Foolish Feedback

And some thought the joke was way too obvious...

"Is anybody actually falling for this?"

"You guys are terrible liars ;)"

"a noble attempt at an april fools joke. you will have to try harder next year. i was on it by the second sentence."

"Is this the best you can do on April Fools Day?"

"To the brothers Gardner - and further more, if you are looking for "fools" to fall for that one, it is really important that you change your last name."

"I would have been disappointed if you had not pulled something today. However, you should try harder. It's just not believable enough."

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Reader Responses

  • Liked our joke
  • Were fooled, but were still supportive
  • Admitted they were initially fooled
  • Figured it all out right away
  • Played along with the joke
  • Were concerned about our taunting and firing of the intern
  • Believed the entire story
  • Will probably never come back to our site
  • Thought that nobody would believe us