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The Motley Fool Community Team on the Discussion Boards

Perhaps the most important part of Fooldom, and easily one of our favorites, is our vast community of intelligent investors. For more than 18 years, it's been our vision to create the world's greatest investment community. At the heart of that vision has been our Motley Fool discussion boards.

Through our discussion boards, we’re connecting a community of Fools. Many Fools want to share stock ideas and deepen their knowledge about the stocks in his portfolio. Yet we also have boards that speak to broader interests such as paying off credit card debt or living below your means. We’re a diverse group of Fools with varying interests, and we want to harness our individual expertise to develop as investors and people.

We’re delighted that you’re participating in our boards. We believe that learning together is more fun -- and more powerful -- than going it alone. And to make sure your visit to our discussion boards is insightful, we