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News for Friday, December 19, 1997

Have you given? The Fool Charity Fund

  • Green Tree follow-up, in tonight's Boring Port Recap.
  • Portfolio revision, money sent, and the week that just went, in the Drip Port Report.
  • Art of the Comeback -- Foolishness rallies into market close. In tonight's Fool Port Report.
  • Share Repurchases and Cost-Cutting, in the Daily Dow.
  • Networkers hit hard times. In an industry where it's usually difficult to find a troubled stock, there's nothing but. Randy Befumo explains in the Evening News.
  • Tickle-Me Mattel: Not only does this toy-making master have the hottest toys of the season, but it also has an upgrade to boot. In the Lunchtime News.
  • The Fool's own Randy Befumo is beginning to wonder if Santa's coming this year. The Santa Claus Rally that is. The Dow is currently down 142 points.
  • The beauty of anonymity and giving in today's Fribble.
  • Viisage Technology has lost face with investors.
  • William Foley II put the green back into the Green Burrito.

News for Thursday, December 18, 1997

  • 3Com Reports Earnings: The company reported $0.04 in line with management's December 2nd estimate.
  • 3Com announces Q2 earnings today and Jeff has the details in the Fool Portfolio update. He also explains the recent decline of Iomega.
  • The state of Prime Medical in tonight's Boring report.
  • Spin-Off City: Three becomes four as Dun & Bradstreet announces its second spin-off in a year. In the Evening News.
  • The Drip Portfolio brings you the company that makes Cap N' Crunch and Gatorade -- Quaker Oats. Also, Jeff explains where this months moola is going.
  • In today's Daily Dow, Robert Sheard defines what it means to be a long-term investor.
  • Plexus Shocked: The electronics contract manufacturer was hit for 40% after announcing it will miss Q1 estimates. In the Lunchtime News.
  • Converse discovered that Dennis Rodman is no Chuck Taylor.
  • Osteotech has been bad to the bone. And that's good.
  • Fads come and go but quality stays. In today's Fribble, Mike Williams on sizzle cymbals and horn sections.

News for Wednesday, December 17, 1997

  • Exciting, huh? No? Cisco, Green Tree, Tidewater lift Bore.
  • David discusses the giant Barnes & Noble deal with AOL and 3M pre-announces earnings that send the stock tumbling. In the Fool Port Report.
  • Intel has continued to slide and is nearing a 52-week low. Jeff looks at the cause and the valuation of the company in tonight's Drip report.
  • 'Tis the Season to Buy: Louis Corrigan explains what tax-loss selling and the January Effect mean to the individual investor. In the Evening News.
  • No time to knit mittens? Head to the cyber mall for our favorite Foolish gadgets and tips. In the Family Fool.
  • Ever wonder what the largest 100 American stocks are? Wonder no more. The list is in the Foolish Workshop.
  • The Foolish Four deflates as 3M tumbles. Robert Sheard writes the scoop in the Daily Dow report.
  • TMF Ralegh offers pearls of investing wisdom for the Foolish investor in today's Lunchtime News.
  • Lycos lands in the black and investors are seeing green.
  • After taking the high road, RockShox has experienced a shocking spill.
  • What if the Fool Went Public? One Fool muses about industries that would benefit from Foolishness.

News for Tuesday, December 16, 1997

  • Boring surged more than 2% today with gainers outnumbering losers 6 to 1.
  • Jeff Fischer discusses the Donald, the world's largest book store and 3Com's earnings in tonight's Fool Port update.
  • In tonight's Evening News, Jim Surowiecki explains what the recent Microsoft court decision means to users, investors and the company.
  • In tonight's Drip report Randy Befumo analyzes the best cookie maker in the world -- Nabisco. (Ok, that's one Fool's opinion, but Chips Ahoy! are the best!)
  • Does investing in high-yielders work in international markets? Robert Sheard discusses Canada in the Daily Dow report.
  • Medical fusion in the Lunchtime News. Orthopedics company Sulzer Medica to acquire medical device maker Spine-Tech.
  • Consumers of Lifeway have found phenomenal equity and nutrition.
  • For Paymentech restating earnings caused Trouble.
  • In today's Fribble, a 3,000-year-old investment strategy.

News for Monday, December 15, 1997

  • As Borders makes a splash, Green Tree is cut down again. Greg Markus writes tonight's Boring recap.
  • The Drip Port DID actually make the deadline and buy more Intel on December 1; and it received its first-ever dividend payment, too! Jeff isn't too ashamed to write about the miscommunication today.
  • David asked Fools far and wide last week what they thought of Trump Hotels: Trump: keep or dump? Today he shares many of the responses and thoughts in the Fool Port update.
  • Get the ten-year returns for the Formula 90 stocks in tonight's Foolish Workshop.
  • Ready to buy your first stock, but not sure how? Robert Sheard explains how in the Daily Dow report.
  • Shame on Shareholder Relations: Randy Befumo discusses the market inefficiencies that have plagued individual investors recently. In the Evening News.
  • Fine Host not so fine: The company must restate three 1997 quarters due to incorrect accounting. In the Lunchtime News.
  • A flailing Cabletron was knocked out by heavyweight Cisco.
  • If you'd found Virco, you'd be sitting comfortably on a Double.
  • It is time for the Fool holiday sing-a-long. The Twelve Days of Fooldom in today's Fribble.