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Drip Port is asking you for improvement suggestions before it moves toward a new study for a new investment. To suggest improvements to the Drip Port's content, begin today by answering our three poll questions and then, if you wish, post any specific suggestions for improvement you may have on the Drip discussion board.

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By Jeff Fischer (TMF Jeff)
July 13, 2000

Before we start our next search for a new investment to fit into our long-term Drip strategy, we are asking you a handful of questions to help us improve our Drip Port content.

We want this column to offer value to you nearly every single time you read it. We know that not every column can possibly offer something of value to everyone who reads it, because we recognize (and celebrate!) the fact that we have a diverse readership. Some of you have been Drip investing since the disco era. Others are just starting to invest in 2000. Some of you have financial degrees. Others can't read a cash flow statement. Despite this diversity, we believe we can offer a valuable column to a majority of readers on most days, but we want your help.

Beginning today and continuing on the next few market days, we are conducting a Drip Port Survey. We hope you'll take a few moments to answer our questions. We also hope very much that if you have specific suggestions for us, you'll share them on the "Drip Basics" discussion board. Please post them under the title, "Drip Port Improvements." We will read and consider all of your thoughts.

Let's start right now with our three questions for today. Please answer these to the best of your ability and post further thoughts if you wish. Before you leap in, realize that it may be easiest to answer the first question below first, then just click ahead on the message board to the next three posts, which are the next three questions, rather than clicking back and forth to this column for each new question. Our Survey begins here:

We'll continue our Foolish Drip Survey with you next week, after we digest your current thoughts on the board and these survey results. Meanwhile, thank you for helping us improve the Drip Port!

Finally, in case you missed Wednesday's column, the Drip Port will be sending money to enroll in the dividend reinvestment plan of PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP) in the next few days.

Have a great weekend!

Drip Portfolio

7/13/2000 Closing Numbers
Ticker Company Day Chg % Chg Price
CPBCAMPBELL SOUP3/81.36%$27.88
INTCINTEL CORP21.42%$143.19
JNJJOHNSON & JOHNSON-2 13/16-2.87%$95.25

  Day Week Month Year
To Date
Drip -.93% -.71% 2.09% 33.77% 73.79% 20.51%
S&P 500 .20% 1.15% 2.84% 1.81% 59.34% 17.03%
S&P 500(DA) .20% 1.15% 2.84% 1.81% 61.96% 17.68%
S&P 500(DCA) n/a n/a n/a n/a 29.93% 9.24%
NASDAQ 1.84% 3.77% 5.26% 2.59% 165.99% 39.13%

Trade Date # Shares Ticker Cost/Share Price LT % Val Chg

Trade Date # Shares Ticker Cost Value LT $ Val Ch
  Cash: $0.08  
  Total: $6,247.82  

• S&P 500 (DA) = dividend adjusted. Dividends have been added to the total return of the index.

Drip Port launched with $500 on July 28, 1997, adds $100 to invest every month, and the goal is to own $150,000 in stock by August of the year 2017. Due to the slow nature of dollar-cost-averaging and our relatively significant starting costs, we do not expect to seriously challenge the S&P 500 for the first three to five years as we build an investment base. The long-term advantages of dollar-cost-averaging still overcome the short-term disadvantages, however. Final note: our investment in Campbell Soup is frozen due to fees instituted in its investment plan. Click here for a history of all Drip Port transactions.