November 10, 1997 - November 14, 1997

News for Friday, November 14, 1997

  • Pfizer's Earnings and Margins. In the Drip Port.
  • Borefolio falls from tree. Call Oxford Health?
  • Hornet Week -- Sometimes, whole YEARS feel like this. In the Fool Port.
  • Investing overseas is risky business, but why to U.S. investors continue to do it? Jim Surowiecki writes about the topic in this week's Slate article.
  • It's been a "ruff" time for Big Dog. The recent IPO has been dogged by investors. Also in the Evening News, Green Tree, MBIA, and McClatchy Newspapers. In the Evening News.
  • Gather up the family. It's Dow Fun Facts in today's Daily Dow Report.
  • Timber! Green Tree Financial falls after announcing that they will mark down the value of certain securities. Lunchtime News.
  • Spinnaker is in a sticky situation and we're not just talking about their tape. This adhesive manufacturer is in trouble.
  • Insight is celebrating its double with a bowl victory. The PC direct marketer just bought the naming rights to the Copper Bowl.
  • In today's Fribble, The Greeting Card Fribble

News for Thursday, November 13, 1997

  • Jeff Fischer gives an update on the Drip Port since inception and looks at Pfizer's earnings, as promised.
  • What's up with 3Com? Tom Gardner sorts through the recent turmoil in tonight's Fool Port recap.
  • Learn about the mechanics of conservative margining in today's Foolish Workshop.
  • Robert Sheard says don't panic if your Dow holdings fall of the list. He also explains how the approach is affected by stock splits in tonight's Foolish Four recap.
  • Mark Weaver writes tonight's Boring recap and makes a prediction.
  • The Lion that Squeaked: A stake of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer went public today, but the studio doesn't have the roar that it used to. Read the Evening News for more information.
  • Foolball is in week 12. Try your hand at this week's questions. Buffalo meets Miami at Pro Player Stadium.
  • Neomagic's earnings enchant investors -- the company beat estimates by $0.11 with earnings of $0.25. In the Lunchtime News.
  • A feast or famine diet of high expectations followed by delays has left Integ in trouble.
  • Impressive earnings growth and improving sales created a six-month six-bagger for General Bearing stockholders.
  • In today's Fribble, Mutual Fund "Opportunities."

News for Wednesday, November 12, 1997

  • With Flowers out of the way, Randy Befumo moves on to the next food company -- Grand Metropolitan in tonight's Drip recap.
  • David Gardner introduces the Fool's holiday fund drive for Share Our Strength in tonight's Fool Port recap. Not only do Fools like to make money, but we like to share it as well.
  • Greg Markus writes tonight's Boring report at 35,000 feet as he's on his way to the land of many chips, Silicon Valley. He gives a quick review of Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits.
  • When should you not be investing in stocks? Frontier Management looks to long term and health premiums decline at John Alden. Check the Evening News for these stories and more.
  • Anyone can be a successful investor. It just requires the discipline to stick with a proven strategy. Read the Daily Dow to hear more.
  • Why does Wall Street hang on Alan Greenspan's every word? The Fool explains the man, his power, and his role in controlling the US economy through the Federal Reserve.
  • 3Com fell this morning after analysts downgraded the connectivity hardware maker. Modem sales and Southeast Asian concerns were mentioned as the cause. In the Lunchtime News.
  • For housewares retailer Linens 'n Things everything is getting bigger -- a welcome sight to shareholders draped in bigger gains.
  • Fluor Corp's attempts to build bigger profits, led to an overly aggressive expansion of its business. The result for this construction and engineering firm was trouble.
  • It can be Foolish to worry. Read today's Fribble to find out why.

News for Tuesday, November 11, 1997

  • Kodak Restructures, Again. A Classic Dow Dog?  Boring Port.
  • Banging a Sullen Gong...and shopping from outter space. In the Fool Port.
  • Randy continues to feed on food companies, but has neglected to begin his diet. Today's Drip recap covers Flowers. Calisthenics begin at 6am, Randy.
  • United Auto Group crumpled after the auto dealership chain turned in lower-than-expected profits. Randy Befumo explains the risks of investing in such ventures. In the Evening News.
  • Columbia/HCA Healthcare is considering a spin-off that could be beneficial to shareholders. In the Lunchtime News.
  • With earnings consistently beating estimates and growth of over 100%, International Microcomputer had nowhere to go but up.
  • RF Monolithic triumphed with a sweet sounding 1997 earnings. But when the company announced soft demand in the current quarter, investors quickly tuned out.
  • In today's Fribble, The Fool-Lib Fribble.

News for Monday, November 10, 1997

  • Tidewater rises as tech stocks fall. Join Greg Markus as he recaps a Boring Monday.
  • Randy Befumo is eating his way through the leading food companies in search of the best investment for the Drip Portfolio. He's packed on a few pounds, but we're starting him on an exercise program tomorrow.
  • The volatile tech stocks lead the Fool Port lower, but the Foolish Four all ended the day on an up note. Jeff Fischer also discusses brokerages and online banking.
  • Savings Priorities...Examine All Your Options After Taxes, in tonight's Daily Dow.
  • Drive Makers Tumble: The market was negative on drive and drive manufacturers today. The industry suffered on profit warnings, bad press, and downgrades. In the Evening News.
  • The Downside of Downsizing: Find out what Union Pacific Railroad and Aetna have in common in this week's Slate.
  • Centocor plummets after downgrade. WorldCom and MCI reach an agreement with British Telecom's blessing. Read about it in today's Lunchtime News.
  • In today's Daily Double Famous Dave's of America has been red hot and we're not just talking about their barbecue.
  • Learning Tree has been chopped down on falling earnings and a botched product line in the Daily Trouble.
  • Learning Tree has been chopped down on falling earnings and a botched product line.
  • In today's Fribble, TMF Twitty explains that the best time to experience buyer's remorse is before you make the purchase.
  • What do Rational shareholders do? In this week's Rogue, Louis Corrigan explains how they sued the company over selective disclosure.

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