December 01, 1997 - December 05, 1997

News for Friday, December 05, 1997

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  • Boring beats the S&P for the day thanks to a surge by Cisco.
  • While Jeff Fischer is in Tahoe dining on wine and cheese, Rick Munarriz writes the Fool Port recap.That's right folks, it's an Edible recap.
  • Randy Befumo inaugurates Touchstone Friday. Join him in the Drip recap as he updates every Fool on the Drip happenings of the week.
  • Ascend Vaults on Rumors: Is a takeover in the Future? The buzz is that Lucent is interested. In the Evening News.
  • 3Dfx Special Effects: The company exploded upwards on news of an increase in Q4 sales. In the Lunchtime News.
  • Drop the business section! Read today's Fribble for the fun way to check portfolio growth.
  • Steris bounces back from trouble with a double.
  • Imagyn there are no profits. It's easy to do.

News for Thursday, December 04, 1997

  • Tom Gardner writes a very special Fool Portfolio recap -- Four things about the world of money that must change.
  • Borders led the Boring Portfolio to a nearly 1% gain today. Join Mark Weaver in tonight's recap.
  • How did your favorite stores do in November? Check out our November Retail Sales report and find out.
  • How do I love thee? Let me compound the ways. Robert Sheard waxes poetic about compounding in the Daily Dow report.
  • In tonight's Foolish Workshop, Robert Sheard presents the 1986 returns of the Keystone Approach.Western Dig Turmoil: With all the bad news coming from Western Dig recently, what's an investor to do?  In the Evening News.
  • Randy Befumo explains Enterprise Value in today's Drip Port Report.
  • MoneyGram Wires Bad News: The money transfer business plummets on news that it will miss Q4 numbers.In today's Lunchtime News.
  • Selena strikes back at the mass-mailers in today's Fribble, The Junk E-mail Spam Fribble.
  • A strong housing market had led to a Pier 1 Double.
  • Problems with a new drug led to Trouble for Cambridge NeuroScience.

News for Wednesday, December 03, 1997

  • Is Green Tree diseased? The financial company was chopped down again today. Join Greg Markus in the Boring recap for all the details.
  • AOL rises as an analyst initiates it as a buy, but Iomega stumbles and takes the Fool Port with it.
  • 3Com will miss Q2 1998 numbers and continues to struggle with an inventory problem.
  • In the Foolish Workshop, Robert Sheard presents three questions you must answer in order to set up your own portfolio.
  • The father of the Dow Dividend Approach says he doesn't advocate it anymore. What's a Fool to do?
  • Risky Business: Louis Corrigan discusses the importance of assessing the risk of an investment. In the Evening News.
  • Join this week's Family Fool to find out how you can get a grip on year-end planning.
  • 3Com Navigating the Channel -- Let the doomsayers have their day and be a cool-handed investor. Get the latest in the Lunchtime News.
  • Scenes from Donnie Brasco 2 in today's Fribble, Wiseguys and Fools.
  • The bull market has been good to Charles Schwab.
  • Iwerks stock has been jerked around like one of its rides.

News for Tuesday, December 02, 1997

  • Join Greg Markus in the Boring recap as he discusses Cisco's rocky day.
  • Innovex signs a deal with Seagate and Trump hits its low before rebounding. Join Jeff in the Fool Port recap.
  • Have Cabletron Investors Had Enough? -- The company misses estimates for the third straight time. In the Evening News.
  • In tonight's Drip recap, Jeff Fischer discusses the largest food seller in the world -- N-E-S-T-L-E-S. You know, the one that makes the very best.
  • Altera smeared for a 20% loss and Cabletron suffers a similar fate. Is there a connection? Are analysts aliens? Is cyclicality an actual word? Find out on today's episode of the X Fools! - FoolAudio!
  • Altera Tumbles: But investors shouldn't be concerned. It's all part of normal inventory cyclicality. Today, in the Lunchtime News.
  • Defenestration and Cash...Why we should like cash and hate debt in today's Fribble.
  • Outfitter Abercrombie and Fitch is looking pretty sharp these days.
  • In-line skate maker First Team Sports has taken a nasty fall.

News for Monday, December 01, 1997

  • The Drip Portfolio had a good day with Intel's rise of more than 2%. Join Jeff Fischer as he discusses the two portfolio holdings.
  • Robert Sheard explains how making a big withdrawal from a Roth IRA can still net over $6 million in the Foolish Four recap.
  • David Gardner praises Voltaire, the U.S. stock market, and freedom all in the same Fool recap.
  • Tidewater continues to drift out to sea and Oracle is downgraded. Get the latest in tonight's Boring recap.
  • General Scanning Advances: The company rose 5% after announcing the acquisition of Reel-Tech, a subsidiary of Data I/O Corp. In the Evening News.
  • Read Greg Markus' interview with Cisco's Director of Investor Relations.
  • Robert offers the current screen rankings in today's Foolish Workshop.
  • An Awful Lot of Cars -- are we in for an auto industry crash? Read this week's Slate to find out.
  • News of stricter medical monitoring sends Warner-Lambert lower. Today, in the Lunchtime News.
  • Bally Total Fitness pumps up the jam.
  • Ashes to ashes -- Caribbean Cigar is snuffed out.
  • Find out what traffic in LA has to do with the stock market in today's Fribble.