here and there. Just turn the graph upside down once in awhile, and we'll all be just fine."

Link to folks who were fooled but still supported us

The New 13 Steps

The Joke
Original Announcement
New 13 Steps

Reader Responses

  • Liked our joke
  • Were fooled, but were still supportive
  • Admitted they were initially fooled
  • Figured it all out right away
  • Played along with the joke
  • Were concerned about our taunting and firing of the intern
  • Believed the entire story
  • Will probably never come back to our site
  • Thought that nobody would believe us