Weekend, January 1 - 3

Radio Show -- Fools Party Like It's 1999
Notes from a Fool -- The Future Is Now

Thursday, December 31

Rule Maker Portfolio -- 1998's Best
Rule Breaker Portfolio -- The Element of Surprise
Workshop -- Results and Review
Foolish Four -- Lake Woebegone Market
Evening News -- Northwest Airlines Strikes Out
Fool On The Hill -- Creating Wealth
Drip Port -- The Year of the Drip
Tax Q&A -- Top 10 Roth IRA Questions
Lunchtime News -- S&P Changes as Sport
Community Interview -- onDlamNmexico
Post of the Day -- Weekly Roundup
Daily Double -- bebe stores
Fribble -- Pigskin Widow
Breakfast News -- Closer to Consummation

Wednesday, December 30

Special -- Foolish Resolutions
Fool Charity Fund -- Weekly Update
Boring Port -- Bore to Sell TCBY
Drip Port -- Our Favorite Financial Services Co.
Rule Maker Portfolio -- Balance-Sheet Disaster
Foolish Four -- Dull Day in the Markets
Evening News -- PC-related Merchandise Computes a Gain
Fool On The Hill -- Buffet Bets Against Internets!
Rule Breaker Portfolio -- You've Got Mail!
Workshop -- Overtime Work That Really Pays
Dueling Fools -- 1999
Lunchtime News -- Tel-Save.com Rings Up With AT&T
Community Interview -- JoaquinK
Post of the Day -- Dell Computer
Fribble -- A Call To Fools
Breakfast News -- Interlinq Going Private

Tuesday, December 29

Rule Maker Portfolio -- Fool Year Resolutions
Rule Breaker Portfolio -- The Greatest Port on Earth
Evening News -- Barnes & Noble Books a Gain
Fool On The Hill -- Indexing Outside the S&P 500
Foolish Four -- Meet Morgan
Workshop -- End-of-Year Margins
Drip Port -- J&J's Diagnosis
Lunchtime News -- Strong Quarter at National Discount Brokers
Fribble -- My Kids Sling Hash
Daily Trouble -- Timberland Co.
Breakfast News -- Schwab Tops Merrill Lynch
Community Interview -- PrettyFoolish
Post of the Day -- CMG Information Services

Monday, December 28

Foolish Four -- Real-Money Portfolio UP!
Rule Breaker Portfolio -- < Pinch Pinch >
Fool On The Hill -- That's Entertainment
Evening News -- E*Trade Reaches Its Destination
Rule Maker Portfolio -- Performance is the News
Boring Port -- Bore to Buy Berkshire Hathaway
Internet List -- Weekly Update
Workshop -- Trading Time
Drip Port -- Intel & Campbell Soup
Lunchtime News -- E*Trade Surges on Destination News
Community Interview -- GeeMoney
Post of the Day -- Amazon.com
Daily Double -- Quiksilver, Inc.
Fribble -- Why the Market Moves
Breakfast News -- Holiday Shoppers Go Online