Foolish Feedback

Some notes were downright nasty...

"So enjoy your little float in your little boat provided by this bull market. Because when it ends, you guys will decend into the maelstrom with the reast of the debris."

"What a bunch of crap... do you actually pay someone to write this stuff? You couldn't pay *me* to visit this site again."

"Since we live in such an ignorant world, I am sure you will continue to do fine. I only wish I worked in an environment where I can be that wrong and continue on. You and weathermen certainly have a lot in common."

"It is perfectly obvious that you have discredited yourself completely. Upside down indeed! You let a physical error over-rule your common sense, so what that means to me is that you do not have an adequate supply of common sense. So just GO AWAY!"

"It just goes to show that the American public is really, really stupid. There is no way that you should still be in business and why AOL keeps you on their web site is beyond me. Can you really expect anybody to listen to anything you say from now on. Frankly, I am not sure why I am writing this and wasting time."

"OK, so you screwed up. That's fine. But I personally find it annoying and offensive that you now expect me to page through 13 frames on your web site to read your new 'revised' rules. Look, I've already paid for your books, I visited your web site a gizillion times...and now, you want to waste my time while you *make* money off of your mistake by having me page through your 13 steps again"

"Please resign. You no longer have any credibility. You are in a secular setting and forgiveness is not a virtue to be practiced."

"What you should do is get out of the business. To be wrong is one thing--to be wrong for 4 years is another. To demonstrate the arrogance of firing an apprentice for being brighter than you is unforgivable. You have no place in our culture. What does the Dr. say after checking someone out with a cold only to die of cancer soon thereafter. You should follow the Japan culture of rectifing your mistakes with Hari-Kari. You are all losers."

"Do you just enjoy making fools of your readers? Many people may have lost substantial amounts of money based on you sloppy "cut and paste" advice."

"Stop fooling around people and start some seriousness for God's sake."

"What a LAME excuse about that cut and paste crap.......charts turned upside down?? Come on .......just how stupid do you think WE are. You two truely are FOOLS! You lost my trust and any admiration I may have had for you!! You're pathetic and only in this crap for the money!!! You should tuck your tails and run somewhere out of sight."

"You are complete idiots"

"I'm mad. I have bought several products from you and I demand a refund. I'll go easy on you and estimate that for the products you owe me about $30. You can send the refund to the address below. Why, I have a mind to start a class action suit."

"how about a refund morons"

"As an attorney, I was both amazed and amused by your admission of "error" (read irresponsibility), which might be characterized as one of the 10 greatest understatements of the last 50 years...your advice to persons previously purchasing your investment guide to "tear out" those pages...seems minimally cavalier, and a little analagous to the primary proponent of the Earth-is-round theory"

Link to some who thought the whole thing was too obvious

The New 13 Steps

The Joke
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New 13 Steps

Reader Responses

  • Liked our joke
  • Were fooled, but were still supportive
  • Admitted they were initially fooled
  • Figured it all out right away
  • Played along with the joke
  • Were concerned about our taunting and firing of the intern
  • Believed the entire story
  • Will probably never come back to our site
  • Thought that nobody would believe us