November 21, 1997 - November 28, 1997

News for Friday, November 28, 1997

Have you given? The Fool Charity Fund

  • No talk of existing screens today in the Foolish Workshop. Randy Befumo explains the statistical certainty and relevance of the data.
  • It was a slow day on Wall Street but it was business as usual for Dow Dividend investors.
  • Conventional Wisdom's Last Stand: Randy Befumo sets the record straight on Custer, Benedict Arnold, and the Fool's Actrade message board. In the Evening News.
  • It was a slow day on Wall Street but it was business as usual for Dow Dividend investors.
  • Cisco hits an all-time high, Borders eases up. Greg Markus recaps a Boring day.
  • In today's Fribble, Steve Lane explains the similarities between investing and betting on horses.
  • Risk, Reward, and Fools on the the Fool Port.
  • Like their products, Isolyser's stock price has melted away.
  • Forensic Tech. was guilty of solid earnings and sentenced to a double.

News for Thursday, November 27, 1997

News for Wednesday, November 26, 1997

  • It seems every Fool is giving thanks on this Thanksgiving eve for one reason or another. Find out what the Fool is thankful for and how you can help too!
  • Kellogg Company...Maybe somewhat Greeeaaat. In the Drip Port.
  • Alphabet of Thanks...Version 2.0 of Foolish gratitude, in tonight's Fool Port Report.
  • Give thanks for the ability to uncover a turkey before you buy it and a community where you can learn and grow as an investor. In the Evening News.
  • Borders Group falls for no apparent reason and Green Tree loses a few more leaves. Get the details in tonight's Boring recap.
  • How to handle the holiday munchies like a Fool in this week's Family Fool.
  • Fool Plate Thanks: On this Thanksgiving Eve, Dale Wettlaufer gives thanks for five Foolish things. In today's Lunchtime News.
  • Tom and David are coming to a radio near you. These founding Fools will be hosting this weekend's edition of MoneyTalk.
  • Today's Fribble, A Sure Thing.
  • After years of lighting up portfolios, BMC has gone down the tubes.
  • Wet Seal is a slave to fashion -- and lately it's looking pretty good.

News for Tuesday, November 25, 1997

  • Join Greg Markus in tonight's Boring recap as he updates readers on the latest information on Green Tree.
  • Friday's guest writer, TMF Bogey, received some questions on his Fool Port recap. Tonight he clarifies his thoughts on averaging down on losing stocks.
  • Tonight's Daily Dow report profiles the Unemotional Value approach to the Beating the Dow strategy.
  • Kimberly-Clark suffers from softness in tissue-paper prices and announces a major restructuring effort. In the Evening News.
  • Should General Mills be the breakfast of investors? For more information on the number-two cereal seller read today's Drip Portfolio report.
  • Attack of the killer $1,000 PCs! Is this the end for Dell? Or just the beginning?
  • Aldila Sliced: The golf shaft maker announced a Q4 charge and now the stock is in the rough. In the Lunchtime News.
  • Juicemaker Odwalla has been squeezed by investors for an unfortunate mishap.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises sails the open sea with a full ship and happy investors.
  • Today's Fribble: Back in the U.S.A., or, Scud Missiles, International Terrorists, and Beef Cubes.

News for Monday, November 24, 1997

  • Like Cash, Hate Debt. Plus, new message boards in Fooldom! In the Fool Port Report.
  • Yamaichi Ouchie!... Borefolio hit hard. In the Bore Port.
  • Robert Sheard explains why it's important to follow the model and not your intuition when investing in the Dow Dividend Approach.
  • Dell Q3 1997 earnings special.
  • Dell-ectable Earnings:  Dell Computer announced Q3 earnings today, beating the whisper numbers with $0.69 per share. In the Evening News.
  • How We Invest...where the money goes and why. In today's Drip Port Report.
  • The Shortcomings of Beta: Dale Wettlaufer explains where beta falls short in determining risk and quality of a security. In the Lunchtime News.
  • Learn more about Applied Materials' Q4 report and how you can get a semiconductor capital equipment snapshot for $5.
  • Premier Research shareholders are sorry they didn't get the placebo.
  • Software maker Summit Design has been on a roll.
  • In So Many Words - The Foolish Philosophy, like Fooldom itself, is simple. If that sounds self-deprecating, it's meant to be.