Foolish Feedback

Many expressed sympathy -- even outrage -- at our treatment of our mythical intern...

"It takes a big company to admit they were wrong. (But boy was this WRONG.) Anyway, I feel really sorry for the summer intern that got taunted and then fired. If anything, I think he deserves a personal apology as well."

"What happened to the guy you fired? What have you done for him?"

"Did you really fire the guy who brought the error to your attention? If so, you owe him BIG because he is a big loser. What kind of Gestapo are you running? Am I glad I don't work for you guys."

"Once a liar, always a liar, especially when a poor intern tried to point this error to you. I hope the intern reads your apology and seeks remedy for unlawful termination."

"You mention a young intern whom you fired for trying to point out the error in your spread sheet. Have you made a personal amends to that person? Have you offered the intern a permanent spot back at your company? I fear that until you do this your personal karma will remain sketchy."

"What happened to that guy you fired? This person deserves severance pay, an apology and reimbursement for financial hardships and losses due to the dismissal. You might want to hire him back with a significant raise." [Editor's Note - This one was prefaced with the title "Sent to all the major news agencies."]

"If you REALLY want to do the right thing, publish the name of that sharp intern so at least he/she can get his 15 minutes of fame and hopefully, alot more respect from whatever lucky employer they landed with."

"Where is that summer intern? We'll hire him." [Editor's Note - They even gave us their phone number.]

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Reader Responses

  • Liked our joke
  • Were fooled, but were still supportive
  • Admitted they were initially fooled
  • Figured it all out right away
  • Played along with the joke
  • Were concerned about our taunting and firing of the intern
  • Believed the entire story
  • Will probably never come back to our site
  • Thought that nobody would believe us