Weekend, July 31 & August 1

Fool Radio -- CMGI, UPS, AOL... Tom & David Sound Off
Notes From a Fool -- Word of the Day: Diversity

Friday, July 30

Foolish Four -- Retirement Roundup
Bore Port -- APC Call, Part 1
Rule Maker -- The Intel Story
Evening News -- Digex's Big Day
Fool on the Hill -- Extrapolation Fallacy
Drip Port -- More on Worthington
Rule Breaker -- "Aqua Pura"
Tax Q&A -- Constructive Sales - Part IV
Lunchtime News -- Tommy Tops Estimates
Hot Topics -- What Fools are Talking About
Post of the Day -- Dell Computer
Community Interview -- HopsMaltYeast
Fribble -- A Fool's Game
Daily Trouble -- Pillowtex Corp.
Breakfast News -- Day Trader Shooting Spree

Thursday, July 29

Harry Jones -- The Foolishness of Index Funds
Rule Maker -- American Express for the Long Run
Foolish Four -- 3M Announces Earnings
Rule Breaker -- A Dollop of Faith
Drip Port -- Mellon Checklist
Evening News -- Investors Dump Waste Management
Fool on the Hill -- Market Musings: Coke, Berkshire, Jabil
StockTalk -- TMF Interview With General Instrument Corp.
Workshop -- Getting Started
Lunchtime News -- Compaq's New CEO Comes In Slashing
Hot Topics -- What Fools are Talking About
Post of the Day -- NetBank
Community Interview -- MsOakes
Fribble -- Dream Money
Daily Double -- Metricom, Inc.
Breakfast News -- AT&T Posts Lower Q2 EPS

Wednesday, July 28

Rule Breaker -- The 38th Day, It Rained in Phoenix
Bore Port -- Gateway Q2 Call
Rule Maker -- Intel for the Next $500
Evening News -- drugstore.com's Strong Debut
Fool on the Hill -- Papa John's Got the Same Old Bag
Foolish Four -- Testing, Testing
Drip Port -- Two-Year Anniversary
Special - Finding a Financial Planner
Dueling Fools -- Cramer v. Cramer
Lunchtime News -- AFLAC's Shareholder Health
Fool U -- Finding the Job You Want
Jester Award -- Morgan, American Financier by Jean Strouse
Hot Topics -- What Fools are Talking About
Post of the Day -- AOL
Community Interview -- FiddleDeeDee
Fribble -- Playing "What If?"
Breakfast News -- priceline, AutoNation Team Up

Tuesday, July 27

Rule Breaker -- $336,770.63 Poorer
Evening News -- Pixar Plummets
Fool on the Hill -- eBay's Amazing Profits
Foolish Four -- Finding an Advisor, II
Workshop -- A New Board is Born
Rule Maker -- The Next $500
Ask The Headhunter -- How to Build Value on Your Resume
Drip Port -- Dripping with InvestMete
Lunchtime News -- Dell-Wether
Post of the Day -- Lucent
Hot Topics -- What Fools are Talking About
Community Interview -- TheTooth
Fribble -- A Mother's Portfolio
Daily Trouble -- Stage Stores Inc.
Breakfast News -- Cox to Buy More Cable

Monday, July 26

Rule Breaker -- Creating Value
Bore Port -- Gateway Call
Evening News -- Softworks Loss
Fool on the Hill -- Gateway's Solid Q2
Rule Maker -- Open the Calls, Coke
Polling All Fools -- What's the hottest story of 1999?
Foolish Four -- Random Thoughts
Drip Port -- I Know Wal-Mart
Lunchtime News -- Autogrill Munches on Host Marriott Services
Post of the Day -- AOL
Hot Topics -- What Fools are Talking About
Community Interview -- apoff
Fribble -- Investing In Independence
Daily Double -- RARE Hospitality International
Breakfast News -- IBM Aims to Overtake EMC