News for Friday, October 31, 1997

News for Thursday, October 30, 1997

  • The Evening News - Don't worry, refinance -- falling bonds are good news for homeowners.
  • Economic instability is spreading and this time the victim is Brazil.
  • Lessons From a Correction - TMF Seymor learned 10 lessons. Pick the 11th and win some Fool stuff.
  • In the wake of Asian turmoil, analysts begin slicing ratings of pc-related stocks. In the Lunchtime News, Randy Befumo discusses the appropriateness of the downgrades.
  • Not happy about the recent market decline? You should be. Steve Obeda explains in today's Fribble.
  • Radica Games has reeled in a double with its Bass Fishin' game.
  • Reliv investors need some financial supplements to help them out of their trouble.

News for Wednesday, October 29, 1997

  • The Fool Portfolio scored big today with the help of Amazon.
  • Greg Markus attempted to cut Oxford Health from the Boring Portfolio today, but couldn't get a broker on the phone.
  • Jeff Fischer gets to the "canned" earnings of Coca Cola in tonight's Drip Portfolio recap.
  • Robert Sheard takes a Gooroo to task in tonight's Foolish Four update.
  • Remember risk? In the Evening News Randy Befumo says that an unfortunate consequence of a quick bounce-back is that it's easy to forget about risk.
  • Visit the Family Fool for tips on car insurance and advice on teaching your kids about money.
  • All three market indices are in positive territory with an hour left in the trading day. The DJIA is up 36.34 points to 7534.66, the Nasdaq is up 4.57 points to 1607.59, and the S&P is up 1.37 points to 923.22.
  • What's the market doing at midday? Check out our Lunchtime News to find out.
  • There were no "irrational exuberance" comments in Alan Greenspan's Joint Economic Committee address today, but he did speak positively of the American economy. Greenspan hopes that the recent market activity will slow growth to more sustainable levels. Click here to read Greenspan's entire address. The DJIA is up 119.10 to 7617.42, the Nasdaq is up 21.23 to 1624.25 and the S&P is up 13.34 to 935.19.