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Tom Gardner doesn't mind it when people call him a Fool to his face. In fact, he encourages it.

Tom graduated with an honors degree in English and creative writing from Brown University, and has been formally trained in just about everything but finance. In 1994, he set sights with brother David on Fool.com, The Motley Fool's website. Today, the Fool has grown into an international multi-media network offering financial solutions to millions of individuals worldwide seeking to make better financial decisions and improve their overall quality of life.

Tom is the lead analyst and director of Tom Gardner's Motley Fool Hidden Gems newsletter. Tom and David have co-authored several best-selling books, including The Motley Fool Investment Guide, You Have More Than You Think, and The Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens. They also oversee The Motley Fool's nationally syndicated newspaper column, which appears weekly in more than 250 papers, pen their monthly investing newsletter David and Tom Gardner's Motley Fool Stock Advisor, and host The Motley Fool Radio Show, which airs nationally on more than 100 NPR member stations. He appears frequently in the media and has been a featured speaker across the nation, with audiences ranging from 10 (Quad Cities, Iowa) to 10,000 (à la Tony Robbins).

Tom serves as co-chairman of the board of The Motley Fool.

Tom Gardner can be reached via email.

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