November 03, 1997 - November 07, 1997

News for Friday, November 07, 1997

  • Boring recovers some of its losses from Oxford Health Plans this week. The portfolio was down for the day, but up for the week.
  • The Fool Port loses ground to the S&P today, but the year's not over yet. Visit with David Gardner as he recaps the week.
  • Even if you haven't heard of ConAgra, chances are that you probably consume their food products on a daily basis. Randy Befumo discusses the largest food company around in the Drip Portfolio.
  • Falling prices are hurting component makers like Western Digital but helping PC manufacturers. Read about it in the Evening News.
  • Find out what AOL said in yesterday's Q1 1998 conference call.
  • Western Digital fell sharply this morning under competitive pricing pressure. Find out more in the Lunchtime News.
  • The UniMark Group's sweet smell of success has turned sour. The tropical fruit grower has struggled with acquisitions and four straight quarters of losses.
  • This Learning Company has been teaching the ABCs of surviving a tough marketplace: Acquire Brand name Competitors.

News for Thursday, November 06, 1997

  • Guest Fool Port writer David Forrest reviews AOL's earnings and 3Com's accounting.
  • Boring purchased Felcor today and it turned out to be the portfolio's only winner.
  • Robert Sheard explains the beauty of the new Roth IRA in tonight's Daily Dow Report.
  • Looking for some zip in your portfolio's returns? Robert Sheard explains how to buy stocks on margin in the Foolish Workshop.
  • 3Com has been under fire recently and its current discount is not likely to disappear. In the Evening News.
  • Find out how your favorite stores fared in our October retail sales report.
  • AOL reported first quarter 1998 earnings today and beat consensus estimates by $0.04.
  • Randy Befumo talks food and Intel in tonight's Drip Portfolio update.
  • AOL reports earnings this afternoon, and Randy Befumo offers some helpful hints to investors. In the Lunchtime News.
  • What's new at the Family Fool? -- How to pay for a higher education when you haven't saved a dime.
  • Schlotzsky's Inc. stock started heating up when investors started believing the deli chain could make them some dough.
  • Precision ball bearing manufacturer NN Ball & Roller found trouble the old-fashioned way. The company made less money.
  • TMF Sheard explains the Keystone Portfolio Approach in today's Fribble.

News for Wednesday, November 05, 1997

  • AOL rises $6 in anticipation of earnings tomorrow, and the Fool Port wins the day again.
  • Randy explains the accounting process being used to track the Drip Portfolio. Perhaps you should bring your calculator!
  • The Boring Portfolio announces a new buy. Felcor Suite Hotels will soon join the portfolio.
  • SyQuest investors are hoping that they have another Iomega on their hands, but Louis Corrigan thinks otherwise. In tonight's Evening News.
  • Two-thirds of the individual Dow 30 stocks actually beat the overall index. How can you beat those odds? Read the Foolish Four update to find out.
  • In today's Foolish Workshop, Robert Sheard introduces the Sharpe Ratio and lists the best performing stocks based on this statistic.
  • Some Dairy Queen shareholders are in an uproar over Berkshire Hathaway's acquisition of their company. But should they be? Dale Wettlaufer investigates in today's Lunchtime News.
  • Varco International makes products for offshore drilling rigs and has been booming in a hot industry. The stock has risen 10-fold since 1995 and doubled in the past four months.
  • Nabi, Inc. investors beware. Biotechs can be dangerous to your wealth. The trouble started with a discontinued clinical trial and more disappointments and the stock price came tumbling after.
  • The Wise discover the Dogs of the Dow in today's Fribble.

News for Tuesday, November 04, 1997

  • Silicon Graphics, the "gee-whiz company," has investors scratching their heads and wondering how the stock price sunk so low. Also in the Evening News, Borders and Innovex.
  • His hands and face powdered with baby powder, Jeff Fischer delivers Johnson & Johnson's earnings in tonight's Drip Portfolio recap.
  • Newbridge Networks' revenues come up flat and the stock heads south. Find out the latest in today's Lunchtime News.
  • Like any good speedster, shares of Racing Champions got off to a fast start. Then the maker of miniature die cast cars crashed and burned.
  • Pixar's ties with Disney have both helped and hurt the animated film specialist. Thanks, to a new deal with the entertainment giant and some good earnings Pixar has doubled.
  • In today's Fribble, the blame for the recent market volatility is placed on Mr. Octobers.

News for Monday, November 03, 1997

  • The Fool Port had a big day with a 3% gain. David Gardner gives the nightly rundown on the eleven portfolio stocks that helped the portfolio to its impressive day.
  • Intel's 1999 Merced chip -- could it really keep the company in the driver's seat for the next few decades? Jeff Fischer and the Drip Portfolio want to know.
  • Dell Computer was one of the computer manufacturers most negatively affected by the recent Southeast Asian market turmoil. Is this a buying opportunity? Randy Befumo explains in the Evening News.
  • Robert Sheard explains how the Foolish Four rankings change in today's Foolish Four update.
  • How can you be a millionaire on a teacher's salary? Read today's Fribble to find out.
  • In today's Lunchtime News, Dale Wettlaufer explains how the individual investor has become the liquidity sop for the Wise.
  • WSMP Inc. has wrangled up a double and left investors with a fist full of dollars.
  • It's been a tough year for Neuromedical Systems. The company found trouble with losses, missed earnings, and an intense legal battle with its competitors.
  • Jim Surowiecki completes the Rogue Manifesto on Shareholder Rights.