Foolish Feedback

Some played right along with the joke...

"I'd do the cock fight thing but we don't have a basement! Will a garage work?"

"Since I just purchased the book & you have now told me to tear out approximately 25% of the pages, I would like a me with the exact number of pages with the proper replacement info to fill up the space. I will carefully cut out the old pages with a razor blade and replace them with the new ones. (Just like that copy of "The Great Soviet Encyclopedia" where I replaced the article on Trotsky with that beautiful piece on Tsarytsin.)"

"My God guys, what have you done. I have put in an emergency order to sell out my entire portfolio and purchase the "new" Merrill Magellean Vanguard Bond Growth Tax-Free Equity Boston Chicken Platinum Visa Fund. That I have realized such minimal gains from AOL and CPQ among others over the last few years when I could have put the whole wad in a great fund has me in a tirade."

"One question--in California very few people have basements. Would the cock fights strategy be just as effective if held in the backyard (being careful that the fighting birds did not land in the pool) rather than a basement?"

"I am now working on the rest of the thirteen steps. I have contacted Boston Market about a franchise and have not heard back from them. Do you think you can give them a good word about my interest? Where is the best place to get game cocks? The University of South Carolina thought I was crazy when I talked to them on the phone! Also, what makes the best food for an in-transit caribou?"

"Fret not however; life goes on and there are lessons to be learned. Yes, even from this: always trust what you read on your computer. It doesn't lie. Unlike carbon lifeforms it doesn't need to. So, the next time you look at a graphic on the computer remember this: 'trust, but verify'. In this case just turn your computer upside down."

"I really agree with your new steps to investing foolishly especiall step 10. Anyone with roots in Kentucky (even those snooty people from Lexington) knows that Cock fights in your basement are very profitable. I made $2000.00 last Saturday free I might add! All for the price of a little chicken feed!

"Oh well, so I lost millions listening to your advice. It's not the end of the world. So I get to keep my job as a humble ditch digger, at least I'm outside a lot."

"I was disappointed in your 13 step program - I thought for sure you were going to offer the Motley Fool Fund somewhere around # 9."

"Accordingly, I have liquidated all of my holdings in stocks. Sure, I was a bit angry at first, but you guys have taken me this far - I'm not going to abandon you now."

"So fool on, keep it real, and be strong. I will never cease to follow your wisdom like the sheep that I am."

"I have already contacted my attorneys ( Starr Cotler and Ginsberg) about a MAJOR CLASS ACTION SUIT against you on the grounds of irreparable financial, emotional, and sexual damage as a result of YOUR CARELESS DISREGARD FOR THE WELFARE OF OUR NATION, ITS CITIZENS AND THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE.."

"You creeps! You liars! You exploiters! You rapers of innocents! You dregs! You worthless pieces of rotten garbarge! You purveyers of filthy lucre! How could you have mislead all of us who have believed in you for so long? How? How? Keep up the good work."

"Hey my dentist told me to buy TAVA at $3 and now it is $13!!! You guys were dead right here !!"

"Silly Fools, everyone knows that caribou come from Borneo."

"I enjoyed your newfound revelations so much that I used my Record-It to read it into my Zip, so that I might share it with the blind. I mistakenly hit reverse/playback just after finishing dictating it, and upon listening, I heard that you had buried in there the repeating phrase, "I buried John Bogle.""

"Great news!� Also I understand pigs are flying now and hell has frozen over."

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Reader Responses

  • Liked our joke
  • Were fooled, but were still supportive
  • Admitted they were initially fooled
  • Figured it all out right away
  • Played along with the joke
  • Were concerned about our taunting and firing of the intern
  • Believed the entire story
  • Will probably never come back to our site
  • Thought that nobody would believe us