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Weekend, September 18 & 19

Fool Radio -- School the Fool, Ray Stevens, and Investment Clubs
Notes From a Fool -- Two Parts, One Whole

Friday, September 17

News -- Universal Health Services Under the Weather
News -- eBay Under Fire, But How Hot?
News -- Ogden Switches Gears
Foolish Four -- Friday Rant
Top News Stories of the Week
QuickNews -- Ups and Downs Plus Top News
Fool On the Hill -- Notes From the Fringe
Drip Port -- Baby Mellon Turns 1
Best of the Fool -- The Berkshire Meeting
Bore Port -- Valuation Myths
Rule Breaker -- The Rule Breaker Radar
Rule Maker -- Funds vs. Makers
Tax Q&A -- The Foreign Tax Credit
Fool Plate Special -- Nike's Q1 Layup
Hot Topics -- What Fools are Talking About
Post of the Day -- Mechanical Investing
Community Interview -- BruceBrown
Fribble -- The Million Dollar Baby
Daily Trouble -- Stewart Enterprises Inc.
Breakfast News -- Hughes Unit To Jettison 5% of Workforce

Thursday, September 16

News -- Unlucky Pennies for Coinstar
News -- Federal Express Frank about Fiscal 2000
News -- Biogen: Riding High in the Biotech Saddle
News -- AT&T, BT Linking Up
QuickNews -- Ups and Downs Plus Top News
Fool On the Hill -- Estee Lauder Wrongfully Accused
Foolish Four -- Hurricane Thoughts
Workshop -- Workshop Returns
Rule Breaker -- Fear of Floyding
Drip Port -- Butter Up Your Heart
Rule Maker -- Mini-Makers, Part 2 of 2
StockTalk -- Critical Path
Best of the Fool -- The Misunderstood Market
Fool Plate Special -- ECN Pact Should Improve After-Hours Trading
Hot Topics -- What Fools are Talking About
Post of the Day -- Fool on the Hill Folder
Community Interview -- Redcait
Breakfast News -- FCC Gives Nod to Lockheed Martin and Comsat
Fribble -- Pre-Fool Foolishness
Daily Double -- Reader's Digest Association Inc.

Wednesday, September 15

News -- Boston Scientific A Bummer
News -- Microsoft Drawn to Visio
News -- Dime Bancorp Jumps Into the Hudson
News -- Shopping Is Boring
Rule Breaker -- Beware of Fence Hoppers!
Bore Port -- Building Costco Model
Rule Maker -- Mini-Makers, Part 1 of 2
QuickNews -- Ups and Downs Plus Top News
Foolish Four -- Here a Split, There a Split...
Fool On the Hill -- Wise Journalist Confesses He Blew It
Polling All Fools -- Y2K Poll
Drip Port -- Wrigley's Value, Part 4
Best of the Fool -- Managing Expectations
Press Release -- MF Secures Over $26 Million In Funding From Maveron, Mayfield Fund
Ask FoolU -- Compound Interest
Dueling Fools -- VISX Inc.
Fool Plate Special -- Turbulence at US Airways Intensifies
Hot Topics -- What Fools are Talking About
Post of the Day -- Dell Computer
Community Interview -- GeoGoddess
Fribble -- To Love a Fool
Breakfast News -- Oracle Rolls, Wall Street Waffles

Tuesday, September 14

News -- Hi-Tech Jumps on DiabetiSweet "News"
News -- Kroger Looking Sharp After Big Q2 Meal
News -- Interstate Bakeries Poised for a Pleasant Trip?
Rule Breaker -- Weapons Against Chaos
Best of the Fool -- The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon Fribble
Workshop -- Screen Meltdowns
QuickNews -- Ups and Downs Plus Top News
Fool On the Hill -- Digital Products Electrifying Best Buy
Drip Port -- Wrigley's Value, Part 3
Foolish Four -- Foolish Four-titude
Rule Maker -- JDS Uniphase
Ask The Headhunter -- The Myth of The Last-Minute Job Search
Fool Plate Special -- Pier 1 Takes a Long Walk
Hot Topics -- What Fools are Talking About
Post of the Day -- America Online
Community Interview -- JamesFax
Daily Trouble -- Fruit of the Loom, Ltd.
Fribble -- The Guts to Be Wealthy
Breakfast News -- Solectron Gets Smart

Monday, September 13

News -- PairGain Warns of Q3 Shortfall
News -- Harbinger: Good Things To Come
News -- Bell Atlantic and Vodafone Eye Joint Venture in U.S.
News -- Affymetrix: The Gene-uine Article?
News -- 3Com Plans Palm Computing IPO
Rule Breaker -- The Liquid Dowry
Bore Port -- Costco Joins Bore
Foolish Four -- Cleaning Up With 3M
QuickNews -- Ups and Downs Plus Top News
Rule Maker -- The S&P 500 is an Index, Nothing More
Fool On the Hill -- Showdown at the Accounting Corral
Best of the Fool -- Off-line Commerce Emerges
Drip Port -- Investing in the New Age
Fool Plate Special -- Hershey Doesn't Skor
Daily Double -- Cytyc Corp.
Hot Topics -- What Fools are Talking About
Post of the Day -- RedHat Software
Community Interview -- Fauzi
Fribble -- How to Time the Market
Breakfast News -- Motorola Talks Merger with General Instruments

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